Energy drain [BON-E]

Started by Liam, September 13, 2009, 11:13:10 PM

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Rhyams, a wise wizard from the elven kingdom, receives a letter from the queen, asking for his services at the palace. Once the elf arrives, he gazes in shock at his queen, who has become ill because of a curse and is now fighting for her life. She seems to have lost almost every little bit of energy and nothing seems to help to heal her back to her former state.

Being the most powerful wizard of the kingdom, Rhyams comes up with a solution... In order to restore the queen's energies and heal her completely, he needs to capture a young woman of different race, and drain every single bit of energy from her, to then transfer it to the queens body.

The idea seems very simple, but it is not as it sounds, because the only energy strong enough to be transferred on a spell like that is the sexual energy. So, what Rhyams has to do is to find a young woman and make her his sexual slave, abusing her in every possible way to make sure she would release the sexual energies needed for the queen.

With that in mind, Ryahms sets off on a journey to the kingdom of the [Race of your character here] (can be human, dark elf, orc, etc..), in search of a young woman who would be good enough to become his queen's source of energy, and his sexual slave.

This will be my character:

He is very polite and kind, but when needed he can be very aggresive and determined. He would do anything for his queen, and if he has to abuse, rape, torture, or kill for her, he would it.

I'd like it if the woman would actually enjoy becoming his slave, so this will be consensual sex, even though my character will dominate the other almost completely.

If someone feels interested, please think about what kind of character you would be doing and let me know. It has to be a young woman, and it can be pretty much of any race except elven. And... a hot picture definitely will help. I want her to be beautiful and sexy.

That's all, if there is any female interested, please reply to this post.

Thank you very much for reading.


Hello.  Love your idea and if your still looking I had an idea.  Heres the girl, I was hoping to play.

She is a young, still somewhat naive Shapeshifter.  Naive but managed to obtain a form of shifting that almost none of her kind could hold.  Unique in the way he might consider her over other shifters because she seems to have more energy than the others of her species. Her form of shifting is so rare, something so few were able to master that she is currently the only one able to.  Her shifting involves, nagas (half human/half snake), small dragons, pegasus and sabertooths.  One of the few who has the ability to shift into creatures not so common like cats, wolves, and snakes.  What do you think?  We can change her species if we need to.  I might have gotten overly creative.


First of all, I want to thank you, Fireeyes, for your interest and your time.

Second, I won't be taking anymore requests for this roleplay idea, since I already have two and I'm actually considering making two different versions of this roleplay idea, one with each partner.

Now, Fireeyes... I find you idea of a Shapeshifter to be very interesting, and would be more than willing to give it a try. The only thing I would like to ask as a condition is that in the parts of sex during the roleplay, your character keeps a feminine body shape. I don't like animal sex, but would be okay if it was a furry or something similar.

What do you think ?.


During sex it would strictly be her human form unless otherwise suggested.  I don't have any problemes with that what so ever. 

I really like this idea and think it could be a great storyline.  I would have to thank you for putting your time into coming up with this great idea.


Great, then I think we are both satisfied with the idea and characters for this roleplay. I'll close this topic and we'll continue talking via PM.

Once again, thank you very much for you words, time, and kindness.