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Started by OperaGhost, September 28, 2009, 12:44:06 AM

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    Well, it seems that a couple roleplays fell through, so I thought I'd post up pair of ideas out of boredom. Heaven knows where these thoughts come from, but I need more than just one thing to do at a time. Again, male or female roleplayers can apply for either or. If you write well enough, there is no difference to me. This is writing. -Laughs- What difference should gender make?


In the Dark of Night....

    Chicago, 1902. There's two sides to the old city -- The Bachianno Family, who run every physical and sensible thing in the city; and the Brujah, the metaphysical society run by a very tight knit and domineering pack of werewolves. So what happens when the granddaughter of Don Bachianno has a chance encounter with the alphess who runs the Brujah?

    This has a variety of potential, but it would probably be best if there's some sort of situation that forces them to spend a lot of time together. Perhaps we can figure something creative out, but I would prefer that both characters stay female.


Somewhere Deep Inside of These Bones

    Sometimes the lines between life and death blur, making things very hard to tell what is and isn't always real. For one such young man, he's been spending a lot of time milling around between those lines, though very much dead. Stuck somewhere between life and decomposition, he spends much of his time milling around the Graveyard he was buried in.
    But 'unlife' changed one night, when a half out of it and rather drunken man stopped to talk to him. Unsure of what to make of it, he just kept talking to the fellow. Gone to the Otherworld by morning, the man wakes to wonder where his new friend has gone, and though his hangover continues to blur the face, the young man's voice has already left quite the impression on him.
    Back the next night, the two talk again, but with the man quite sober, the bashful youth sticks to the shadows to hide the truth. This continues for months, developing a deeper connection between the two of them. Now dead set on getting to fully see the face behind the voice he loves, he has set Halloween as the date that will finally end all the mystery. Which frightens the young undead boy to no end. What is he to do? Does he try to find a way to make himself more human or does he come clean with the older man he's fallen for?

    ....Yeah, it's kinda inspired off of Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas. But it was one I've had milling around in my head for a while. I'd prefer to play the dead one, and again, I would prefer to keep the characters both male. Would also prefer a dominant roleplayer who doesn't count a talking, moving, sentient corpse/being as necrophilia. Well, okay. Vampire would fit under that category. -Laughs-

    PMs preferred.




La Rue de Coeurs EffrayƩs

    Montmartre. November 9, 1942.

    The snow is lightly falling outside, but I'm far from easy here in the city. The Reich has invaded and taken over France, but it's not what unsettles me most. This is the fourth anniversary of Kristallnacht, and three years to the day that my father was beaten to death in the street. It had been only him and I since my other and three sister were taken to camps the year before. But they had left us because my father was a prominent doctor who served the military. But even that doesn't last long....

    I was barely able to escape by the skin of my teeth, finding refuge with my father's friend, a Major who was being sent to help take France. I miss him.... He was sent to Auschwitz just a few months ago, with his new French wife. I'd been played off as his dead wife's child from another marriage, but I wonder how long it will take for them to come find me. In the meantime, I've been speaking nothing but French and working for a watchmaker. I've even changed my name yet again and moved from Paris to this small village, in hopes to leave any trails behind there. Who knows how long it'll be before I have to move again.

    December 10,

    There's already been a soldier snooping around the shop. God knows what he wants or what he's up to, but I'm afraid moving again seems sooner than I thought. The sun's already halfway down and I must hurry home before Sabbath.... But if the soldier follows me, I'm as good as a nameless memory. What to do?

    This plotline and idea is, yes, politically debatable and probably not a topic subject most would touch. But I like to write and make people think. Plus, I love the new move, Inglorious Basterds, and all it's historically inaccurate Nazi-bashing.  >:) Looking for someone who's bold or brazen enough to play a domineering Nazi Solder. This story can go one of two ways. One is romance and the other is non-con/rape/gore/vore. But yes, sometimes romance can start with non-con. If this offends too many people, I'll take it down.