[MUL] Extremely agressive male wanted for Teacher/Student game.

Started by Secretwriter, October 07, 2009, 12:56:55 AM

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Possible tags:  [BON][NC-H][EX][UN]

Dark. Sick. Twisted preferred.

Plot summary:  Will be filled out in the plot between myself and the person that nibbles on my hook.

Celeste was an average student at her high school.  It was her senior year and she was more interested in the social scene than her grades.  Chances were she wasn’t going to pass X* class and she wasn’t making efforts to fix the problem.  Not passing that class would keep her from graduating. 

Her father, while not exceedingly rich, was well off. Upper middle class. He’d planned a party for her for graduation and had talked to her teachers about keeping him posted on her grades.

What I’m looking for:

Dominant male teacher to use his wits and his force to bend her to his will but will give her a minimum passing grade to graduate his class.
I’m looking for dark and twisted. Even cruel.
Teacher shouldn’t be too very old. 40 is the limit, please.
Possible scenario within the scenario is father gives permission to discipline her though she shouldn’t know it. I looove coercion.

I want her scared and willing to do whatever it takes to please the man involved.

It can be fantasy, sci-fi, time period though that should be realistic. It wouldn’t happen in 1850. ;)

Celeste can be a slut or a virgin – up to the one that bites.
Her bodily build is up to the one that bites – yes it’s my character but I like to please the one I write with and want to give them what they or their character likes.

I do not prefer one liner posts.  It can go as far as EX. I’m very, very open.  I will even go for urine/golden showers if you prefer. It’s in my offs but I’ll go there if the biter likes it

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