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Author Topic: rp?  (Read 632 times)

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Offline KotahTopic starter

« on: October 18, 2009, 04:23:46 PM »
Hey, so... I recently had a char die is a game, and I wanted to do more with her. I'm open or any and all rp ideas, just send me a message and we can figure something out.

This is the char:

A mess of strawberry-blond hair partially hides this womans face from view. The soft reddish-blonde mass features a thin set of bangs that leave the woman's face exposed, while the rest falls to the middle of her back. The change in hairstyle leaves the word "whore" to be clearly seen as the word curves along the underside of her right eye. Her lips are chapped, but slightly full with a faint curve to one side. Her slim neck has a inch thick choke-chain wraped around it, with a small lock making it so the item cannot be removed while a few inches of chain falls down her back.
         The woman has filled out quite a bit, seemingly, putting her at a comfortable hundred pounds or less to fill out the five feet of her frame. Her arms slender with a small protrusion of bones at her wrists and knuckles. Like her face, more black lines draw the way downwards over the skin of her arms and hands. Dark bands of ink that coat her arms to give her a cheshire cat-like appearance. Her fore-arms, however, are carefully covered from elbows to wrists in black arm warmers with zippers up the inside. The pattern of rings then continue downwards over her fingers, all the way to her short-cut nails. The girl's full body is wrapped in a matching top and pants, the fabric charcoal with light grey pin striping running vertically along it's surface. The top ends just below the shoulders, tapering out near the waist with an area at the chest exposed to display a modest bit of cleavage. The collar is buttoned at the front, little metal rings held together by a miniature padlock that hangs down over her exposed chest. Buckles are set at her sides, holding the material snug against her sides just above the taper and below her chest, another set wrapping over her shoulders as though to hold the ensemble together. The pants have the same pin striping design, hugging her hips and thighs tightly and ending just above her knees, at least while she's standing. Belt-loops encircle the pants, a zipper hidden in the fabric of her pants and a strap of fabric stretching from right to left with two buttons keeping it securely closed. From knees to mid-calf skin is exposed, her boots riding high, black, thick leather. They look rough, good for kicking things, aggressive tread upon the bottom ensures good traction. The most obvious thing about these boots are the buckles, five of them, the size of belt-buckles crossing from the top of her foot all the way up to mid-calf, holding heavy leather straps that keep them wrapped around her foot and legs securely.

Species: Human           Gender: female           Age: 21                  |
| Experience Points: 22    Health:--            Archetype: Pirate

For background info. I'm also willing to do group rp's and the like with her.
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