Anime-inspired Superheroine Game

Started by Makoto, April 23, 2006, 09:54:36 AM

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So here's the idea in a nutshell: playing superheroines is fun. Especially hentai anime superheroines who face endless streams of hermies and tentacle beasts. :) So I had this idea of creating essentially a "sandbox" which could contain every imaginable anime superheroine idea in the book. Ninjas, magical girls, sentai groups, power armor, you name it.

The idea is more meant to be loose and episodic than having a huge epic plot to it. Players can take on the role of a heroine or a villain and go at it with whatever plot they can come up with. I don't want to really put many restrictions on it at this point.

Originally I was thinking of making this a 1 on 1 type thing, but a few people seemed interested so I thought I'd throw it out there to gague interest.

System: Big Breasts Small Waist

I've used it before (though quite a while ago) for an anime-styled game and it works very well. It has its issues, and I plan on making a few modifications (most notably, sexual insanities are off-limits and enhanced attacks will be toned down since I've found it too easy to abuse). A lot of the system is up for interpretation, so if some of it seems confusing don't worry about it. It's really easy to pick up on after a while.


Unicron City

The peaceful city of Unicron has served a bastion of scientific research. Funded by the United Nations and located on an island not found on any map, this utopia of discovery and experimentation has led to some of the biggest breakthroughs in science since its conception. Using equipment 20 years more advanced than anything found on the rest of the planet, one would almost confuse it for something out of science fiction.

Which has made it the perfect staging ground for a battle with an interstellar organization

A hostile interstellar organization bent on galactic conquest, had found its way to Earth. Upon studying the planet, it was determined that Unicron City was the strongest and most advanced city on the planet, and therefore made the target of their invasion. However, they were not interested in simple destruction, but the capture of the planets female populace to serve as brood mothers for their endless hordes of alien life forms.

However, Unicron was far helpless. With an arsenal of scientific knowledge at their disposal, its inhabitants have created champions to defend themselves from the endless horde of alien invaders. Pooling their resources together, they have created the organization known as PERV to counter the alien menace. And on top of that, they’ve even found a clumsy justification to make their defenders almost entirely female so they can justify their sick perversions! After all, the city was comprised mostly of nerdy scientists...

Unbeknown to both sides, Unicron City had also become a haven for magical research as well. Numerous wizards and sorceresses had come to the city under the guise of science to further their craft. They too have thrown their hat in with other inhabitants of Unicron to defend their fair city from its interstellar assailants.

Yet, even with the assistance of sorcery, will it be enough against the seemingly endless forces of evil?


And I'm one of the one's she spoken to. Up for this. Psychic and magic level 3, anyone?  ;D


Anime stuff is cool. I'll look over the system and get back to you shortly.


Interesting.  Like it.  The RP system seems pretty not too bad, even.

I am certainly interested in this one, though I might have a slow pace (one post a day perhaps) so take that as it is.


Never have seen a system like before.


BBSW is fun and easy and I love the idea of anime heriones fighting tentacle monsters and demons and so forth. I'd be into it.


I'd be into it as well, I'm sure I could come up with some superheroine to play.  Oh and I'd only be able to have maybe one or two posts a day, trying to graduate. ^^


At a reasonable pace, I'd love to play as well.  :) 

Let's see, I haven't made an anime superheroine in a while, and I play the other side of this equation plenty in the two games I GM. 
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Wow, okay I guess there is a healthy interest in this. :) Guess it was a good idea to post this then. I'll see about getting a thread up for the game then.

King_Furby: It's a really simple system. Usually after one scene you've pretty much learned it.

And don't worry about the pacing for those who asked. I'll take steps to make sure we can accommodate everyone.


I've never played this system, but it looks pretty amusing.  How many Alterator thingies does one get? 

I might like to play a heroine, or possibly a herm type, or just maybe one of each?  Ha.

I'm toward the more wordy and  leisurely posting end, though.  Fyi.


Well, the thing with alterators is that all attributes are capped at 10 initially so you can have a base 7 body for instance and an alterator for +3 to body to make 10, but you can't have anything equaling higher. You can buy more afterwards, but keep 2 things in mind: 1) alterators are more expensive (20,000 vs 15,000 sexp) and 2) alterators mostly affect talk and looks. If you up looks too much, all you're accomplishing is making you a great sexp source for your opponents. :)

Once I get the thread up I'll go into some of the other rules questions/alterations (ex: I don't see any need for hermies to have to pay more than 1 point to get the attribute. There's no real gain past that point).


I've got a question about the ages.  I thought on Elliquiy we weren't allowed to play anyone younger than 16 which is the oldest age on that thing (well besides the being old thing, and that starts at 35...) Where did 17-34 go? Or will it apply differently in the game you're setting up?


No, no, 17 and up is allowed. There's just a penalty if you have a character younger than that and a penalty if your character is older than 35. Of course, that won't be allowed so you don't have to worry about that.


And we have a thread.

I'll be working on filling it with stuff over the next day or so. :) Please bear with me.



Yeah, but I think it's mostly going to be just villains from this point forward. Saw your reply in the game's forum and I saw you would be interested in playing one. Just until we get a 1:1 ratio of heroine to villain I'll probably have to cut off registration of heroines.


Quote from: Makoto on April 27, 2006, 09:08:53 PM
Yeah, but I think it's mostly going to be just villains from this point forward. Saw your reply in the game's forum and I saw you would be interested in playing one. Just until we get a 1:1 ratio of heroine to villain I'll probably have to cut off registration of heroines.

Still need villains? I [heart] BBSW, and I've always wanted to play in a real game of it.


Sure. :) The more the merrier. We might even have room again for heroines too, though I'm not sure.