Endale High, aka "Last Chance Academy"

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All over the world, young men and women find themselves in possession of natural gifts, setting them apart from their class mates, dubbing them "Chimera's" and making them the target of brutal 'initiations' by their peers. Those that lay down and take it often grow to hide and suppress their powers, while the ones that defend themselves become a greater target.

Endale High is a secluded educational institute, funded entirely by its founder, a man who has faced the worst that a Chimera can, and overcame it all, amassing a great fortune and using it to run this most eccentric facility. It see's more damages then a small country in an average school year, yet maintains excellent living conditions, almost constantly being rebuilt due to the nature of the students.

The Headmaster pulls these unfortunate kids from all places, including Juvinile Hall, Special Schools and Rehabilitation centers, and making sure to shut down the inhumane centers for Chimera's and educate the populace at large.

They are all given a choice. Take their 'Last Chance' at an education, their tuition completely payed for, fines and crimes wiped, and a learning environment like no other... or they may simply leave.

All students are encouraged to explore and express their abilities at their leasure. Fights and fueds are tolerated to a point. But the Headmaster and his hand picked staff remain ever watchful, tolerating the natural pecking order and violence and intervening, supporting and helping these troubled teens, while providing the same education the 'normies' do.

So yes... its X-Men in a Japanese style boarding school :P I just wanna play the staff and such... good game to oversee as multiple characters ^___^

Heavily inspired by Volcano High.


I wouldn't mind taking part in this. I already sent you my character sheet for this :) It's a male! xD
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I know nothing about Volcano High but this sounds interesting...


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I am also unfamiliar with Volcano High, but I definitely recognize X-Men, and would love to participate. I'll just need some time to create a character sheet and then I'll send it on to you!
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Volcano High was a japanese movie about super powered teens in a boarding school. Lots of rediculous figh scenes and power struggles. One scene in particular showed the main character being expelled from his school, when the teacher threw chalk at him for not paying attention, and the chalk hovered mid air, gathered energy, and as sent back, blowing most of the class room to pieces.

His next school, a dozen or so students chased him around a corner, and then were promtly sent tumbling in all directions by an energy blast.

So he now gets sent to a school where EVERYONE has these powers, and he is by no means special anymore.

Everyone whos expressed interest, please PM AND post your character sheets :)


I'd be interested.

Are all players students, out of curiosity? I'm more interested in playing a student, but I'm wondering whether you'll be recruiting players for teachers, as well.


Quote from: Glabrezubane on September 04, 2009, 11:41:41 PM
I'd be interested.

Are all players students, out of curiosity? I'm more interested in playing a student, but I'm wondering whether you'll be recruiting players for teachers, as well.

I play the school in general, so all teachers and rooms and events and such.


Character sheet PMed and posted, Van reporting in!

Name:  Van (no last name on record)
Age: Approximately 16~18
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Basic appearance and information: Small and sprightly for his age, a thin frame hides surprising strength, both physically and emotionally. Not so much mentally, as he lacks any formal education whatsoever, but he is fairly well-spoken. Prefers dark, basic-colored clothes and cargo pants.
Special ability: “Projection Combat” Van has the ability to fight a distant opponent by punching/kicking/etc in their direction and projecting the force to where they stand. This is not to be confused with ki or other basic energy attacks, as this force appears instantly at its target, instead of actually traveling the distance. While its strength is enhanced, it can still be blocked or dodged by one who can recognize it coming. However, he is not much of a fighter, and this skill will require much training before it becomes useful.
Biography: Van was picked up off the streets, where he had lived in squalor for untold years. However, it seemed to have little impact on his upbeat and optimistic personality. Combined with his ability, he appears meant for a supporting role in combat, and with this in mind, he makes friends quickly. He is sometimes troubled by his lack of a known past, but firmly believes that the future defines one, not the past.

Character O/O, see signature.
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Name: Saya "Saa-chan" Nishibayashi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair: Black (long, down to her mid-back)
Eyes: Dark blue
Basic appearance and information: She is very petite, with small B breasts and slightly curvy but mostly stick-thin frame. Her hair hangs in her face a lot of the time and she is rather unremarkable in appearance. She becomes quite noticeable when she is angry, which happens rarely but in frightening outbursts.
Special ability: Invisibility. She can fade in and out of visibility at will.
Biography: Saya grew up in a normal school, and the only remarkable thing about her was that teachers had marked her absent on a regular basis while she was sitting right there. Eventually she just started skipping class anyway and began to develop an "attitude problem". After a long stint of unexplained absences and quarrels with teachers she ended up in a brand new and very special school.
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Name: Jeffery Ochi
Age: 17
Gender: male
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Basic Appearance and information: 5"9, athletic build. Soft spoken a gentle, keeps to himself except for a few witty wise cracks every now and then, had the opportunity for education but was kicked out several times. Dresses in jeans and tee shirts with steel toed boots.

