Student seducing his teacher (variation 2) [Van] seeking male

Started by JennC, September 26, 2009, 03:00:57 AM

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This is a variation of an previous post. For those that have already read the original post; I have added an interesting twist located at the end of the original posting. You know what to do if this captures your imagination.

Original post

I recently responded to someone wanted to role play a teacher/student fantasy in University. I committed to writing the back story.

By the time I finished the back story; I became very interested in what came after my ending; actually its an ending that most women like. If someone is into romance/sexual tension/ heightened awareness and inner dialogue; please contact me and let's write a sweet story.

So here is what I initially had in mind:

Christine Reid is a young recently graduated teacher. This is her first job so she about 23 years old teaching final year Art in high school.

Jonathan is an amazingly talented art student; shy, a bit of a loner as he was held back a year in school due to a childhood illness (he is 18+). Miss Reid has taken personal interest in his art talent. Around the end of the school year, he confides to her that he cannot attend University because of money.

Christine finds out about an art scholarship for four years to the winner. Each participant must submit three samples of his work; a landscape, an abstract piece and a nude. Christine knows this is a contest for post high school students but she really believes in Ted and wants him to attend college.

The nude is the only piece that Jonathan has major issues with. He has never seen any woman naked so he has no idea what to draw. She buys him a Playboy and he then he manages to create something. Christine knows this is the worst of the three but the other two are so good that they take a change and submit the project anyway.

The school year is now over and it is mid July. Christine bumps into Jonathan at the mall and they sit down and have a chat. She is no longer his student and they now banter like old friends. Finally, she mentions that she had to finish her shopping and he asks if he could come with her. She looks at his intently and finally saying okay. She takes him into Victoria Secret. (this will be a voyeur and fantasy exercise; no touching, overt flirting or sexual activity will happen this day.)

A few days later, Jonathan is notified that the board was extraordinarily impressed with two of his three pieces but encourages him to redo and re submit his nude piece within seven days. The board felt the painting lacked any emotion and passion. He tells this to Christine.

She decides to pose nude for him simply to make a difference in one young man's life. (Again no sex happens here; Lot's of sexual tension and perhaps she blindfolds him and only allows him to touch her body with his finger tips. His touch , her scent, her breathing are the inputs she allows him before he paints her.) He paints her, they very awkwardly say goodbye. He leaves for university later that Summer and they never see each other again.

It is five years later and she is now a professor at a university. One afternoon they meet by accident in a gallery in NYC.

Our story will have two distinct parts; the high school years and then university.

The high school years will be all about sexual tension and heightened awareness through the eyes of a young man; mostly through Ted eyes and all of his feeling and emotions divulged for the readers only. Christine's point of view will be also show her emotions and her read of the situation as she remains professional. Nothing inappropriate happens in high school; the entire first part occurs mostly in their heads (private thoughts) except for her posing nude for him. After they meet five years later; most of it will be from Christine's point of view.



In the 80's there was a television series called "21 Jump street" staring a very young Johnny Depp. He was undercover cop attending high school as a student.

In my story above; what if the student Jonathan was an undercover cop. He has lost his way as a cop and is now caught up in his own web of deceit and despair and on the edge of becoming a rogue cop. He is certainly experienced, and capable of seducing a young teacher and that is exactly what he sets out to do.

For the romantic writers; he does seduce her, get's her pregnant and then drops out of sight for five years. When they meet in NYC; he had found the right path in life again and maybe she has someone to introduce him to.

So this scenario is not about a young man discovering a woman for the first time but rather a cunning, manipulation character who will say and do anything to achieve a goal.



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