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Author Topic: DnD 4E Sandbox Solo - Looking for DM!  (Read 3218 times)

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Offline ObliviousTopic starter

DnD 4E Sandbox Solo - Looking for DM!
« on: September 24, 2009, 12:07:14 PM »

What are you looking for?
I’m looking for a DM for long-term solo sandbox campaigns in DnD4E.

Why solo?
Because it’s easier for both of us. It’s easier to get two people online. It’s easier to get two
like-minded people. And if we both have fun, then…It can’t get better, right?

Why 4E?
I CAN’T PLAY 3E/3.5E. I know it’s easy to make WTFPWNTARASQUE chars, but I’m not capable of doing it. I just don’t get it at all. I don’t like it. I suck at it. Call me idiot, retard, whatever. But no other DnD here. I just like 4E. Period.

What is your experience with Role-Playing?
I RPed (DnD/Warhammer/WoD <3/MMORPG’s) for a very long time. I started around age of twelve, so…It will be around seven-eight years now. I consider myself good player, that puts effort in characters. I stopped playing 4E around April. Getting all the books, Dragon Magazines and Character Builders that came up since, as I write this. I'm ofcourse, able to provide you with any PDF/Program needed! You should also know, that I haven’t played any official campaigns for 4E so far. Or no officials for previous DnD’s too, if you want to convert something. So, instead of wasting time to make dungeons, you can simply copy/paste and change NPC’s etc. to fit your idea. Yay!

How is your English?
My English is average, I believe. It’s my second language, yet I love improving it. I actually must say, that I like it much more than my primary language …Or any other language I know, when you come to think about it. Some like French, some like Spanish…I like English.

What is your knowledge of Forgotten Realms/Planescape/Eberron/Neverland?
Well…There is basically no knowledge. I like Planescape, but by any means I’m not an expert. I know nothing of Eberron. I play most my games in Forgotten Realms due to love for Drows (which you will learn a bit further into the post) but if you ask me who Drizzt is I will say “Erhm, it’s this guy with panther and two scimitars?” I would most likely play in FR/Your own world. Or maybe Eberron, if you will be able to sell it to me well. Which shouldn’t be hard.

What is your knowledge of mechanics?
Well, as I said, I haven’t played since April. I can be either casual player or munchkin. It all depends, on what kind of player you want me to be! Seriously. Yet, I must say that in my games I always preferred RP over Mechanics. Instant kills with Sneak-Attacks, Bluffs/Seductions where talking is more important than rolling dices or wall climbing without any check. After all, you are this great Rogue that sneaked through hell itself, and you can’t get over the fence... It’s silly for me. It doesn’t end there! I could even go for fights, where no single dice is rolled. My point is, that if you are DM that likes to roll – It’s okay. It’s DnD after all. No complains. But if you are DM that likes to RP 95% of things, avoids rolling when possible, and such…Then it’s even better.

How you want to play?
I would play over IM’s only if we -must-
I would much rather play over MapTool (or other similar program, if you prefer anything else)

What is your Time zone?
I’m from Europe. My time zone is GMT+01. I can play at evenings almost every day, and at weekends…Unless I’m doing something else. Then, you will be notified.

What is your Age/Job/Shoe size
I’m not hiding anything. Yet, I learned that there are Dark Nesters that want to know -nothing- about each other, aside of who they RP. If you want to know something from this section, PM me. I’m not hiding anything. I like to talk with people I RP with OOCly, over IM’s and such. But if you don’t want to – Not pushing you at all.

How important is Combat for you?
Well, there will be some. It can be 100% RPed or, using normal mechanic. I don’t care, both ways are great. But as I said earlier, the more RP - the better!

How important is ERP for you?
Getting into juicy questions, eh? ERP is important, and It will depend on character…Since I have few concepts in mind.

Few concepts?
I’m HUGE Drow fan. Tieflings comes second…So, it will most likely be Drows, if you have nothing against it. Concepts so far:
- Drow with Blood of a Dragon in her veins Barbarian/Warrior/Avenger/Something melee. Hermaphrodite. Capable of changing appearance. (Here I use Dragonborn race, so char gets ONLY benefits from Dragonborn, and no benefits from Drow. She also goes with paragon class for Dragonborns from PHB2. Basically - It's Dragonborn that looks like Drow/Half-Dragon for RP fluff and Kink Fluff)
- Drow with Blood of Succubus in her veins. Warlock/Wizard. Capable of changing appearance. (That would be to discuss)
- Drow Dhampyress. Rogue.
All the concepts fall into “kinks” category to be honest. And I don’t expect any “mechanical buff” from them. I want it only for kinks and RP wise. At the moment, I would most likely play the first option. Also note, that characters are MUCH more complicated. But, I don’t see reason to post long stories for each of them here…

Talking about it, what are your kinks?
My chars are always females with ability to change into futas (or vice versa)

My chars all prefer being dominant. Also note, that if you want to include in game something that is “No” for my RH, but makes sense due to RP…I might agree. Simply, try talking with me about it.

Anything else?
I would prefer to play “strong” character from the start. Therefore, I would like to start on Paragon Tier already…If it’s possible.

What you expect from me?
1. English around my level.
2. Going well with all of my “Favorite” and most of my “Yes” kinks.
3. Being honest. I take constructive criticism well, and I’m always trying to improve.
4. Being able of taking constructive criticism.

You are not the person I’m looking for then, sorry.

Pics of character I would like to play (new): (NSFW) (NSFW) (NFSW Futa)

Looking forward to PM's!

Ps. I currently got all the DnD4E books pdfs, except campaigns and such. No need to spoil that for myself, If I rarely DM (I suck at it) + this month char builder and Dragons. I ofcourse, provide any of them needed.

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Offline Decrepitdan

Re: DnD 4E Sandbox Solo - Looking for DM!
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2009, 01:53:26 PM »
     Go Drow! I'm not sure I can help at all with this, though I have Dungeon Mastered DnD 3.0,3.5, and 4.0. I'm not sure our times that we can be online fit together however. :(

Offline ObliviousTopic starter

Re: DnD 4E Sandbox Solo - Looking for DM!
« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2009, 03:20:34 PM »
I had RP partner that was from USA, and that was sort of reason, that we...Erhm..."Split"?
It's around five-six hour difference...So, unless you play around afternoon (Which would be my evening) I doubt that we will make something out of it. If you are capable playing at this hours on weekdays, PM me! Regardless, thanks for the bump!

Offline Cythieus

Re: DnD 4E Sandbox Solo - Looking for DM!
« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2009, 06:59:27 PM »
I wish this was a group game, I want to get into 4E and get a feel for it.

Offline ObliviousTopic starter

Re: DnD 4E Sandbox Solo - Looking for DM!
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2009, 07:02:30 AM »
I'm not too fond of group games currently, mainly due to lack of free time. Sorry. And, best of luck with getting into 4E!

Eh, bump. Due to lack of interest, im willing to make it 100% storytelling longterm rp, but still - I would love it to be DnD4E. But, if that's not your thing and you are willing to DM - Feel free to whisper.

Also, i'm really fond of playing oWoD. If you have any ideas of making Storyteller System game in fantasy DnDish setting (So it can provide Drows, Anthromorphic things, Elves etc. and follow requirements in first post) I would also be interested!

Also, I put my "ONs and OFFs" topic link in sig. Note that it will most likely be the same (few small changes might occur, nothing drastic) for my eventual character.

Bump: Added some pics of the character.