Short stories, and ideas to be grown.

Started by Roidecinq, October 05, 2009, 07:28:21 PM

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As a new member here, eager to find his place among the zillions of anonymous identities, I would like to start up a few small-scale stories to get some more experience with (public) PBE adult roleplaying. Also, I'd like to get to know some more people here, hoping to find (a) sparring partner(s) that fit(s) me.

I have a few ideas concerning more exotic settings, but I am at first interested in some more mundane environments. Whilst I enjoy researching and creating a new setting/environment more then anything, I  wouldn't want to 'spoil' a good idea with incompatibilities and and incompetence.

Feel free to respond or PM me if you are interested. A small note, English is not my native language, so excuse a few too literal translations.


The tutor and the pupil/the professor and the student/the manager and the employee: Some sort of abuse of power, semi-willing and secretive. Boring, I will need to expand on this. Keeping it for reference.

The sports trainer. Fleshed out this could be a student visiting a training camp. In my mind this would be a martial arts camp (wushu in my mind) with an unconventional training program. According to ying/yang, jin/ki/chi, you need physical, mental and sexual balance. I would love a wuxia 'battle' up in a bamboo forest, or on the lake in a valley.

Grand Idea(s)

Steampunk in all it's glory. I would very much like to start and grow the setting myself(ourselves). I would imagine taking the 'standard' as a basis: Fin-de-si├Ęcle Paris, Victorian London, clockwork contraptions, steam engines and zeppelins, and building from that. An alternate history, or imaginative entirely, depending on your preferences. In my imagination we start the story in a zeppelin/train/steamship, travelling to an unknown(to us, known IC) destination. Starting small, creating the characters, fleshing out the past and present relations. We could expand the world in flashbacks, or get the adventure started by crashing the zeppelin or some other, less-cliched, method.