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Author Topic: Saku's New Plots!  (Read 864 times)

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Saku's New Plots!
« on: October 28, 2009, 11:15:46 AM »
Not accepting any new RPs from this list until further notice! Gotta catch up on the RPs I already have going!!! - Updated 1/14/10

Names are only temporary and can be changed should you not like the names I choose :)

Hiya, I thought about including this in my other thread but then decided that I'd make that thread my anime thread to include more anime when necessary and start this other one to be non-anime related. :) And if you have any questions please feel free to let me know them. My anime thread link is here: if you want to check it out!

What I expect from my partner
1. Don't misspell every other word. It's a turn off to me. If you misspell some that's fine, I'll probably PM you and let you know and will ask you to correct it. Thanks for being literate.
2. Don't give me a one liner response if I write a full page for you. A short post (a couple of lines) is fine now and then if nothing is going on in the rp at that particular time or if you can't proceed too far because you need to know my character's reaction but I don't want to see one liners all the time.
3. Don't let me drive the story. AKA don't just respond with your reactions to what I have done. It leaves me to carry the story on my own and that rapes my muse. I want partnership. This is what being a partner means, it means you and I work together to come up with a beautiful story of our own. Even if I am the dominant party that doesn't mean you have to follow everything I say all the time and never offer your own obstacles to the story. Like let's say we're in a cafe and I am ordering you to do something. You can fight or submit that's fine but you can also write that maybe someone else see you, who maybe knows you or something. And that can cause trouble later on. Do you get where I'm going here?
4. I don't care if a guy plays a girl or if a girl plays a guy. I just care about the characters themselves ^^
5. Let me know if you're going to be gone for longer than a week. I usually let my partners take their time responding as long as they give me a post a week. And if you want to drop our RP please let me know and don't just let it fade away and leave me wondering where you are.

What I am interested in
1. Yaoi/Slash/M/M is my favorite. If you want to do something in this genre I will be very happy.
2. Het is my second favorite because I don't really do too well with yuri/lesbian ; ; unless it's a rare case.
3. Dominant/Top/Seme vs Submissive/Bottom/Uke - I do both of these depending on the story involved and my mood at the time.
4. Anime. I love it. I have a thread out that's separate from this called "Bleach and Naruto Fans!" which can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=10062 So far right now all I'm interested in for anime are Bleach & Naruto. But I will be updating as time goes by.
5. Supernatural. The tv show, yes it's a fandom but I thought it should have its own number since it's great! I will play Dean, Sam, John and Castiel along with maybe Lucifer, depending on my mood. ^^ I like m/m pairings in this one between the four listed above but the idea of Alastair/Dean is quite appealing to me...for some
6. Fandoms from tv shows or movies. Please ask here or through PM as to what I am into, or better yet if you have something in mind please ask me if I know it and am interested in it, that way I don't have to think about all the things I'm into ahaha

Detailed Plots for Specific Fandoms

-Canon Character pairing. What happened in between the time that Sam left for college and Dean showed up to find Sam? What if it got too lonely for John and he felt an attraction begin to develop for Dean? Dean wouldn't deny his father, he follows orders like a good soldier. How would this relationship grow, continue or end? How would Sam react when John left on a job and didn't return for weeks on end and Dean came to find Sam because he was worried both because he wonders if his father is fine and wanted the closeness provided?
-Canon Character pairing. What if both brothers had always shared feelings for each other but were too scared to actually confess? What if one of them did one day either accidentally or intentionally? Or some supernatural force made them do so. What would happen?
-Canon Character pairing. Castiel had always had a chemistry with Dean and he'd been known to care too much about his charge. What if Castiel had told Dean in the dream his thoughts and what he knew in Dean's head? But instead of talking he kissed Dean instead and whispered it in his ear that Lilith was the final seal and if she was killed Lucifer would rise. Dean has to deal with his feelings for Castiel ever since. Did the kiss mean anything or had it just been a ruse to throw the angels off track?

