"Seducing a bachehlorette [Van] seeking [M/F]

Started by JennC, September 24, 2009, 02:04:47 PM

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A certain person I know is getting married soon (me).

I actually managed, all through my twenties, to resist the lure of the stereotypical bad boy. You know the type; intense, unpredictable, confidant, intriguing, wild etc. Which must mean I am one of those good girls who is sensible? Guess what my secret fantasy is; a fling with a bad boy!

So my bachelorette party is coming up soon in Vegas and my fling fantasy has been on my mind.

Anyone interested in role-playing a bad boy seducing a bride to be at her bachelorette party?

This being role playing, here are some ideas for story development;

One of the girls at the party is no longer a friend but rather a “Friendnemy.” She is the one who decides to orchestrate my downfall by finding a bad boy to compromise me.

Suspension of belief is important in role playing so this won't be an easy seduction as no sane bachelorette has a fling; here is my idea of a bad boy capable of corrupting a good girl; a smooth, good looking bartender wearing a cowboy hat, a deep voice and a knack for extracting secret desires out good girls. A suggestion out of left field; a woman seduces the bachelorette!

I am more interested in the seduction rather than “the act.” If someone shares this approach, send me a PM please.



Why do you always get to the good plots before me? lol
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