Two Hunters Collide MUL [M needed]

Started by Yemaya, September 16, 2009, 11:01:44 AM

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Two Hunters Collide
Seeking M
[MUL] solo
Setting: Fictitious island steeped in magic and mysticism

Character Intro: Tyleri had just passed her trials of adulthood and is proud of the inky lines freshly hammered on her tawny arms. She worships Mother Moon and wears jade beads in her wiry hair just like her mother and her mother’s mother. Her island of birth has been isolated from the rest of the world without outsider influence since creation. Here, all is ruled by ancient custom, superstition and clan politics. Tyleri’s clan is small and not as prominent as some of the wealthier families (when wealth is the amount of rice patty acreage and how clearly the priestess hears the voices of the Sky Gods). But she is bold and strong with smooth dark skin and long black hair that smells of palm oil and paraffin. Every night she follows the men, the other hunters, and the tip of her spear into the slick jungle, much to the disdain of their bravado.

Taken by the Enemy
Scenario 1: Tyleri breaks off from her hunting party and, unbeknownst to her, crosses into your character’s clan’s territory. He is a hunter and he is intrigued to find a female huntress all alone in the lands of his birth. They develop a relationship where he feels he has every right to take her as his own but has his reservations about damaging or breaking such a unique woman.

Aided by the Enemy
Scenario 2: Tyleri breaks off from her hunting party and finds your character a wounded mess deep in the jungle. He is a hunter from a rival clan, handsome and dark. Tyleri knows she cannot take him back to her own clan for succor but still chooses to aid him despite the fact that it will make her a traitor to her own clan. They develop a relationship and he, going against custom, takes her back to his clan…perhaps because she saved his life, but perhaps because of something else. 

[I’d like both scenarios to include some type of magic, maybe shapeshifting characters, and an overall ‘tribal’ feel. Please take a look at Mojo/Juju before PMing me. I demand a lot of plot development and long, detailed posts. I would like this to be a long term story with a relatively happy ending for both our characters.]


What an intriguing concept.  I love the feel of the setting: a primitive culture bound and gagged by the weight of a tradition that has never been challenged on account of an isolation similar to that of the aborigines of Australia.  Add in a dash of subtle magic and some shapeshifting, and it has the promises of an exotic and deeply symbolic story. 

To state the obvious in a more succinct manner, I'm very interested.
...Like a leaf on the wind.
Innocently it yields to the winds call.
The leaf and wind, then, soar together as one,
With no thought, as the journey is begun,
That when it lands the journey is done...

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