-Canon Character pairing. What if Peter realized he liked Nathan but didn't know how to convey this to Nathan? He knew he liked him the moment he tried flying off the rooftop and Nathan caught him as he fell.
-Canon Character pairing. What if Sylar caught up to Peter when he'd lost his memory and ended up tricking him into thinking they were together from the beginning of the series? This would be in both a sexual and a non-sexual way.
-Canon Character pairing. Takes place in the current season where Sylar has lost his memory of who he is and is trying to get it back. What if Peter called Nathan's cell phone which happened to be in Sylar's pocket and Sylar answered it and Peter spoke to him still thinking Sylar was Nathan and it changed Sylar back into Nathan. What if when Sylar realized that he was Nathan Petrelli that he remembered Nathan's memories of how he'd always loved his brother in a not-so-appropriate way? How would things have proceeded?

True Blood RP
-Canon Character pairing. What happened during that stretch of time after Godric turned Eric? How did things progress after he turned him? This idea would start shortly after Godric has turned Eric and will introduce Eric to the ways of the darkness etc...and the adventures that follow. It will lead all the way up until Eric parts ways with his maker and starts residing at Fangtasia.
-Canon Character pairing. I want to do something with Jason Stackhouse. Not sure what. But I think it would be kind of fun since he's such a fun character xD It could be m/m or m/f, I'm thinking of maybe having both elements involved but that's up to my partner!

-Canon Character pairing. What would have happened if Prue hadn’t died? How would she have developed? What if Shax was sent to kill Paige in case they did manage to kill Prue again? How would the Charmed Ones find the girl and stop the demon from killing her? This story would revolve around reuniting all the Charmed Ones, all four of them.
-Canon Character pairing. What if Paige had turned evil that time when she was wavering after she had first received her powers? How would Piper and Phoebe be able to bring her back to the good side? What if Phoebe called on Cole and made a deal with him to help bring her over to the good side again and Cole had agreed in exchange for Phoebe to love him and stay with him no matter what? To give them a chance again.
-Canon Character pairing. What would have happened if Andy and Prue hadn’t died and Phoebe and Cole had gotten together and Cole hadn’t turned evil? What sort of relationship would it be if Prue and Andy got together, Phoebe and Cole got together and Piper and Leo got together? What if the Charmed Ones turned evil due to a very subtle trap and Andy, Leo and Cole had to band together to figure out how to turn them good again. Andy and Leo would blame Cole and Cole would have to defend himself and come up with some thoughts to make things right again.
-Canon Character pairing. What would have happened if Piper hadn’t given up her powers to be a goddess of earth and nature? What if she had avoided her family and everything because she lost her mind and became insane? What if Leo came down and told her he could help her with her pain and Piper brushed him aside and the magic that would have happened, didn’t and she disappeared? What if Leo tried to find her and Piper wouldn’t let him touch her and he finally agreed that he would stay but by this time Piper had given up hope and decided to live as a goddess until she was killed. How could the sisters and Leo bring her back when she wouldn’t let them touch her?
-Canon Character pairing. What would have happened if Chris and Wyatt had fallen in love and had a little adventure on their own? What if they were twenty-one years old and a demon kidnapped Wyatt in the hopes of turning him evil and Chris had to go after him? But Wyatt was already half-evil and he turned on Chris and ended up screwing him which the demon thought would make Chris go insane so that he could mess his mind up too. But instead it made Wyatt less evil and Chris was able to make him good again and they ended up killing the demon. Now they had to face their own feelings that had been growing inside them for a long time. How would they continue the Halliwell line if they wanted eachother and not a girl? What would their parents think?
-Canon Character pairing. What would have happened if Paige had switched bodies with Phoebe accidentally as she did the episode when Paige was making a potion for Piper and then the potion didn’t work to change them back? What if Paige had secretly always wanted to have Phoebe’s power and wanted to hang on to it for a bit longer before she gave it up? Lots of chaos could ensue because of this.

