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Author Topic: TAKEN - Collaborator, Chronicler and Dreamer...please apply within – [MUL m/m] -  (Read 598 times)

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Title: Dreams in Dystopia

Background –
“He lifted his head and squinted into the smog ahead where grey shapes moved ahead of him in the gloom. His fingers felt the cracks in the concrete crumbling walls and came away coated with a film of dark soot. The air smelt of damp and decay, laced over with the odour of the vats of oil that were used in the block to cook the fetid meat and vegetables that paraded as food.

Slowly, one of the hazy shapes solidified in front of him and coalesced into the form of a squat unshaven man.

“You’re late,” he flatly said to the new arrival.

The man bowed an apology and handed over a heavy object wrapped in an oil cloth. The contents were examined closely and a glint of metal shone through as he re-wrapped it carefully and hid it under his cloak.

He noticed his messenger was still lurking next to him and fixed the smaller man with a piercing and threatening stare.

His companion shifted uncomfortably but did not move and then lifted his voice and spoke in tone that seemed to imply that he knew his companion better than the situation would imply.

“Kel, have you ever thought...I mean do you ever dream, what life could be outside of this pit?”

The taller man barked a spiteful laugh.  “Dream? Are you going soft?” He voice was sharp but quiet. “Dreaming is a luxurious commodity for those who can afford it. It has no place here and don’t you forget it.” "


In a parallel reality, major urban conurbations have grown unchecked and created vast urban jungles, where Citizens thrive in gleaming, tall skyscrapers and the dispossessed are left to fend for themselves as outlaws in the slum towns below.

Theirs is dark world where differences are not tolerated. The height of achievement equals a Citizen marrying another to produce a genetically perfect offspring, continuing the human race. If you cannot achieve what is requested, you are investigated and given opportunities to conform. Refusing is usually not an option as nonconformists are shunned and then banished from Society. Their lives are systematically destroyed and belongings confiscated for the "greater good”. Exiled in the shanty towns of slums and crumbling concrete towers they will usually die either through violence or disease with the detritus of society.

Kelvan is one of these. Born a citizen and raised into the captaincy of the elite city guard at the age of 27, he once had everything he could wish for...until three years ago, when he was caught with a colleague, a male colleague. His lover repented, but Kelvan did not. His badge of office, an elaborate bicep tattoo was surgically removed, replaced with a brand that showed his shameful crime and he was exiled.

Living off his wits and his training as a soldier, he has become a survivor, hiring himself out to the highest bidder amongst the criminal underclass in the slums, but he has also started to gain a reputation amongst the outcasts as a champion of their rights.

Gaelan, a spy for the government, has also been discovered to have deviant tendencies but is given one last chance to redeem himself. His task is to go to the slums, pose as an outlaw, befriend, find the ex-Captain and then kill him.

Possible Story progression:

Most importantly I’m looking for a “collaborator” to work with me on a detailed, well-plotted RP and to develop and play Gaelan (the name is flexible) and the world that they inhabit. Ideally the characters would ultimately fall in love and somehow fight against the authorities. However, happy things aside, the storyline has the potential to be quite dark, both in terms of atmosphere but also as Non-con, torture scenes etc etc as part of the plot. The degree of this can be discussed.

Please let me know if you’re interested either by replying to the thread or a PM.

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This is actually a very creative and intersting idea. I'd really like to see it go somewhere. If you are still looking for someone else, I would most certainly be interested.