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Author Topic: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story  (Read 1174 times)

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Offline Kissin KateTopic starter

Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:47:12 pm »

I was thinking that this story would consist of 6 perhaps 7 persons no more. I have some characters that I would be interested to see how they would work outside of my mind and control, so to speak. The story will need 3 males, and 2 females. I'm gonna play the 3rd female. Which brings the total up to 6.

This will be a horror story and might contain blood and other things belonging in a horror story. Although no one will die of the characters. Not this time at least.

The story is as follows:

A group of six friends is out on vacation for the summer. On there way to the beach two of them notice a small path that leads into the dark woods. Without thinking twice they both run onto the path, forcing the other four to follow them to not lose them. Eventually they get lost and end up in front of a big old run down mansion. Then one hell of a thunderstorm forces them inside the building, for cover. And as they try to leave the next morning the gates and doors refuse to open. Leaving them trapped inside the woods, confined to the building and the surroundings within the walls. But some of them feels that they're not alone in here. What will happen to them this vacation?

All of the characters would be around there early 20's and most of them goes way back. All six of them went to the same high school, but they went in three different classes.

The different type of characters I've planned to see in his story: (Of course there are room for experimenting with the character. The things I've written about them is just a few guidelines really.)

The Superstitious: (Played by Xiddeus)

The oldest boy in the gang, by one year approximately. Is by most of the others considered slightly boring and to grown up. But also he's superstitious enough for everyone. He comes from a family with a dark history, mostly for and because of him. Although he has told nothing of it to his friends and he's hiding the darker side of himself from them. Mostly out of fear and logic sense.

Some appearance:

Brown hair, tall and skinny. Practical clothing.

The cool guitarplaying type: (Played By monkeymana)

The next oldest in the group, but born early in the same year as the others. Has played the guitar since he was little. Is a rather sweet guy but hides it all behind a cool appearance. Afraid that people will tease him if he shows them the other side of himself. And because of this can become sorta obnoxious and irrational. Is usually seen fighting with the loud one. Comes from a history of friends spreading rumours about him behind his back and thus betraying him.

Some appearance:

Dark hair, normal height and build, blue-brown eyes. Punk, rock, baggy clothing.

The tomboy: (Played By Shihong)

The oldest of the girls. Grew up hanging around with the boys, especially her next door neighbour The Jock. They've pretty much grown up to be brother and sister even though there is no blood relation. A rather sport and happy girl. Spontanious and playful, but with a rather short fuse if needed be. Usually shake things of pretty easily except when heard from The Jock. He's the one person she trusts more then anything in the whole world. She's usually considered to be almost one of the boys, and people have a hard time seeing her as a girl.

Some appearance:

Short red hair. Small, strong build. Not very tall, a bit below average. The shortest of them all. Grey eyes. Tans easily. Usually wears boyish outfits. Like shirts, and pants and so on.

The Jock: (Played By Senshi32)(Might be available)

Grew up always hanging around with his next door neighbour The Tomboy. She's like a sister to him and could never see her as anything else. She means the most to him and after that comes the sports, which more or less is his life. whatever season it might be you can see him do some kind of physical activity connected to the current season. Skiing, running, swimming. You name it he does it. Always win and is a really sore loser. For the exception that he never loses, ever. It's all in his head and he is never satisfied with his conquests and prices. Goes back to the fact that his father was the one that got him into sports from the beginning and then walked out on the rest of the family when he was still a boy. And he has never returned since. But the only ones that know about this is. The Tomboy and The glue. Cause those three goes way back in time.

Some appearance:

Blond hair. Blue eyes. Tall, athletic build. Tanned, very easily. Sport releated outfits.

