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Started by Marguerite, October 15, 2009, 06:20:09 PM

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Oct. 12th [57] - How Did Your Date Go? It Went...Well...Sort Of...Maybe...I Have No Clue.

So the date with the Channing Tatum look alike was not bad but it was not good. Not good because it was shortened to a three hour date and I was cold but I do put that as my mea culpa. I put it on a three hour date because I have work the next morning and while I wanted to spend more time with him, work was placed above him. I have known him for about six days and this man is not going to replace my need to work and gain a bit of moolah.

Right now, finances are so-so I do not have to get to the point of eating Ramen noodles even though I enjoy the taste of the shrimp flavored ones. Nonetheless, I want to leave a bit of a savings in my account to get me through the holiday season. Already I am planning a few things for my Maja's birthday which is in November and she turns the big double digits! Faja and Maja met when she was a spry 19 year old. I feel bad because I ruined her figure and her vagina forever since I was born nine months to the week the two became a couple.

Since Maja is turning another year in November (us females have a silent camaraderie never to reveal ages. I will say Maja looks great for her age and I enjoy the way she fields questions about her age) and it is the middle of October, I am going to start looking around for items she might enjoy. She is a fickle female sometimes and the last few years the familia pitched in to get her gift certificates, perfume or purses. However, since she usually stays with a purse a few months or even trades them off for various occasions (casino purse, party purse, funeral purse, etc) then I have to be a bit more creative this year. Last few years I have felt guilty not to get her anything that was not a gift certificate. Hopefully, this year I can change it and even make up Faja's birthday which passed a few months ago. I did not even get the man anything and I felt horrible because he turned a special age this year. Damn it.

I am supposed to receive my first paycheck this Thursday and after that, I get paid 15th of every month. Not the usual two weeks I used to have with other jobs but since this is a work study job, I get paid once a month. It is not what I would have wanted but maybe it is better in that I get a bigger check but have to stretch it out for the month. I get by with a few relatives wanting to help out with living expenses or even lunch money. Yes, there is still the concept of lunch money even at a college student's age. Why do you think a few of us eat meager food but spend what we earned on booze and junk food? Well, I do not drink a lot considering I can get fired if I show up at the preschool hungover or drunk and I have no need to receive a DUI on my record. So far, I have been good not to have the police come to my door step or know me on a first name basis (the police department where I am originally from and when I visit the familia have come to known my familia's antics; not my fault the machete accidentally slipped out of my hand).

Back to the date with Channing Tatum look alike also known as Elevator Man, he was charming and patient. Where he took me was not really a surprise since he invited me to go to a place called The Pub on Fisherman's Wharf. I took my car since I barely knew him and in case the date went to hell, I had an exit strategy. He at first wanted to eat outside but it was dead cold and their was still a sprinkle of rain coming over even with the umbrella to cover us. I had gone to my three hour class dressed in ballet flats, nice pair of jeans and v-neck top (beneath it a long-sleeve shirt because it was cold as hell) for the date and an umbrella to keep the rain out of my face and from soaking my sweater. When I let him know I rather eat inside The Pub, he was fine with the change of scenery and we waited twenty minutes to be seated.   

I expected him to try and take the lead or be an asshole. I know I have a set of things I mentally check off when it comes to date. In fact, I have not really been on a date in a few months. I get by with friends with benefits and those I am in semi-open relationships with (that story is for another time). We did talk while we waited but there was an awkward vibe between us. I send he had a vanilla take on things but wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have dated vanilla men and women in the past but usually those relationships never really last long. After we were seated, we glanced through the menu and by god, the food was expensive. The atmosphere was great, do not get me wrong but the cheapest thing on the menu was desserts and side dishes between 3-5 bucks. I was worried because I have no clue if he planned to split the cost of dinner between the two of us. Yes, I was on a date a few months back where the guy wanted me to pay for my own food and went through the check to make sure I did not try to get him to pay for my food and drinks. Needless to say I never went on a second date with him.

To me, it depends on who is asking who. If a guy asks a girl out for a date, tells her the place where the date it will take place is a surprise, then one is to say the guy will pay for part or the whole dinner because the girl has no clue how much money to bring on the date. For me, I brought twenty bucks in case he thought to pay for our own food in which case, I rather spend my money on something cheaper and when I said my goodbyes I could walk down the Fisherman's Wharf to buy myself a Cold Stone's ice cream. I gave him brownie points for informing me he brought enough cash to pay for whatever it was the two of us planned to eat here. He explained, he felt it was a gentlemanly thing to do in paying for a date especially on a first date. It was a nice ice breaker because we started to get into the ideals of relationships and how it pertains to what men and women do on first dates. We even laughed over how there are more slip up's on a first date because of course you are making your first impression on this other person and hoping like hell you do not blow it.

