Some Roleplay Ideas.

Started by Samantha, September 13, 2009, 08:12:13 PM

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I am in a VERY romantic mood for the time being, so if you have any ideas, I am willing to hear them out... just let me know about it.

So, I normally don't care on the rules of whom I'm roleplaying with. But I got away from the kiddie sites to have longer posts on possible sexual content. So here's what I propose... I would like someone who will write in paragraphs... at least 3 of them, and with 5-8 sentences each. I understand it doesn't happen all the time, so eventually the posts can shorten some, but I'm seriously getting people who aren't writing any paragraphs at all. Also, please don't play my characters for me, I'm able to... (laughs) I just think it's funny. But, okay I'll post my ideas again, and please tell me which ones you like (or copy them) and post them in a private message to me!

I will be playing the female lead in all of these scenarios, just so everyone is clear on this.

Here's a bunch of my ideas.
- Past, A newcomer comes into town (Imagine an old western ordeal), and he causes some trouble in the bar, where many women work as prostitutes, some willingly, some not. But everyone knows this, they don't know where the owner finds these women, but are glad to use them for their pleasure. I will play as a few different girls, the person who plays the male lead (possibly could be female), could play more than one character also... I'm looking for more of a romantic roleplay here.

- Present day, a workaholic woman lands a job in a new city, new state, or new country even. Her boss wants her, but she has a husband, or boyfriend/ fiance, whatever. And this boss will do anything to have her, for whatever reason. I'm thinking of a mob type ordeal.... This doesn't necessarily have to be romantic... it can become non con depending on where it goes...

-Based back around the 1800's. A woman is running away from someone, and she basically goes under an assumed name, and lifestyle, to hide as a white slave. Well, somehow, she meets a guy, and he is looking for a wife... for some reason, because he's being forced, or if you have any ideas why, we could use that too. Well, he meets her and the story continues...

- Maybe based in the early 1900's. A woman has to find her father. She is from maybe england, and highly educated. So when she meets this rancher, he doesn't like her because she's too strong willed, and too educated. Well, her father went missing after visiting his friend (they guy's father), or maybe a stranger's, house who ownes a ranch, big piece of property. Both her and her father are cave explorers, and that's why her father visited said person in the first place... And basically her father doesn't come back (she had to wait at the house for him) so her and this rancher have to go search... of course they'll have issues with this.

- Maybe it could start out with some sort of bad situation... then my character (female) finally escapes whatever the situation and moves somewhere far away. While there, she'll meet someone and they try the relationship, (not without some trials for them both) but she has some problems because of what happened to her. Then, maybe the bad situation comes back to haunt her... literally, or the person, after making her fall in love with them to the point that she won't leave, isn't the person they appear to be?

- My character, has just graduated from high school, she has been dating the same guy since she started 9th grade and they decide to take their relationship to the next level by moving in with each other. She moves in with him, and is still a virgin, he gets frustrated with her and starts abusing her  mentally and physically. Throughly convinced no one will ever love her, she gives in to him and finally has sex with him after a fight, and he hurts her. She won't leave him, but she meets someone after some time who cares about her and doesn't want to hurt her (or maybe he does and she doesn't know it) but eventually she ends up with the other guy. (I need either two other people or one person to play both people...)

- I really would like to do a Vampire (twilight) roleplay. I'd play Bella... I'd need my Edward... Sorry it's just one of my downfalls...
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 Here is the link to my O/O thread please take a look if you're interested in writing with me. I will say that long-lasting role plays are my favorite, and romances.

If you are interested in roleplaying, please send me a private message so we can chat more!

I look forward to hearing from you!



I like the high school one and maybe one similar to twighlight but not quite it.

My posts are never paragraphs long but if I can play off your post well enough I write as much as I possibly can. You can check out some of my posts if you would like. I'm not the best poster in the world but if I get into a story, there's no telling how much I will write.
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I'm glad to see you back again. Do you want to resume that western idea?


The western sounds intriguing.  I can probably only post weekly.  Would that be alright?