Detailed Original Plots

A Spell Gone Wrong RP (m/f)
My character is an ugly young woman that suffered a bad accident with a spell when she was experimenting with magic. She can't find a way to turn the spell back and so is stuck with being ugly. Originally she was beautiful and she wants that beauty back, along with her main reason. The reason she was experimenting with magic in the first place was that she wanted to get her father back who disappeared while experimenting with magic one day when something went wrong. She doesn't want to toy with magic but she has to in order to find out where her father has gone. She wants to bring him back and of course bring her beauty back as well.

Your guy is a deranged, unemotional, arrogant, confident, deceitful and manipulative bastard. He is only concerned with becoming the best sorcerer in the world. He runs into my character when something goes wrong with one of her experiments and develops a fascination for her talent in magic. So he tries to get closer to her to find out more about the magic she uses. It starts as simply a want for power and magic but ends up with the sorcerer falling in love with her. Will he help her find her father and her beauty back? Or will he run away with the magic he has discovered?

Protecting the Realm (m/f)
My character is the squire of a sexist, asshole, spoilt knight. The knight treats his squire like crap because he thinks he is above him. But one day his squire saves him from angry villagers who react to one of his arrogant actions and words and develops a newfound respect for him. A week later (since he is now paying more attention to his squire) he discovers that his squire is actually a girl and has to figure out his feelings for her and if he should turn her in or not. Since girls can't become squires or train to be a knight, it just wasn't possible. He begins to fall in love with her and has to figure out what to do about it.

Am I a Vampire? Really? (m/m)
My character thinks that he is a vampire when no vampires exist in the real world. He even has sharp pointy fangs that he styled to be sharp enough to puncture human skin. He 'bites' people and drinks their blood but has not been caught yet. He is seriously messed up in the head and has yet to fall in love with someone or have a meaningful relationship. No one knows his true identity for it seems as though he doesn't exist which is strange. You have to figure out if vampires really exist in the real world or not.

Your guy finds him and is drawn to him since he is weird like he is. Your guy has something psychologically wrong with him which you can make up ^_^

Be Gentle (m/m)
My character will fall victim to a man's sadistic ways and then ends up falling for him and wants to be taught to be just like him so that he can carry on his legacy when he is either caught or dead. What will happen when he is caught and put behind bars and he has to carry on his work and realizes that he doesn't want to do it without him? He hears that the sentence for him is death and he decides to break him out of prison and move to another country with him so that they will have a bit more time together. But how will he do it?

Your guy has to be psychopathically deranged, sickly sadistic and devilishly manipulative and has a strong murderous intent. He falls in love with my character or he just has a soft spot for him, it's up to you to decide.

Taboo (m/m)
Kyle is a rather submissive young man and has a desire to be owned by another man but he has never had enough confidence to come out and tell other people this. One day he is walking down a sidewalk to a corner gas station at night to grab some snacks and is jumped by a larger and more muscular man (Bones) who robs him of his wallet and car keys. Instead of trying to escape and flee when the other turns to run away, Kyle finds a moment of confidence and blurts out that he wants to become Bones's slave. Immediately afterward he is embarrassed and turns away, wondering what on earth possessed him to ask a stranger for such a thing. But Bones's attention is caught and he is actually bi and Kyle looks quite hot to him. Bones has never had a slave before since it takes quite a bit of planning and is quite complicated to actually go through the process if the other party isn't cooperative. However, Kyle has volunteered, in fact begged him to do so. It could be like a dream come true for Bones. Will Bones take him up on the offer? What will happen either way? If Bones accepts Kyle's offer, will he train him to become a bit more self-assured and confident or will he simply take advantage of his natural submissiveness and use him to fulfill every dream he has ever had?

I am interested in playing Kyle and am looking for someone to play Bones. Kyle can either be a bottom or a switch and Bones obviously is a top.

