More Comic Cravings (X-Men and Batman)

Started by FrankieDupraz, September 15, 2009, 12:28:17 PM

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Current Cravings
(My role in bold)

Wolverine x Rogue
"What if the X-Men didn't find Wolverine and Rogue?"
The story leads on from a scene from the beginning of the original movie.  Rogue has run away to Canada, and during her travels, has accompanied Wolverine on a short drive.  When Sabretooth attacks the vehicle, it is up to Wolverine and Rogue to fight him.  We begin with Rogue and Wolverine walking through the thick Canadian winter, finding a cabin to live in.  Rogue is taken under Wolverine's wing, and soon, feelings begin to emerge.

Wolverine x Jean Grey/Emma Frost
"What if Emma Frost remained a villain?" or
"What if Jean Grey was booted from the X-Men?"
The Canadian Government send an urgent request to the X-Men, asking them to find an AWOL mutant from their black ops team by the name of Wolverine.  For years, he has been searching for answers to his mysterious past, and hearing of a telepath who has been living in exile for a number of years (under the radar of Professor Charles Xavier), turns up at her apartment in the middle of the night.  He pleads with her to help find his memories, to which she eventually agrees.  They begin to have regular telepathic sessions, which start to turn in to a romantic experience for them both (they play out their fantasies in Logan's head).  Soon, they become lovers - just as the X-Men turn up to grab Logan and Emma/Jean.  This becomes a full out war as they try to evade the X-Men, who are always closing in.

Batman x Catwoman
"What if Batman was a villain, and had never met Catwoman?"
Who ever is interested in this, the Catwoman can be an OC rather than the canon Selina Kyle.  Can also be Batgirl or any other criminal instead.  So, I'm not talking about a Batman who holds Gotham to ransom and threatens to blow it up, or kill every single citizen.  But instead of going out of his way to save people, he stalks the night, terrorising everyone and not caring who he hurts - whether it be innocent civilians or dangerous criminals.  During a routine burglary in a museum (one of his enjoyments is stealing art), he comes across Catwoman.  The pair fight, but he gains the upper hand.  She is taken back to his cave and remains a prisoner of his - a little cat which he likes to keep "for himself" to return to.  This could go anywhere, from light bondage scenes to more.  However, she soon begins to adapt to her new life and enjoys it, leading to the pair working as a team... as his loyal sidekick.  Or is she?

I can also roleplay as:
Colossus (X-Men)
Cyclops (X-Men)
Gambit (X-Men)
Harvey Dent (Batman)
Original x Original