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Author Topic: Val'halla  (Read 776 times)

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Offline GreyoneTopic starter

« on: October 19, 2009, 01:42:21 AM »
{ Evening everyone, here is my first contribution to Elliquiy forums. This play is set in a Fantasy backdrop, think a mix of dungeons and dragons, Conan and Warcraft. Humans, elves, nymphs, druids, what have you. But, this is no fairy tale, forget ponies and fairys...and sparklies.}

Breif character sheet to fill out

Name:Olland Strumluf
Appearance:Tall and broad 6'5. Long blonde hair and scraggly beard and vivid blue eyes. Broad shoulders with big arms and full muscles. Wears large leather belt and wolf skin kilt with deerskin boots stuffed with wool
Power/skills: Great strength stamina. Experienced, but rough swordsman ship. Skilled axethrower, decent archer. Crafty with shield and sword, deadly knife fighter. Able brawler.
Equipment: Long sword with double handed grip, three throwing axes, large oak buckler, three days food and water, two long blade hunting knives, one hunting spear.
Other: Loves to drink, he puts the ale in male, you know. xP

The bar was quite the noisy affair, apparently a troup or rough mountain brigands had decided to take up residence inside the inn for the night and while they were at it, consume everything that did not try to eat them back and drink everything that could be poured into a pint sized mug. The rowdy bellows and booming laughter could not be contained  by the puny wooden walls of the old cabin in, it spilled out into the streets, causing men and women to shy away from the premise. Whether this was from the noise or the miasma caused by tightly packed unwashed bodies was not really clear.

The maids of the inn found themselves in a rather akward positions, few of them were sure that they could not sit properly for the next few days because of the constant bottom pinching that they experienced when they entered the horde of bearded men. Everyonce in a while, a dismayed yelp could  be heard over the din as a maid was pulled into a lap, a sharp slap would follow a second later, followed again by rowdy laughter and applause.

Olland did not care so much for such antics, times such as this required modest dinner chatter. He did not mind the soothing sounds of many level voices speaking at once, he preferred it over the awkward silence of a empty inn, but this was almost intolerable to the foreign man. He stood out a bit over the crowd, where they were short and squat, he was all and broad, their brown hair and beards different from his golden locks and scraggly beard. He was used to looks of all kinds when he traveled abroad, some were of admiration, others of suspicion and even outright distrust and hostility, but his large arms and long sword discouraged presumptuous speech and actions of the less open minded patrons of the bar.

Offline Nitro

Re: Val'halla
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2009, 03:47:32 AM »
Name: Kanix Mose
Age: 21
Gender: female
Race:Elemental - Lightning element
Appearance:She has short shaggy white hair,big brown eyes,she is wearing a clear like tube top but it has dragon's on the sides of it covering her chest and a mini skirt that is clear on the sides and has dragon designs in the front and back.her skull guitar strapped to her back and her thigh high 6inch skull heel boots on her height is 5'5 with out the heels and she has a slender build her chest is the perfect size to match her wonderful body.
Power/skills:playing the Guitar,getting into trouble,and using her guitar as a weapon channeling the lightning though it when she plays.She is a very Bad butt type of girl
Equipment:Skull guitar,Skull boots
Other: fun to be around,likes to party,is a big goof ball

     Kanix walked down the street she was not one for the rowdy crowds that would come into town she played here often and she didn't like it when drunks would make a mess out of things.she made her was over to the in and pushed the doors she did she could smell the stench of beer and the drunken monsters that were inside making a mess out of the place. she walked through the doors her heels making a loud tapping sound on the wooden floors as she walked in.She looked around swinging her guitar around she played a note on it.
     The note was so loud it could be over heard over all the noise in the inn and it sent out electrical currents.she waited for everyone's attention and when she was sure she had it she swung her guitar back around.she placed a hand on her hip and tilted her head."Now listen here i want all you roughens to get your things and get out of here seeing as how you don't know how to respect a nice quiet place like this and don't make me have to tell you twice".her voice stern as she looked at them all electricity flowing around her as she said it.

Offline Hayato

Re: Val'halla
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2009, 05:43:29 PM »
Name: Drust Lugubelenus
Age: 83 [appears 21]
Gender: Male
Race: Elfen
Appearance: Long, cinnamon-brown hair, clear blue eyes, dressed in forest hues of pants and tunic and cloaked in a brown Elven cloak.
Power/skills: archery, speaking to trees/animals, tracking, great endurance, partial psychic ability
Equipment: bows and arrows, a short curved sword, daggar, scrying stone
Other: quiet and contemplative, he prefers a solitary nook in the bar instead of a crowd

In a solitary corner of the bar, Drust raised a cloaked eyebrow at the intrusion of the woman. He smiled a bit at the boldness of the human woman, nursing his drink as he awaited the reaction of the rowdy patrons. He had no doubt that she could take care of herself, but was ready to help if need be.

Drust had wandered into the human realms several months ago, seemingly aimless as he drifted from village to village. He had a reason for his wanderings, but kept that reason to himself. Several had tried to help him, to tag along as it were, but he would have none of it. And so he found himself in his latest village, staring at an ancient map as he contemplated his next move.

Offline GreyoneTopic starter

Re: Val'halla
« Reply #3 on: October 27, 2009, 09:49:02 PM »
Hey there all.

I'm afraid that I am not going to be able to start this play like I thought I might. I have changed it from a non adult play to a adult play..if you are still interested, here is the link for sign up.