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Author Topic: Xanatos and His Ideas (For now, looking for People to assist in creative process  (Read 548 times)

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Modified at 10/18/09

My latest batch is more a collection of very rough not highly defined ideas which I would like to see if they can be made into a good plot driven, sexy game. I need someone to work with me, as I tend to get flashes or sparks of imagination when bouncing ideas off another person. Feel free to go against the grain I have set on the idea, I will consider everything unless it goes against a turn off I have regarding the idea. Ideas general create more ideas.

A side note, if any of these ideas might make a good group game I am willing to see if that might work. Also if you have a separate idea which does not relate to any below, feel free to bring it to my intention as well.

As normal I am seeking good writers/good grammar skills who like to make plot and not just sex scenes.



Needs Work/Plot development

-Blood is Power (This is not a Vampire game, but could possibly have them in as one of several other creatures)

The idea is this woman has blood which can do many things, cure, renew life; I.E. if someone is dying she could keep them from dying (though not resurrect), and when combined with blood of other creatures or possibly with magic, can do many other things. This woman will become unwittingly involved and unwillingly most likely, as creatures and people begin trying to either woo her to their side or capture her, all just so they can harvest her blood for its powerful properties.

I am am not sure what genre to put this in. I am thinking an alternate modern but with magic along side technology.

If this idea seems interesting enough for more than person, maybe we can make a group game?

Needs Work/Plot development

These women have to survive under constant threat from males who think of almost nothing more than sex. They are likely cursed, if a reason is wanted, if not then it could be glossed over; though giving a reason may open up plot ideas.

These males once they have intercourse with a female, have the ability to control the female forever, there is no known way to reverse this. The males have no conscious way of doing this, its a part of them; they are almost feral like as well.


Needs Work/Plot development

-Dragon Pair
A mated Dragon pair has come to protect a town and have become beloved by the townsfolk. Unbeknownst to the dragons, the townsfolk have decided awhile back that they would send gifts; trained and willing young women who wish to place themselves at the whim of their guardians.

The dragon couple should not be old, as it will allow for danger, instead if they were old they would simply destroy anything which threatened them or the town. Keeping them young will also, perhaps, make them less jaded by age and willing to accept the young women and make use of them.


Needs Work/Plot development

-Societal Punishment: This idea might or might not be tricky for plot. The gist is when a woman is convicted of some crime, as long as its not really bad, is sentenced to a public service of sorts. Some women are taken to a designated area, stripped naked, chained to the ground via their neck and or other limbs and left for the public to use them sexually; the position might vary as well if you wish, just the idea of being on hands and knees or on the ground and raped by the public was erotic. Others might be given to a special club that uses those convicted of crimes as sex toys.

A plot twist is perhaps your character was falsely convicted and has to endure her sentence, perhaps is rescued and so forth. They then perhaps root out the cause of this or whatnot. My mind is a tad fuzzy at the moment.

Please read my Yes/No/Maybe so before we speak
. We need to have at least half, preferably three fourths in common, or it might make one of us unhappy at some point. However, if you have things I do not like but are willing to fore go them, and same in my case then we could still work things out. As it says, Never Hurts to Ask.

PMing me is best. You can leave a note in here if you wish, but if you want to talk about the idea please PM me instead. Hope this ad makes sense, if it doesn't please let me know and I will edit. Thank you.

Taken (Playing with GnothiSeauton) Minds of Master and Slave

Lets get straight to the point. I am looking for a real women, despite what the description says about it being a character, I think for this particular idea a real women will be best as it requires in depth exploration of what the female mind thinks in a terrible situation. I know many guys play females and can play them right but for now, I want to see how a real woman conveys the emotions across in her character. 

My idea requires someone who is willing to fully explore their character. how she thinks/behaves/reacts/speaks, etc, and who is a good writer and one who isn't afraid of a long story, if we can achieve it. Good writing is a must, as I am wishing for character exploration, this will just not work unless the person can use words and phrase things in a meaningful way. Noted in my Yes/No/Maybe so, I will not jump down your throat for grammatical mistakes, I make them often as well.

I am wanting to run an idea that is along the lines of;

-Light to Mod bondage (not true or hardcore BDSM mind you, I am not totally into it, but on occasion like aspects of it.)
-Fully submissive female, at the mercy of her master.
-And more as the plot requires and or one or both of us desire.
-Possible romance much later on, after the female has experienced much of her new life and knows much of her new master.

The Idea: The story with start just as she is brought out to be sold. My character, the male, buys your character, the woman, and uses her more or less as a toy. I am wanting to explore mainly how the woman feels at being debased in such a manner. Here are things to keep in mind, she will have been freshly captured and put up for sale, so she has no idea what slavery is like, only having heard rumors before hand. I am wanting her to be scared, terrified even, and cries a lot. As I noted above I am looking for self exploration, plenty of her thoughts laid bare for me to read, and more. She is in a new and terrifying situation, now at the mercy of a strange man who wishes only to use her for her body.

I will explore my characters thoughts as well, but my interest is more in your characters reactions to what is done to her. This will not be one sided though, do not worry, I will be putting effort into this. This idea, however, hinges around the woman and her experience (at least thats how I see it).

As I noted above, eventual romance is an option but it should happen, if we decide to go that angle, much later into the story.


Taken (Playing with thewhitedusk)
Nefarious Intent

-Rape of the Dragon Queen: I do not enjoy cum in any form, as its a huge turn off, so please ignore the cum part of this picture. Focus on the rape/positioning/and for any who know the actual WoW plot behind this pic, I am interesting in something similar to it.

For those of you who do not know the plot, the elf in the picture is actually the red dragon queen who was captured thanks to a powerful artifact and used to breed dragons for mounts to the Orcs who held her captive for a time, before she was rescued, released from the magics affect, and then slaughtered the orcs in her rage.

Mind Control or altering/manipulating would be nice in this plot, obvious rape, bondage, and other things are welcome as well.

This idea is not dependent on it staying as the Dragon Queen, though I admit it would be fun never the less. We could use essentially the same situation for some similar character or w/e.
Dragon Queen Rape


Taken (Playing with Bella)
The Demphyreal

-Demonic Power: This picture is not WoW influenced. As one will notice right away its a demon and a woman of some power. It could easily be more than the used and abused (yet still good though), idea of demon rapes or uses woman etc. This one probably could have a lot of plot.
Demonic Tutor

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Re: Xanatos and His Ideas (For now, looking for Female character)
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2009, 12:09:48 AM »
Found someone to RP the idea for now. If anything changes I will leave a notice here.

I will also be adding ideas as I come across them, and I will be sure to change the thread title accordingly as well.

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Re: Xanatos and His Ideas (For now, looking for Female character)
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2009, 02:38:50 AM »
I have updated this with ideas, welcome interested people who are willing to put effort and their writing skills into a good plot for the above ideas.

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I have updated, please look at the first post. Thanks.

Offline XanatosTopic starter

I updated with a new concept, Blood Is Power (not a vampire flick).