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Started by Kayn, October 16, 2009, 04:22:02 AM

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Thought i would put a few little ideas out there. Every story here can have the roles swapped, hehe, it's great being a switch...

Please PM me if you want to try out one of the ideas, so we can plan a little.

Oh, and I'm only looking for Gals. sorry about that!

Perfect for some Dom/Sub play, a human being introduced to the supernatural via a little hypnosis and a sharp bite is always fun. Twilight...just no. Edward Cullin (Cullins? Cuddy? whatever...) needs to eat a freaking steak. I play World of Darkness Vamps, so expect a lot of nastiness, blood, and manipulation. Less Glisten, more "Fuck someones brains out and suck 'em dry." you know, Fun family stuff!

Running a few of the vamp ones, so no more for now.

A night time visit from a sex demon. Ah, who doesn't like this sort of thing? Once again, Dom/Sub, and I'm happy to take either role, Demon or Human.

After reading a whole lot of the World of Darkness Asylum book, i have an odd urge to play a patient with his therapist. Think; Joker and Harley, only with bonking instead of turning the interviewer into a spaz. still needs a lot of planning.

This one s cause i'm playing all Dominant characters right now. That's fun and all, but i like to mix it up. The idea is for a strong male character, good guy, knight in shiney armor and all that crap, gets captured, messed with, and dominated by a more villainous Female character. This is probably the most varied idea. I'm happy to do it Vampire/Hunter, Superhero/Villain, Knight/Witch, anything. So, if this interests you, we're gonna need a nice long conversation in PMs.

More will be up here soon. send me some PM's, and we can have some fun!
Ons and Offs

Currently looking for RP's, so take a look.



You, sir, said the magic word. I will send you a PM.


Ons and Offs

Currently looking for RP's, so take a look.