Special ability: Animality, the ability to morph into animals. also he has the power of persuasion, he usually uses it for fun, but can do things as terrible has cause some to harm themself.

Biography: Jeffery was found in downtown lock up, he ran away from home a year earlier. Jeffery had a rough childhood, his mother passed away when he was very young and his father never got over it, he became very abusive toward Jeffery. Jeffery went through 4 high schools in one year. He always had a knack for getting into trouble. Jeffery's abilities are under developed from lack of use and its hard form him to maintain an animal shape for extended periods of time.
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Name: Trafalgar "Traf" Law a.k.a. the Surgeon of Death or the Dark Doctor (By the media).
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'

Traf is slim and wears a black-sleeved yellow shirt with an adjustable hood at the back. He has many tribal-style tattoos on his arms (which are revealed due to the sleeves of his shirt rolled up to his elbows), as well as a pair of small earrings on both ears. Traf also wears a pair of jeans with odd markings on both the knee and ankle areas. On his left hand in particular are the letters D, E, A, T, and H tattooed each on the back four of his fingers including his thumb. As for his facial features, he has faint shadows right under both eyes and his mouth is constantly seen in a smile. He has dark brown hair which tends to be covered up most of the time by the northern-style hat that he is accustomed to wearing.

Up until he gained his abilities that made up the majority of his appearance but once he'd become what people started calling a Chimera, he took to getting a weapon to protect himself. For people threw insults at him along with other things and some even tried to be violent with him and a few even attempted to kill him. Now he carries a Japanese nodachi sword with him for he prefers to be extremely different if people are going to say he is different. Traf has a pride complex in that particular department, why be slightly different if people are going to treat you the same as those that are really different? Best go all out! It is a large sword with a scabbard decorated with crosses from the opening to the bottom and equipped with an oblong-shaped hand-guard coated with short white fur and a small piece of red rope tied at the base of its hilt. Due to its size, Traf usually carries this sword over his shoulder so that he can easily take it out and use it in a fight if he needs to, sometimes he even just uses it to deflect attacks coming in his direction.

He is an extremely laid-back character, who is nearly always seen smiling but probably never means it. Traf also has a more reckless attitude when faced against other Chimeras that have been known to be more dangerous and sought after than him. Traf hates being ordered around and when someone does try doing so he shows his competitive side and frowns, telling whoever it is in question not to give him orders and that he can do whatever it is they are talking about himself and doesn't need any help at all. He is also unfailingly polite, usually referring to others as "Mr", and is honorable enough to refuse taking credit that is due to others.

Traf has come to be known as the "Surgeon of Death" or the "Dark Doctor" which is both pleasing and also disappointing for he wants to become a doctor but his abilities keep getting in the way. No one wants to be around him when they know he is a Chimera and so far no medical school will take him without a high school education and he needs to graduate from medical school in order to become a true doctor. He has heard about Endale High, a school for Chimeras and is intrigued, perhaps they can help him gain a degree in the field he desires to have and so he has decided to pay them a visit and to seek out this great learning environment that they advertise. While he is there he can help look after the security of the school perhaps.

His choice of weapon is a very large version of the typical Japanese sword known as the nodachi. Traf appears to be quite skilled with it, being able to slice up targets from a distance. He also seems to be adept at knowing an opponent's weakspot such as spotting someone who is worn-out versus someone who is fresh. Other than swordsmanship, Trafalgar also seems to be quite agile. He has been seen to evade a bullet that a gang member fired at him when he was rescuing someone they were trying to kill.

Traf can create a spherical territory that he calls 'Room'. In this territory, he is capable of separating and spatially displacing anything and everything inside. He needs to stay focused while using Room and can still be attacked while using it. With his abilities, he is capable of making it seem like he can swiftly slice people up into pieces from a distance with his sword. People separated by this ability he calls 'Shambles' aren't killed. They can even feel through the separated pieces, regardless of the distance they were separated from each other. Traf can use Shambles to jumble up their pieces with anything else inside his territory. Examples include switching one object with another and levitating them. This switching of body parts can cause confusion amongst Traf's victims. Shambles also seems to require him to gesture with his hands to centralize the effects upon its victims. He also seems to be able to make a smaller area, circling just below his hand (possibly with the intention of lobbing it to a target, where it would then expand).

