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Author Topic: A combatant, looking for a challange. (( The ARENA One ))  (Read 832 times)

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A combatant, looking for a challange. (( The ARENA One ))
« on: September 19, 2009, 07:52:19 AM »
(( OOC--

First off let me tell you my mind-set on a good fight RP. A good fight RP never uses an OC you have kept around 40 some odd months that has some 100+ years of back-story and progression. Why, because you are attached to the character and you want/need them to succeed or win. Next, in any good fight RP it is never about the killing blow, or the win. It is about making the fight a good read to any whom might stumble across it and take enough time to enjoy our writing.

Next off please BEFORE HAND! Make an OOC post, section of your post, or something that really describes your character, all powers, fighting styles, weaknesses, all that good jazz, provide an image if you can just because it is helpful.

Last, there is there "Tiers" as to which I rate characters, there is "Mundane" The normal human being, thing a UFC fighter or you and me. There is "Powered" Think ninjas with cunning wit and acrobatic skill, or a swordsmen with massive strength, Then there is "Epic" Think anything from Demons, to Goku on this one. Please class your character as thus as to avoid and very badly thought out match ups.

Multiple match-ups can go on here, but please on fight at a time people also only match up against someone with a character build that is the same tier. For example a Mecha Robot will not fight a Veteran UFC combatant...Just does not make sense people.

Other than that keep it clean, no low blows and above all have fun!


My character!

Tier: Mundane
Name: Leo Ivonav
Age: 24
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, short cut.
Nationality: German
Fighting Style: A mix of self taught and boxing.
Motto: Get hit, Hit harder.
When entering a fight Leo never wears shoes or shirt, only his signature blue jeans that hug tightly to his waist but hang loose over his legs to allow for maximum flexabilit, for jeans anyway. His body his thick for someone his size standing only about 5'8'' with a weight of around 189 lbs. The avrage fighter in an average league.

OOC - ))

Leo stepped into the cold cement room, the crowd humming over him as he looked about his surroundings. The arena was a sunk in concrete square hole with walls that spanned about 12' high, two doors on either side for combatants to enter and exit. The cement floor was riddle with stains from blood, sweat, spit, and sweat.

"What a shithole." Leo muttered to himself looking up to the know raging crowd. He went to speak again but the announcer cut him off with a loud hiss from the obviously old and improvised intercom, the announcer spoke.

"Now entering the hole! A rookie legend making a fast break into the Underground Leagues! Number 9 in line for the UFL Championship prize of 40 grand! The one! The only! LEO IVONAV!"

The crowed roared, which gave Leo a slight boost to his ego, his confidence. With one arm raised above his head he gave a determined nod. This was his night, do or die time for him!

He waited for his opponent to enter.