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January 20, 2019, 03:50:03 PM

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Author Topic: Female Double O agent required for long term system game [VAN, BON, NC-H]  (Read 603 times)

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Offline SeptemberTopic starter

I'd like to GM a long term solo system game revolving around the adventures of a female British secret agent.  I'm looking for a player (M or F) who'd enjoy playing a "Jane Bond" type character.

This will be a system game (although I'm not decided on which system), and it will be a GM'd game wherein you control your character and I control the environment and NPCs around her.

The game will have sex scenes, but will not revolve around them.  At least as many problems you can solve through sex will be solved through violence, deception, Q branch gadgets or other skullduggery.  Regarding sex, I should imagine there'll be a mix of vanilla (flirtation/seduction is the female superspy's stock in trade), some light bondage (in the sense of being restrained after capture, rather than nipple clamps or whatever), and some NC (i.e. there is a reason they don't just shoot your character in the head once she's captured).  In keeping with the Bond films it should be rare for your character to get attached to one partner.  BUT I'd like the sex scenes to be the sizzle of the story, not the steak.  Your character should spend more time on her feet than on her back.

Beyond that I'm open on which era to set it in, whether to model it on a grim or camp Bond, and the personality and capabilities of the agent involved.  If you're interested PM/IM me or reply here.  Thanks!  :)

Offline Decrepitdan

    I would like to express extreme interest in this role. Were you thinking of using a d20 system? How about the media for the game, would this be played in the forums or...where? Pm me if you'd like!

Offline SeptemberTopic starter

Hey Dan.  Nice avatar.  Shop smart, shop S-Mart, right?  :)

I'm not sure what system to use, but I barely understand D20 as a player so it's doubtful I'll go that route.  It will probably be something very simple, I just want there to be an element of randomness involved when the stakes are high.

I'm thinking of playing it in the forums.  I don't really type fast enough for IM.

Offline MasterMischief

I do realize you asked for someone to write a female character.  I just thought I would ask if you would be at all interested in someone writing a male character.  I love Bond, although I would not want to use him as I would just feel dirty going there.  I love espionage, especially 80's Cold War.

Or, would you be interested in playing a PC (female or male) in this type of campaign?

May I suggest Atomic Sock Monkey Press' Prose Descriptive Qualities (PDQ) System or PDQ#. The rules are free, light and should be easy to pick up.  PDQ# may need a little refinement for an espionage campaign.  Just puttin' it out there.

Offline SeptemberTopic starter

Hi Mischief.  I love the llama.

I'm not sure about running it for a male.  It's really the female agent thing that I want to explore.  I would be interested in playing her, though, so if you'd like to GM something like this then please do PM me!

Offline Decrepitdan

I coulda been the king, but in my own way..I am the king...

Yeah, have you seen Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice? Simply awesome I tells you.
Anyway, if you ever get that settled, just let me know. I would love to play this scenario out!

Offline PhantomPistoleer


I would recommend running your campaign on Adventure!;  it's pulpy.  Or, you could run it using the M&M Agents of Atlas rule set, but I imagine that it would be a bit more confusing than regular D20, since it's D20 on adrenaline! O_O!!!!  But it seems like it's made for it, if'n you understand.

If you'd ever be willing to co-GM something like this, and if you have the patience to deal with my lack of posting (life sucks!), I would -looooove- to CO-GM something like this.  Stupid hapless super-agent girl-- you have met your diabolical doppelganger, so beware!

I would not want to GM it, though.  And, I don't play women well.  I tend to overwrite the bounciness of breasts.  Honk, honk!