Big Breast Fetish (Seduction)

Started by DreadD, September 21, 2009, 06:16:15 PM

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He was an adult, not long into his years, but of standing in the community, being of sound judgment and mind.  She was younger, her age starting to reach that of adult hood, but not yet there, though her body had sped on ahead, reaching maturation.  Her mind, too, had drifted ahead to adult things, hearing the talk of her classmates, their advice about 'fashion' and hearing their talk of sex and passion.  She had found a man she fancied, one who she found handsome and responsible.

She can, perhaps, be forgiven for her wanton desires, but for him the answer is obvious, the answer can only be "No" to her suit.  It should be that easy.  It was almost that easy, but around her he always had a problem maintaining eye contact with the young woman, she had such well formed breasts, they distracted him, they, he had to confess, excited him.  He had always been fond of the look of a woman with such a well formed chest, but she was the only one he had really met, really spent time around in person.

All she really understood was the lust in his eyes, were how his words and his body seemed to disagree, and she knew she could find a way to win over her man...

Now, this is the basic structure.  An 'adult' (Late-mid 20's I would think) in a position of responsibility, be it a teacher or a pastor or something similar, over a young woman (17ish, I would think) finds himself in the awkward position of not just finding her build quite attractive, but also having her in active pursuit of him.  Whether it will truly prove to be as innocuous as a simple girl's lust for a man she should not be able to have, or whether there is something more beneath it will, I think, be up to the whoever chooses to run this with me.

I do have a moderate-to-strong preference to play the young temptress though, rather than the seduced.