Driven to Sin [NC] [BON] [EX?] (for Fems)

Started by JK, October 06, 2009, 11:27:12 PM

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Transplating from the IM games forum, thinking about playing these on a normal play by post.

In short these are games about evil spirits who attempt to corrupt or destroy certain targets by possessing women close to them, tempting them into throwing away their moral codes, with disasterous, sexy results. I'd play the victim, you'd play the girl possessed, the evil spirit. Some targets are to be killed, some humiliated, others corrupted and placed into positions of influence. The following writeups are examples of each.


Some people in this world are forces for good. People who, through circumstance and hard work, are in a position to deal lethal blows to institutions of exploitation and practices of evil.

It's your job to see that they fail.

As a dark spirit in service to the underworld, you've been sent to possess the minds of women close to these men, and use these women to destroy them and their work, or to corrupt them and lead them astray. A spirit will have powers similar to a succubus, able to arouse men with a glance and make them think things they normally wouldn't. To the spirit the body they possess is just a tool, and they care little about the state of the possessee's life when their work is done, leaving the women unable to answer exactly why they acted as they did, not even realizing they'd been possessed.

The game will be about the men's fall from righteousness, and eventually all of the characters, mine and yours, are destroyed or brought low by the plot, as detailed in the individual scenarios.

James Klaus

James is a social worker, and he's got a tough job to do. He's in a neighborhood that doesn't trust him, he's fighting an uphill battle against poverty, addiction, and a culture that worships violence and crime. Fortunately he's young and persistent, and he's in the office and on the street every day, hooking people up with life changing programs and devising a plan to put the bloated bureaucracy to work for the people. He doesn't know it, but new legislation is right around the corner, and it's gonna give him the opportunity he needs to do exactly that.

He's got alot of cases, every worker in the city has more than their share. One in particular is never far from his mind. The woman was a mother of two, an opiate addict, in a parasitic relationship with the most dangerous kind of gangster. He keeps her doped up, she doesn't talk back, doesn't try to move on.

Things changed at the most recent visit, though. She claims she's dropped him to the curb, the kids have been sent to their grandmothers while mom gets her divorce settled, finds a new place somewhere more peaceful.

She says she couldn't have done it without him. She says she knows he'd always been there, reliable and honest. She says thanks to him she knows what a real man is like.

Then she'd reach beneath the table, and James could swear her eyes flared as he felt her grasping his knee. And it began.

(In James's scenario the goal is pretty straightforward, lure him into making a cuckold of a mobster, leading to both his untimely death and that of the would be divorcee. Of course, as a spirit inhabiting her body, that's of little consequence.)

Dr. Erik Schiller

Tall, balding man in his early thirties, dark hair greyed at the temple, a professor of psychology, world renowned. He's studied the human mind for years, and has made astounding insights, and even now he's working on methods of analysis and therapy that will turn the psychological establishment on it's head, bringing relief to millions suffering from mental illness.

Even with his research, he still mostly keeps to the hospital he is resident at, and has a very close connection with all of his patients. One girl in particular has captured his interest. She'd become more lucid than usual recently, normally withdrawn, she was now eager to talk to the doctor, almost begging for more of his time. In their sessions she opened up as never before, and the things she talked about were both disturbing and intriguing.

She detailed a tragic history of sexual abuse and debauchery with an almost playful casualness. He'd sit across his desk from her, fingers steepled before him, as she described nights pinned to the bed by her brother, parties spent in a bedroom, entertaining man after man she'd never even met. She laid her fantasies before him, disturbingly erotic and detailed dreams of brutal monsters, mad with lust, violating her every hole, and she'd describe the way she touched herself every night as she thought of it, messing the sheets time and again. He listened with the quiet calm of a professional, but every word seemed to make his heart beat faster, his eyes wandering down over the girl's form.

Then his eyes would go wide as the girl slouched in her chair, legs spreading, a hand unconsciously rubbing the crotch of her cloth ward pants. He knew he needed to speak up, to make her stop, to tell her they were crossing a line.

But he couldn't. And it began.

(In Dr. Schiller's scenario the goal is to make him dishonor himself and bury his ideas under academic ridicule. After she lures him into a regularly using her body, she'll see to it that it becomes exposed, and leave the girl to return to her mental ruin, and the doctor's career and life thoroughly ended.)

Mr. Roland

Ignacio Roland is a high level executive at a powerful lobbying firm. He got where he was by being smart and smooth, able to convince the most powerful men in the country to lend him his ear. He watched as corruption and corporate influence led to financial disaster, watched the callous reaping of profits by politicians and businessmen on both sides of the argument as normal people lost their homes. It made him angry. It motivated him.

With recent political change comes opportunity, and Mr. Roland is the right man to see it happen. He's got the money, the political capital, and the right people to support him. One such person is his secretary, a loyal and hardworking woman who'd been with him for years. He brought her with him on every promotion, worked late nights with her filing papers and chugging stale coffee. They'd even been to each other's weddings.

But she'd changed, recently. Cut her hair to something...sportier, hipper. Began wearing newer, revealing business attire. He even noticed her new perfume, something spiced and exotic, smelling it whenever she passed him, his mind and his eyes compelled to her form. And when she caught sight of his staring when his eyes slid up her body to her own, he'd get a smile. The smile of a woman who knows she's being watched, and enjoys it.

Maybe it was just him, but it was as if she was enticing him all day, discrete touches, stolen glances across a room, the way she'd bend in front of him to file a paper, like she knew the way her dressed hiked up the back of her thighs, giving him that glimpse of naughty, red silk panties.

For the first time, he realized that he wanted her, like he never had before. Of course it was impossible, they were both married, he was her direct boss, in that political environment it'd be the antithesis of what he'd worked for.

Then a new, dark thought entered his head, almost startling him with it's simplicity. She was completely dependent on him for her career. If he wanted something from her, he could make her give it to him, and he could make sure she never told anybody.

So it began.

(Mr Roland's end is a little different, I'd like him to remain in his position, corrupted by his experience of abusing his power to satisfy his base lusts. In the end he'd be a weak spot in a position of power, and a useful tool for the dark plan. The secretary would be left in a life attached to a monster she believes she created, and maybe the story could even continue from there.)
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