With EM, it was different and it felt, well, it felt weird and nice at the same time. He was a gentleman, he waited after he ordered first while I went through the menu. The Pub cheeseburger came with my choice of salad, french fries or tater tots. I went with the French fries and brought out my bottle of water from my back pack (I went from my three hour class and drove to Fisherman's wharf, not having time to change purses). Elevator Man did give me a strange look when he noticed I pulled out my bottle of water and explained to him I carry around a few water bottles since I do not drink soda. Yes, this female who enjoys chocolate and sweet things cannot take a bottle of soda. I have not touched soda in over five years after I made the decision to give my kidney's a fighting chance. Elevator Man could take what I said and not let it offend him since he had ordered a tall glass of Coca-Cola. The conversation went into other items, books, movies, favorite places to eat, what we want to do down the line.

EM even complimented on the fact I was not one of the type of females not to eat 'food' in front of males. Do some females give off the mirage of eating salad or small bites of tiny plates in front of dates? I know there have been jokes made but if I am on a date with someone, I want to enjoy it with good food and conversation. I enjoyed the conversation and his company but my mind was distracted. I was distracted because of how tired I was after having morning classes, a paper to turn in before noon, attending my three hour class before making the twenty minute drive to meet up with him at the Wharf. I never really sat down to take a rest or take a short nap. So far, I have taken four naps in the last three weeks which aids in keeping me at optimal level. I did not take one or a power nap before meeting Elevator Man.

I could see it in his face and the way he glanced me over that I was clicking in and out of the conversation. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed the conversation and his company but maybe because of the weather and other things, I was not at my full force in the date. Yes, I conversed, flirted and even made him laugh but something was missing. I knew it had to be because he did not reach over to take my hand, lean in close to whisper to me and I did not lean into him or tried to take his own hand. Maybe it was the fact there was chemistry but it was not quick and fast lightning strikes. I am attracted to people off the bat, I see someone I like and instant 'lust gaze' are thrown their ways. This happens a few times a day with seeing random men and women on the street, in movies, on the train, in my car as I drive to see familia and so on. Sometimes, I go up to them and other times the opportunities are missed but I am left with a new image in my head to put a smile on my lips for the rest of the day and into the night.

Elevator Man maybe was the one who was the opportunity not to be missed. He did make the first move by asking for my number and wanting to go on a date. Nonetheless, it made me wonder more about him. I can be a curious female and it has lead me into a few troubles but I always manage to make it out unscathed. With Elevator Man, he caught but lost my attention at various points in the date. By the end of the date, it was an hour later and it was starting to rain again, I informed him I needed to get back before the weather became severe and maybe before the Bay Bridge was closed for him. He lives in Berkley but attends my college thus making him commute through the toll booths and Bay Bridge. Elevator Man paid for the bill and left a nice tip for the waitress before he finally did reach for my hand once we were outside the Pub.

His hand felt nice against my own, warm and a bit calloused. From manual labor or something else? It was weird knowing he held my hand and we walked to my car the need for ice cream long gone replaced with the urge to get myself into a warm environment again. Why was it weird? The hand holding was sweet, tender, even but no huge wave of nervousness or the fear of sweaty palms came about. Felt, as if he was just a friend who held my hand but I knew I wanted him in my bed. He may not be all over me but I was attracted to him and I did not know if he felt the same way. EM admitted to not being one for public displays of affection especially in an environment with a lot of people. At my car, I turned to him, just about to mention he had showed a display of affection (hand holding) but my words were lost in the kiss he gave me.

A sudden kiss because I put him as someone who did not kiss on the first date, if it was even a date to begin with; but I leaned into the kiss and wrapped my arms around him. His tongue did a few things to my own and we separated since the need for air was first on both our lists. Elevator Man surprised me and surprised me good but I was still wary of where things would go after this; I could not bring him back to my place because of the roommates and I was not about to seclude myself with a practical stranger in Berkley. Instead, he asked me to call him later and another kiss was given before he made his way to get his own car. My, my, it seems I can still be surprised by men in this day and age. Do you think I called him? Wait until next time,

Miss Marguerite & The City

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