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Author Topic: Brand New Ideas [UN] (updated)  (Read 462 times)

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Brand New Ideas [UN] (updated)
« on: October 29, 2009, 11:16:51 AM »

Star Wars

A story in this setting always has my attention, set in either Era or even the EU (except the New Jedi Order series and some misc I am unfamiliar with)

I would like to play either an AU, with the female playing Leia Organa, Padme Amidala,... or an OC and explore how we could have handled Palpatine's plots differently.

In the orginal trilogy-era, I would like to play an Imperial infiltrator into the rebellion, turning side when I fall in love or something similar. This can also be played the other way around. A rebel woman infiltrating the service of a higher up imperial, with either of them turning to the other side, or remaining enemies and trying to make a relationship work.

Or post original trilogy, with new foes waging war on the New Republic and two young Jedi or a Jedi and a smuggler, or bounty hunter or mercenary or... anything really, like X-wing pilot,... to become the new heroes.

All Work, No Play

You are a woman in your late twenties, early thirties. Single. And seldom having a date. Possibly still a virgin even, or not a virgin and greatly regretting that one mistake. You focussed on your career your whole life, working for either a major law firm or some large business enterprise. But now, you are reaching a roof. Yes, you are successful. Yes, you are paid well and very devoted to your job. But everyone around you sees you are lacking something. You spend 24/24, 7/7 working, thinking or dreaming about your job. But, to get the promotion you really want to, more things are required. You need to be able to appear on the social scene, with a serious partner by your side. You also feel you biological clock suddenly starting to tick. Your few friends, all of them colleagues or neighbours, all have happy lives with their families, while you work alone, in your lonely appartment, and an office without a single picture. You parents start pressuring you to start a family at last.

A late night at the office, with several colleagues, is livened up with some alcohol. You give in. Your group ends up in some nearby bar. Everyone is talking to you about finally fining a guy, finally settling down, or at least, finally getting laid, for you are quite arrogant, stern and... to be honest, you have ***** up your ***.

They keep daring you, and you decide to prove them wrong. Your analytical, planning mind goes to work. To make an end to all the teasing, to prove your challengers wrong, you decide to take the first attractive, single guy you see and make him... it! The man of your life.

At that bar, you see me. Attractive, charming, smiling and fun. You make the first move.
 It turns out to be very exciting, very passionate and very... it! The thing everyone tol you about.

But then, as the days pass, you need to combine me into your busy workfilled life and you discover things are not like you first thought them to be. I have no job. I am a free spirit (in term of living, not in term of lovers). I do what I want. I like excitement, I particpate in everything that seems fun. I am no leech, but I live from day to day and somehow make sure I always have enough money to do it. I know a lot of people. I am a nice, social guy, who often helps and that way collect a lot of favours. I do some quick jobs to get a bit of cash for a couple of more days... I have collected several credits and various degrees on college, but am doing nothing with them, except having fun. One day, I go sorfing, the next, I am jumping from a plane, then, I am helping at an orphanage, a few weeks later I am the mall's Santa Claus.

Can you live with that? Or are you going to try and turn me into a man befitting your life? Something I despise being, wearing a suit and tie, getting a prestigious job and showing up at all the functions necessary for you to get that promotion you want. Meeting your high class family, you boss,...

I care enough you to at least try this for you... but can you keep me? Will I leave? Will you break me? Or will we compromise?

--- Obviously looking for an attractive, female player---

As for the erotic part... up for negotiation. But it will be passionate and as kinky as you like. (Anything goes as far as I am concerned, but most likely no Extreme... nor Non-Con, seeing as this is a consensual relationship)

Pm me or post here if interested
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Re: Brand New Ideas [UN] (updated)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2009, 03:30:35 AM »
New idea added