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Author Topic: [MUL] Ideas brought to you by Vicarious  (Read 1271 times)

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[MUL] Ideas brought to you by Vicarious
« on: September 04, 2009, 01:56:30 pm »
Orgasmic Ideas by Me

Last Update: April 10, 2010

Back in action and needing to do a total revamp.

First off, I am available to do roleplay's on the forum, through email, over IM, in the chat, pretty much anywhere you can get ahold of me. The only thing is that I work a lot and don't have too much time to get on for the IM or Chat.

What I consider a MUST when roleplaying:
Detail, Literacy, and enjoyment.

Color, Acronym, and Symbol Guide

Important or should be taken note of
Sub Topics
Role Title
Current Cravings
More Interest
Getting burnt out
Taken or completely burnt out

AC = Any Character
ACOC = Any character including original character
OC = Original character


Male X Female
Female X Female Still rather new to this.
Sorry, guys, I'm not into Male X Male.

General Roles

These roles are just quick ideas that can be expanded into nearly limitless possibilities of plots. Assorted alphabetically.

Cheating - Husband/Mistress, Wife/Suitor, Wife/Mistress Refer to Female X Female pairings above.
Domestic - Husband/Wife, Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Friends.
Dominance - I'll be Dominate or Submissive. Bondage, worship, control, all sorts. As long as it doesn't get to gore, vore, or bodily functions... I'm good.
Education - Teacher/Student, Teacher/Teacher, Principal/Teacher, Principal/Student, Coach/Student, Student/Student, etc. Can be Highschool or college setting, I don't mind playing any role here.
Incest - Any family pairing. Ageplay is also a factor that can be thrown in. No characters represented as under 18 please.
Insane Asylum - Patient/Doctor, Patient/Patient
Medical - Doctor/Nurse, Doctor/Patient, Nurse/Patient, Nurse/Nurse, Doctor/Doctor.
Military - Any branch, any rank.
Neighbors - Just moved in, first apartment, or just strengthining the neighborly bonds.
Para-incest - Step-family.
Work - Boss/Employee, Employee/Employee, Employee/Customer. Any work setting can be applied.

This list will grow, maybe become less generalized. If you see something that isn't on this, just ask. I'll probably be more than willing to go for it.

Roles Based in Media and Fiction

Books, Television, Movies, and even Bands.


Watchmen - Rorschach/Silk Specter, Rorschach/Original Character, OC/OC

The Stand - ACOC/ACOC


CSI: Crime - Grissom/OC, Stokes/OC, OC/Willows, OC/Webster, Grissom/Willows, Stokes/Webster, Grissom/Lady Heather, OC/Lady Heather



James Bond - Bond/Any Character including OC, Alec Trevilyan/ACOC.

Star Wars - ACOC/ACOC

Wanted - Fox/ACOC, ACOC/ACOC


Just a list of people from bands that I would love to either play or have played, never required, just a little kink of mine.

Halestorm - Lzzy Hale

Ke$ha - Yeah... she's trashy in a sophisticated sort of way...

Video Games

Alright, here's where the nerd in me comes out....

Legend of Zelda - Link/Zelda, Link/Midna, Link/OC, OC/Zelda, OC/Midna, OC/OC

Silent Hill - ACOC/ACOC Wanting to kinda keep the feel of the SH series, like finding some comfort in hell.

Halo - Spartan/Spartan - This would be interesting to explore, if you don't know the whole idea behind the Spartan II program from the Halo universe, just ask, I'll try to keep the synopsis brief.

StarCraft - ACOC/Sarah Kerrigan, possible Exotic would be Protoss/Human, Protoss/Protoss

Much will be added to this.

Detailed Roles

Silent Memories
Character: Joseph Bishop
Universe: Silent Hill
Type: [Mul] including [NC], [Van], [Bon] or [NA].

Joseph remembers moving to Silent Hill when he was an early teen, his dad had gotten a job with Toluca Lake Marine Patrol. Lately, though, things have been going awkward in the quaint resort town. After the Gillespie house burned down a few months back, it seemed that nearly every day since it had gotten gloomier and foggier. Joseph couldn't remember the time he could see the sun. To add to the gloom, people had starting going mad around Silent Hill, claiming they saw perverse monsters and horrific alter realities. Even as the encroaching darkness seems to be taking over the small town, Joseph refused to let his sanity go. Making a safe house out of his childhood home, Joseph strives to protect those still left with even the slightest shed of sanity from those who have lost it... And some of those monsters he swears he's been seeing in the distance through the fog.

Again, this is more of a psychological horror survival storyline I would like to explore. The adult portion of this can take a back burner.

Paradise Point
Character: Danny
Universe: Realistic, Current Time
Type: Any

Paradise Point, a small island tucked back in a rarely visited corner of the lake just outside of town, has always been a place where Danny could unwind. Trees and jagged cliffs shielded the hidden alcove that carved out the center, which gave way to a completely clear beach. Although it wasn't sandy, it did provide a perfect place for Danny to tie his boat off, set up a small camp, and rough it for a weekend. He always enjoyed the place, his own secret sanctuary. However it had been quite a while since his last escape, and with summer drawing to a close, Danny had to get in at least one good trip before it got too cold. Once he gets there, he finds that Andrea, a former classmate who graduated with Danny and whom he'd had a crush on since freshman year, had stumbled across the hidden gem.

Names are completely negotiable in this one.

Yes, Mistress
Character: Alex
Universe: Realistic, Current Time
Type: Dominance, worship, bondage, etc.

Alex rushes around the house, making sure they everything is in its place, perfectly clean, and nothing out of order. His Mistress would be home soon, and he wanted everything completely perfect for her. Slightly because he didn't want to be punished with her completely looking past him, ignoring him, but mostly because he loved pleasing her, fulfilling her every whim, and all around being her pet. With dinner finishing, Alex quickly set the table, lit some candles, and rinsed off the dishes. One last look at the clock, he pulled out her chair and waited the last few seconds for her to walk through the door. Like clockwork, he could hear the slow clicking of her heels, apprehension filled him as he hoped that everything was perfect.

I REALLY would love to do this one, many of the things are negotiable as I have never done something this in depth with this type of role (never could find anyone willing :( ).

A Change of Heart
Character: Kristen
Universe: Realistic, Current time
Type: Any

Kristen is fed up with men, having just gotten out of a nasty relationship with her boyfriend. The couple of weeks that followed was invigorating. She made the scene at the night clubs, just enjoying herself, not really there for any reason but to have fun, including a little experimenting.

Something simple to experiment with playing a female character if anyone is interested.

An offer
Character: Chris
Universe: Realistic, Current time
Type: Any

Chris's life has been all but interesting, wake up, go to work, come home, go to sleep. Day in, day out. He usually spent his weekends trying to catch up on a little bit of nothing. He always thought his neighbor was very attractive, but never got the courage to say hello, partly because he thought his life was pretty lame, partly because of her abusive boyfriend. One night, he gets a soft knock on his door. She's come by and needs a place to stay for the night because her boyfriend got too drunk and she was afraid. Kind of apprehensive of the situation, he lets her in. For letting her stay, she offers a means of appreciation.
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Re: [MUL] Ideas brought to you by Vicarious
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2009, 05:42:15 pm »
Interested in "Yes, Mistress" If it's still open. Pm me? ;]

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Re: [MUL] Ideas brought to you by Vicarious
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2009, 11:48:41 pm »
Updated, and another side note, if it's not crossed out, it's available.

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Re: [MUL] Ideas brought to you by Vicarious
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2010, 12:13:07 pm »
Updated and some things added!