Incubus, Dreamscape, Egyptian Monsters +many more!!!!

Started by Zadaris, September 15, 2009, 02:41:44 PM

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Hey, I'm Zadaris. Like many people I enjoy various stories, sometimes I like something quick with just a shell of a story with the emphasis on the carnal, and other times I love incredibly detailed stories with a well thought out world and a myriad of characters.

I'm a very open person so I try not to limit any stories I do and will always be mindful of any ideas people bring to the table. If any of my ideas spark anything or you feel you have a story that I'd fancy playing with you please feel free to PM me. In any of my games the underlined characters will be the ones I want my partner to play.

*Any images herein are NSFW so excercise caution ^_~*

Morning After (Taken)

After a long year of hard work and endless studying Hanako Matsuri celebrates her graduation with a number of her friends, taking in a movie and having a nice meal followed up by a couple of drinks at a local club. She greatly enjoys her night.

The next morning she awakes to the distinct smell of crackling bacon, something that she shouldn't have as she lives alone. Taking a baseball bat she jumps out, ready to attack the person in her kitchen.

She is stopped by this person, a young man who bluntly reveals that he's an Incubus who tried to have relations with her in her drunken stupor. However the birthmark she possessess had kept him from touching her, burning and/or shocking him when he tried to.

Now the Incubus is integrated into her life as he tries to 'protect' her from various troubles, from random thugs and bullies to spirtual, mythical and demonic creatures from his plane who intend to use her increasing spiritual powers for their own uses.

Incubus / Hanako

Lucid Dreamer
[Light/Vanilla] [MxF]

Times were bad and after a number of harsh rejections Ryo Asakura finally lands himself a job with a prestigious company however he needs to attain his drivers license before he starts. In a turn of misfortune a car accident puts him in a comatose state.

Waking up on a strange plane he is confronted by a small figure, garbed in a nightgown and cap with a white kitsune mask covering her face. She tells Ryo that his mind has been shattered and if it is not repaired he will die.

Fearing he can't accomplish this task himself, a figure manifests beside him; his nextdoor neighbor, Akiko, a girl he has a fancy for, who helps him cross his Dreamscapes and fix his fragile mind, but forces are out to prevent this happening.

Ryo / Akiko

Millenium Syndicate
[NC-H] [MxF]

Due to unknown interference Duel Monsters worldwide began to manifest into reality, repeating the distant past. Yugi Moto is apparently dead, Seto Kaiba and his brother are nowhere to be found and the formers friends struggle to keep the monsters at bay.

All the while the vicious Bakura has succeeded in not only attaining a number of tame creatures, but has collected many of the Millenium Items, and used them to amass a number of followers. This group is dubbed the Millenium Syndicate.

Sending his followers to deal with Yugi's friends, Bakura seeks out Ishizu Ishtar, an item holder who has avoided him for so long due to its clairvoyent abilities. Unwilling to back down he trails her to a location that supresses millenium energy, knowing it will disrupt her ability of foresight and intent on taking her item... among other things.

Bakura / Ishizu

Changing Pace
[Light/Vanilla] [MxF]

Satoshi and Mayu have been going out for over a year, the two of them madly in love with one another. Satoshi loved her cute shy personality and was more than happy to take their relationship slow, as he thought she did too, however it has gotten to a point where he believes that the reason they haven't gotten a step further is because she is too shy too suggest it.

Now Satoshi takes a make or break play in their relationship; while out shopping on her birthday, Mayu spots a number of clothes she takes a liking too. Satoshi tells her to try them on. While she's in the changing room Satoshi sneaks in behind her, ready to give her the first gift of her special day.

Satoshi / Mayu

Futanari Island
NC-E [FxF]

Years upon years of study had finally paid off and Kira passed her exams with flying colors, and to celebrate her graduation she and a number of her friends travel to a holiday resort for a couple of weeks. The days quickly pass as they enjoy everything the resort has to offer. On the second to last day Kira is convinced after some time to try out jet skiing with her best friend.

She has great fun while doing so but sometime during the fun, she hits a stray rock in the water and loses control of the vehicle. Unable to stop the machine the tension gets to her and she faints, falling into the ocean.

She thinks she's a goner.

But the worst doesn't come to pass as she finds herself beached, but safe and sound. She wakes to the sound of a number of voices, not her friends but her saviors. She opens her eyes and is shocked by how these girls differ from herself.

Now Kira integrates into this hidden society, hoping that she can get back to her home but slowly grows to like the place. However some of the girls don't take to outsiders and the industrial ambitions of a large company threaten the islands peaceful existence.

Kira / Futas

My Favourite Teacher
BON - H [MxF]

Ever since he was young Hiro has admired Ms. Yuki, a teacher who works at the high school in his town, because she is his nextdoor neighbour and on occasion looked after him when his folks were away. She was always loving and kind and knew exactly what to say to him when he was upset.

She was perfect.

Now, aged seventeen, Hiro's admiration for her had turned to attraction as he found himself unable to take his eyes off her, especially now that she was his homeroom teacher to boot. But she hasn't been herself recently; she's not as energetic and talkative as she once was. This was because she was having trouble at home.

Night after night Hiro could hear her arguing with her husband, into the late hours right until he left for work.

Desperate to help her out Hiro sends a message to the staff room one day, saying that a student needs help and that they'd only talk to her about it on the roof. Yuki goes to the roof, surprised to meet Hiro of all people.

She asks what's wrong but before she gets and answer, he kisses her. She didn't want to give in but in her state she succumbs and has relations with him there and then. She regrets her descision afterwards but it soon becomes a recurrent thing, even going to Hiro's home to have him.

But after awhile, a mistake on Hiro's behalf threatens everything....

Hiro / Yuki
"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, into the impossible."



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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them, into the impossible."