Technically Not Incest, So It's Okay [VAN] [M/F]

Started by FM, October 21, 2009, 05:14:00 PM

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The characters are not genetically related, so technically it is not incest.  But Sun has known Morgan ever since she was a young girl adopted from South Korea.  Over the years, she considered Morgan to be her brother.  And now that their parents are out of the picture, he is more than that - he is her legal guardian (or was, depending on her age, anywhere from sixteen to eighteen).

Morgan feels much the same way about her.  The lonely twenty-something adores his younger sister.  He had very little problem abandoning his plans for college in order to get a job and an apartment, and take care of her.  She makes him feel happy, and he's fine with not having a girlfriend or any friends, because she is there.  But because of how much he loves her, he's afraid of her growing up and leaving him - he's frightened by the prospect of her having a boyfriend, and leaving him alone in the cramped apartment.

One night, he starts to have thoughs about her - sexual thoughts.  It creeps him out that he thought of her in that way, and for the next day or two he struggles with his feelings about her.  But then, he decides that it's okay to think about her like that, as long as she doesn't know, and he doesn't do anything about it.

The school year ends, and summer begins.  Morgan is a little more enthusiastic about going places with her, than usual.  And he starts taking a lot of pictures.  He never used to like the beach, but now he gladly goes with her.  What Sun doesn't know is that her older brother is using those pictures of her in a bikini, for his own sexual gratification.

This continues for a while, until the new school year begins.  It's then that he takes their relationship to the next level.  How exactly, is an inexact science that we could discuss.

I'd like to roleplay with someone who can type in a literate manner.  I won't be a grammar Nazi, but I want to be able to read your posts without having a look of disgust on my face.  I have no requirement for post size, although I would like some long posts if possible.

PM me if you're interested.  The name of the girl can be changed if you wish - Sun is just a placeholder name I am using.  If you're curious about my ons and offs, ask me, because they're incomplete at the moment.  I'm pretty flexible.