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Author Topic: sugar 'n' spice, snips 'n' snails ... [MUL] ... a modern-day sex romp  (Read 944 times)

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    "[...] What are little boys made of?
     Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs' tails,
     That's what little boys are made of.

    What are little girls made of?
     Sugar and spice, and everything nice,
     That's what little girls are made of. ..."

     -- from "What Folks Are Made Of," 1820, attributed to English poet Robert Southey (1774-1843)

A group RP for three, or four.

One:  "Sugar."

A female of at least college age, probably under 30.  Generally naive and/or inexperienced in sexual matters.  Possibly socially underdeveloped or shy.  Sheltered background for some reason.  Intelligent, inquisitive, curious, eager to learn.  Hasn't travelled much or lived in many places.  Probably a college student or young professional.  Physically beautiful, but either unconventionally so, or blossomed late.  Possibly bi-curious.

Two:  "Spice."

Another female of at least college age, probably under 30.  Possibly an adult film actor or elite call girl.  Worldly and highly sexually experienced, perhaps even jaded.  Ravishing and unafraid to show it, but only in the right circumstances, around the right people; doesn't advertise her attractiveness generally.  Largely reticent and suspicious around men, who always want the same thing from her.  Withdrawn around women, who usually look down on her liberal morals or covet her looks and style.  Street-smart.  Possibly bi or curious.

Three:  "Snips."
A male of at least college age, probably under 30.  Handsome, athletic; physically formidable in either height or brawn, or both.  Unassuming, polite, well-mannered, open-hearted.  Neither as experienced as Spice nor as sheltered as Sugar.

The scenario.

Snips meets Spice during a multi-hour trip on a plane or train.  She's dressed casually and practically, for travel, not wishing to draw attention to herself from strangers.  She draws his attention accidentally, perhaps reading a book he knows.  In the conversation that slowly strikes up between them, he charms her by not trying to, simply being amiable and kind. 

Sugar is on the same plane or train and gets drawn into the conversation with similarly innocent intentions, perhaps overhearing a remark about a common interest or experience.  They're just three travellers passing the time together with a little chitchat.  All three know they're good looking and probably could be attracted to each other, but they're strangers on a trip and not inclined to random or desperate hookups. 

The journey is long enough, however, that they get to know each other a little and feel drawn to each other.  Snips is a solid guy:  good-looking, honest, career-minded, fun and funny, unpretentious; a catch by any standard, and both the women realize it.  He finds Spice exotic and exciting, while Sugar is closer to him in personality, lifestyle, and background -- more the type he might want to marry someday or have for a close friend.  Sugar is captivated by Spice's relative experience and worldliness, perhaps even attracted to her.  Spice finds both the others less cynical, stuck-up, and burnt-out than her typical friends or lovers, and maybe the prospect of introducing them to her world and sullying their purity a little appeals to her.  She enjoys the allure and mystique they seem to attribute to her.


At the end of their journey, Sugar and Snips find themselves in an unfamiliar town for a stretch of time, perhaps a summer or a full year at a new job or school.  Spice might be a local.  The setting would be metropolitan, hip, and intimidating for the uninitiated; probably Northeast or West Coast USA.  The three exchange contact information and eventually get together in pairs or as a trio.  Friendships form, and romances spark.

Complications; the naughty bits.

Spice becomes a tour guide of sorts, a safe companion for Sugar and Snips to delve into an underworld of previously unknown or forbidden experiences.  The three end up at parties involving sex and/or substance abuse.  Perhaps Spice finds a way to involve one or both of the others in one of her adult filmshoots or call girl appointments.  All three face trials of personal ethics and changing or strained relationships as a result of their ongoing descent into deepening sexual and moral unknowns.

Four:  "Snails."

The three above are intended to be rounded characters; their personalities and parts of their backgrounds and other relationships should become revealed over the course of the roleplay.  A fourth character of either gender and any sexual orientation should be easily insertable into the scenarios described above or others that develop over time. 

Nitpicking, etc.  The ugly details.

I'll be playing Snips, who will obviously get a real name later, as will the rest.  Sugar and Spice are intended to be played by female players; my apologies to those of you who enjoy gender-switching.  However, the undescribed fourth character (Snails) has no restrictions of any kind regarding gender or orientation of character or player; of course, that character's nature and role have yet to be determined.

Attracting players to group RPs in non-fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural settings seems to be something of a difficulty on Elliquiy.  In spite of that fact, I'm going to further restrict my pool of possible applicants with the following caveat.  I only want to roleplay with people whose writing strongly appeals to me.

Partnering with talented writers is far and away my primary concern in any RP.  It's not a personal thing in any way; I don't believe anyone wants to roleplay with writers whose style bores or annoys them for whatever reason, whether it's lack of sophistication, post length, and frequency, or excesses in those areas.  I don't expect my style to suit very many other people either.  So, if you express interest, please understand that I will carefully consider playing with you but may not ultimately choose to do so.  I'll be looking at some of your writing and making a determination of our compatibility based on what I see. 

I absolutely abhor the possibility of offending people, which is why I try to explain all of that in such detail in advance.  Hope you can understand.  : )

A final note on post length and frequency:  8 to 10 full lines of text, once or twice a week, is my absolute minimum, barring unusual circumstances.  Of course I prefer and try to do much more than that, but nothing less will hold my interest for long.  If most of your posts are shorter than that -- as many people's are -- you may need to convince me somehow that you're capable of doing more on a regular basis.

Almost everything above is negotiable or alterable or can be tailored to suit you.

Please look at my On and Offs and other RP posts to determine if you think we'll be compatible.

Like what you see?  Please PM me or reply here.  Thanks so much for reading, I hope to hear from you.  : )
-- Rick

[Note on all images used in this thread:  Images scavenged from the internet under principle of fair use, with thanks and apologies to the artists and photographers.]
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Re: sugar 'n' spice, snips 'n' snails ... [MUL] ... a modern-day sex romp
« Reply #1 on: October 24, 2009, 10:03:58 pm »
Delicious plot. You have certainly caught my attention. I would love to play Spice, and believe that I could live up to your 'minimum requirements'. If interested in going further, feel free to PM me.