The loud one: (Played by me)

She's the newest in the group and has not yet began to trust them completely. Much to do with her old history. She moved to a new town because of being bullied and teased to the limit that she actually considered suicide. The only thing keeping her from it was the thought of her parents mourning for her. The bullying actually got so far that they tricked her into a box and then locked her inside it. And most likely she would've died if the janitor hadn't heard her screams and gotten her out of there. She was in the hospital for several weeks after that. And then they moved. After all the years of bullying the scars remain even if she moves. Upon moving she changed everything about herself and makes sure that she's heard and seen in the latest fashion clothes. Money isn't really a problem in her family. Some more scars from her past is that she has real trust issues and never really let's anyone get to know her to closely. Afraid of being hurt all over again. Was a very sweet and trusting girl before it all went down the drain. She really trusts no one, not even her current company completely, even though they have never really hurt her in anyway at all. For the exceptence of The Guitarplaying Type who she usually is seen arguing or fighting with. But is there something more behind it? No one knows.

Some appearance:

Black long hair, green eyes. Typical fashion girl clothing. And always wearing make up.

The glue: (Played By Me)(Available if wanted)

The youngest of the girls and everyone, although no one can believe it since she's the one that seems to have her feet left on the ground keeping them all together and friendly to eachother. Comes from a history as a divorce child, getting a bonus older sister as her father found a new girl. She was pissed about it but has come to accept it by now. Is usually very happy and outgoing, has easy to get to know people. But can also be a little worrier if seems to get to much out of hand. Is also considered to be one of the more logical in the group together with The Superstitious guy. Has grown up with The Tomboy and The Jock, getting to know the other three when she was older.

Some appearance:

Gold blond shoulder long hair, blue eyes. Normal built, normal height. Comfortable clothing.

Who they usually hang with:

The 2 trios:

Trio 1:  The Jock, The Tomboy, The Glue
Trio 2: The Cool Guitarplayer, The Loud One, The Superstitious

The 3 Duos:

1: The Jock and The Tomboy
2: The Superstitious and The Loud One
3: The Glue and The Cool Guitarplayer Type

The groups are based on how well they know eachother within the group.

Of course there are always room for modifications and additions to the story and persons. If you are interested PM me and I'll put up some more threads that's just concerning this story. To this story will also be added the horrors and other strange things. Unless you really badly wanna do something like it all these stuff will be performed by me, as another person then the one I'm playing of course. Although you're all free to come with suggestions.

The only things I ask for is:

* That you should be able to post at least once a week. (I don't think it's much to ask for)
* No one or two liners. As much descriptions in the posts as possible. (Meaning: Enviroment and character thoughts)

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Offline Kissin KateTopic starter

Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2009, 03:54:36 pm »
In the beginning non of them will know anything about the mansion. but as the story evolves and the more horror aspects comes into the story. Certain characters will be more nad more dragged in. In very different ways of course.

I will decide by the roll of a dice. And everyone is welcome to come up with what can happen inside the mansion until I roll the dice. After that it will be a surprise to everyone what will happen.

Offline Jecht

Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #2 on: October 28, 2009, 05:09:55 pm »
oops sorry
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Offline Kissin KateTopic starter

Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2009, 05:16:42 pm »
Just a request Jecht. Please place the profile info in the Profile thread ^^  (Can be found in my signature) I'll move your info there, but please place the rest of it there next time.
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Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #4 on: November 13, 2009, 06:06:27 pm »
The place as the superstitious Jack Nolan is now open again as Jecht had to leave the game due to overload.

Offline Kissin KateTopic starter

Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #5 on: May 26, 2010, 08:03:50 am »
There are three rolls available still for this one. One of the guys and two of the girls.

The jock is free.
The glue is free.

Just pm me if interested, or add your character up to the profile link and wait for my approval.
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Offline Shihong

Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2010, 05:17:35 pm »
Looking forward to being terrorized in a big spooky mansion!  Gotta love the classics.   ;D

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Re: Men and Women wanted for a Horror Story
« Reply #7 on: May 26, 2010, 05:33:01 pm »
Well, let's see what happens then ;)

New Thread Is Made
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