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Author Topic: Heavenly Sword RP - M or F wanted [UN/MUL]  (Read 544 times)

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Heavenly Sword RP - M or F wanted [UN/MUL]
« on: September 06, 2009, 09:25:43 PM »

Hi everyone, thanks for clicking this link. I have been toying with the idea for a little while of playing out an RP based on this fantastic PS3 game. If you have played it it would be better but if you haven't the plot is quite simple and you can get most of the information about it here Wikipedia: Heavenly Sword but I will give a brief overwiew as well. The setting is a made up world based loosely on feudal china.

Nariko is from a tribe of warrior's, they tasked themselves with guarding the Heavenly Sword, a powerful artifact and weapon that is said to have been wielded by a warrior sent from the heavens to repel a great evil.

The tribe had a prophecy that an heir would be born to take up the sword one day and use it to repel a new evil in their current times. The prophecy was put under doubt though when Nariko was born, a female. According to the prophecy she was the one to later take up the Heavenly Sword but they had always assumed it would be a male and have all but given up on the prediction. Her father, Shen, the leader of the tribe thought at first to murder her but he couldn't bring himself to do it and so he trained her up as he would have done to any son.

Fast forward some years and Nariko is of age and a fearsome warrior in her own right. She has had to grow up and assert her place in the male dominated tribe and has also suffered from the misgivings of her father. There is a new evil upon the land, Lord Bohan has been marching his armies across the country in an attempt to gain control of the regions under the guise of restoring order. He is in fact an evil dictator, power hungry and single minded. He has known about the Heavenly Sword and wants to capture it for himself.

I would have this RP take place during the course of the flow of the game, at any point really before the end. As it flows it would be possible to branch off at a few points for a great deal of time to create our own chapters.

I would play as Nariko (or perhaps if a female wanted to do this with me and play as her I could relinquish the role and play the second person, but only if they know the character well), you would play as an accomplice, preferably a male but I would consider a second female as well (male or female partner playing a male or female character, any combination is fine). Someone from outside of her tribe that she comes across on her quest to rescue her father perhaps; a prisoner in Bohans palace perhaps that she rescues along with her father. Perhaps your tribe is in possession of a mystical weapon too since Bohan likes to collect these various artifacts from across the land. I immediately thought of a bow that shoots magnificently, or a battle axe if you are inclined to play a larger, hulking warrior type.

They would be partners, equals and the story would follow their adventures and encounters whilst running from Bohan and then eventually to the point where they face him together. There is space for a bit of a power struggle perhaps as they both assert themselves but she is not to be dominated.

It is possible to play as a more fantastical character, non human in some aspects, perhaps with some animal traits, melded with another creature or enhanced in some way with magic.

I suppose what I am looking for is someone to join in with me as I let loose my imagination and lengthen the disappointingly short storyline which the game offered, inserting elements of heroic fantasy (which I am a huge fan of) and anything that you care to bring as well.

This world is larger than life and full of detail, I would like to play out the RP in the same way. Longer posts, not always but mostly, if you like heroic fantasy and like to write with detail then even if you don't know the story we could no doubt get on.

I hope my description is good enough and I hope it appeals to someone. Please PM me if you are interested or if you have any other ideas or questions about the story/characters or the erotic content/limitations!

Here is some of my other RP's in case you want to get an idea of my style.

The Hungry Dead


Thanks for reading  ;D