The Price You Pay (m/m)
Stefan is an up and coming lawyer in the New York state. He has just graduated from college at the age of 22 and had the good fortune to be hired into a prestigious law firm in the cleaner part of town. The only problem is that he lives in the nastier area so he has to be careful when coming home at night so he doesn't get killed by a gang or delinquents. So far things have been going fairly well. He has even taken part in his first case, serving as an assistant (ADA) to the district attorney (DA) in charge of a case that they won and the criminal was put away behind bars for twenty years. Life continued in this manner for a few years and Stefan continued to rise through the system until he eventually became a lawyer himself. His first case he put away a criminal that had been accused of raping and murdering fifty women in the space of one month. He was nearly singing with joy by the end of the case when the jury came back with a verdict of guilty. That was when he made his first mistake. He headed back home without taking the usual precautions and as he passed an alleyway a group of men jumped him. He was beaten and raped by all of them and then let go with a warning not to mess around with Tony who was the criminal he'd put away. Stefan was told that unless he found some way to get Tony out of jail in the next three months he would regret it. He passed out shortly afterward to wake up a few hours later alone and quite cold. He immediately headed back to his apartment that he shared with his ADA who was also his best friend. But he didn't feel comfortable relating what had happened to him. He did intend to let the ADA know he had been attacked but not much beyond that. Now he has to figure out what to do in order to get the government to release Tony or how to combat his followers if he did nothing. Perhaps the ADA will be able to shine some light on the matter.

I am interested in playing Stefan and am looking for someone to play Tony and Stefan's ADA. I pictured Stefan's ADA as being interested in him but not having the confidence to come out and confess, this person would have always been there for him. Perhaps even had a crush on Stefan. The ADA can be male or female, it's up to you. But I do want Tony to be male obviously lol. Stefan would be either a bottom or a switch. Tony would be a top and Stefan's ADA will be a switch.

Rape Me (m/m)
Joryx is the world's most sought after rapist. He is number 1 on the charts of the F.B.I.'s most wanted list. Yet somehow he manages to avoid them every single time and no one knows how he does it. He is not selective with his targets and rapes men, women and transgenders - no race or sexuality is left safe from him. It seems he does not care who the person is as long as he can penetrate them. There is no method to his attacks and no connection betweeen them, no one can find anything that will help them track down Joryx. He has been active for three years now and nothing and no one can stop him. One night he rapes a young woman and she was so traumatized that the next day she committed suicide. Her brother (Jack) was so angry that he swore that he would track down this rapist and kill him himself. So he worked to get into law enforcement and after three years he did. But Jack was not like other agents, he pretended not to be in law solely for revenge because he knew he would never get in then but inwardly he was waiting for a chance to find the sob that made his sister kill herself  and make sure he paid. He didn't trust the system. There was a slight chance the rapist might get off and he wasn't going to let that happen. He would take care of him himself. But what would happen once he did track him down and fell for Joryx? Would Joryx fall for him as well?

I am interested in playing Joryx and am looking for someone to play his victims and Jack. Joryx will be the top and Jack can be switch or bottom. Bottom does not necessarily mean submissive.

If interested in anything please PM me with your interest or post here or do both :)
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Re: Saku's New Plots!
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2009, 01:33:46 PM »
*bumps because I redid this entire thing lol*

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Re: Saku's New Plots!
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2010, 07:14:56 PM »
Oh~ Charmed? Wyatt and Chris? Could I play Chris? -puppy eyes- (Loves Chris...)

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Re: Saku's New Plots!
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2010, 12:45:25 PM »
Hmm, I actually was more inclined to play Chris because I can't get into Wyatt's head...but would you still be interested in it if I played Chris? Also, I should put a notice saying I'm not accepting any new RPs from this list until I get a grasp on my current RPs! O.O But we can talk about this one over PM if you're okay with playing Wyatt. Oh and if you want to change Wyatt's personality a bit in order to play him that's fine with me.

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Re: Saku's New Plots!
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2010, 04:15:17 PM »
Naw, it's okay. I'd like it if I could play Chris, not so much with Wyatt.