Gladiator has a new idea!! Looking for F!!!!

Started by Gladiator0161, October 09, 2009, 04:21:27 PM

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Ok, since my personal life is quite frankly turning to the worst at the moment. I was hoping to maybe let off a little steam by playing a high school aged kid who is also going through troubles but at the same time, making it into a romance between him and a friend (You). I'd like to do a fantasy teacher role in this also just to spice things up now and then.

He and this friend (I'd prefer a female player playing a female character btw) would be really close friends, as the year wound on they'd get closer and start to care for each other. Then a sub would be introduced to the class one day and I had the thought that maybe the teacher went on a week long vacation and from there we can pick up with the teacher fantasy. At first she doesn't do much out of the ordinary, she teached the class like she's supposed to but then one day, she has to find a filler subject for the class. So she does the next best thing that she knows how to do. So, she teaches a sex ed class and goes into all the varying forms of sex. Bondage, cosplay, fetishes, oral, anal and naturally vaginal sex. I was thinking about the teacher providing videos of such but I'll hafta discuss the specifics with whoever my partner will be.

Please PM me if you have any questions or suggestions.


Maybe I should mention I thought of this being more of a anime thing.
Idk, if you don't like anime but like the idea gimme a pm and we'll set something up.

I'm willing to be flexible on this one XD
No pun intended XD