In the Mood for a Hero? [MUL, MxM]

Started by OperaGhost, September 25, 2009, 12:15:01 AM

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    I spotted a similar idea that someone had posted up, so I took inspiration from it and have found myself in a curious train of thought. So here is a game proposal I find myself strangely in the mood for.


Masked Intentions

    One might not expect too much in a world where there are a select few of gifted people who turn to either good or evil. In a world where comics are based off of the world of real live superheroes, there are quite the few villains around to balance the equation.

    But some of them do not get into the Super Schools, as they are so deemed, but on rare occasion fall or intentionally slip through the cracks. One such young man is a high school student, a senior whose powers arose far later after puberty than expected. Trying to still fit in, he does his best to hide it from the other students around him. But after class is out, he quickly ducks off, changes, and does his best to use new powers to fight crime and get his own comic book. Hey! Comics rule.

    A transfer student doesn't seem to be too odd of a thing, until hints of very strange behaviors arise and are noticed by the late-blooming hero. But what is even more suspicious than that is when he finds an item belonging to him at the scene of a new villain's master crime. What is a hero to do?


    I see this as having much potential for a multitude of things, both adult and non. Also it does have the potential for a difficult teen romance, for some unknown reason. But all the same, it seemed like a good idea to me.

    Personally, I would really love to play said villain. Looking for someone to play the other male; and I would also like to state that I'm really in an uke mood and looking to be submissive. Please PM me if intersted.