Traf can also use his abilities to re-direct incoming projectiles by decapitating someone's head and exchanging that person's head for the bullet. In addition, within the space created from Room, Traf can also change the places of anyone in it. If you are able to avoid his Room though he will only be able to attack you with his sword and if you keep him busy he might not be able to use Room at all.

((Already PMed to Sabby and he approved it :p))
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Name: Treena
Age: 16
Gender: female
Hair: blue
Eyes: purple

Special ability: she can manipulate water, read minds, and fly
Biography: Treena kept to herself in school so as not to draw attention to herself. That all ended when she accidently read a classmates mind about want to kill themselves and she stopped it. When her parents found out about her powers they thought it was better to enroll her into the school to work on her control better. Her water powers are tied to her emotions and with her finally blossoming into a woman her powers have been harder to manipulate and keep under control.

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My character sheet, PM'd to Sabby too:

Name: Calli (surname unknown)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Ice blue

Appearance: 5"7, pale skin, slim but slightly wasted due to her years as a runaway she could do with putting on a little weight to fill out her natural curves. Her white hair is roughly cut short, which she did herself to remove the hair dye that still lingered in her rapidly growing locks. She favours wearing loose white peasant style tops over blue denim jeans and comfy pumps.

Special Ability: Calli is a conduit for energy, her body naturally draws in large amounts of energy from the atmosphere and searches for a way to project it and make use of it. She is highly empathic so in the past the energy has seized on this and magnified the ability allowing her to read and influence emotional responses at will, exciting or calming an atmosphere. Over the years she has found she can manipulate the energy she draws in and project it in other ways to create defensive forcefields, healing energy and to interfere with electrical equipment, but doing so requires her to channel certain emotions into her intent therefore can be unstable and unpredictable. She has also found she can send the energy to others who are in close proximity or in physical contact with her to greatly amplify their abilities, this takes no emotional input from her but involves her letting go of her control so the energy can flow through unhindered.

Biography: From a young age Calli was able to read the emotional responses of those around her though as she grew older (and her body was able to draw in more and more energy at once) the skill became a curse. Unable to cope with the constant bombardment of emotion from those around her and wary by the gradual turning of her brown hair to white, she ran away from home. Over the years she discovered she could channel energy into a shield to protect her mind from her 'gift' though whenever she became emotional things around her would start to go wrong as she lost control. To attempt to hide her identity as a Chimera she began dying her hair and tried to keep away from others who would effect her emotionally, until a stranger found her and passed her the details of Endale High, urging her to enrole and telling her not to hide her gifts anymore.


*yawns, knuckling his eye, ears lopsided* mewww... why can't my actually good ideas get this much attention? *grins*


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*yawns, knuckling his eye, ears lopsided* mewww... why can't my actually good ideas get this much attention? *grins*

It's a conspiracy.



(Yes, I used a marvel comics character as the person he is a clone of but it shouldn't matter since The Black Queen never needs to appear) 

Name:  Marcosias Leseen
Alias: Black Pawn, Black Tyrant
Age: Unknown: <30 (appears 17)
Height: 6'
Gender: Male

Special Ability: (Abilities in blue are ones he has not manifested but is assumed to have in some form because they are possessed by the Black Queen)

Energy Vampirism: Marcosias can absorb an others life energy with a touch, leaving nothing but dust of what was once a person. It is through this ability that he can reserve the supernatural aging that occurs when he expends to much of his own power. He can freely touch others without using this power but has yet to use it without killing the target and is therefor reluctant to use any of his powers.  Using this power never ages him. Powers marked with an * age him the quickest. Psychic control over anyone who survives the touch. Immunity to the life draining powers of others.

Immortality: Resistant to injury. Enhanced Stamina and Strength. Marcosias has already survived destruction on a molecular level. The only thing he can die from is old age, something he can reverse with his energy draining power.

Matter Control: Similar to telekinesis Marcosias can animate and control inanimate material. The control can be as precise as covering something in a thin layer of stone or as general as uprooting trees. He can also cause objects to disintegrate. This control extends to robots but not organic creatures like humans and most living things.

Cryokenisis:  Not a power on it's own but a subset of his matter manipulation. He can slow down particles granting him control over ice and cold. Resistance to heat and cold

Enhanced Speed:* For short periods of time can speed himself up to an astonishing degree.

His telepathic power is minor and not even fully manifested. So far he has shown only the ability to communicate with others. Subconsciously he guards his mind against other telepaths making his mind difficult to read or control. Mental Domination. Possession. Clairivoiance . Mind Reading

Dark Energy Control:* He has not shown any potential to use dark energy.

Magic:* Cannot use magic and as it is not an inborn ability is unlikely to ever be able to.



Biography: The recent outbreak of numerous young people manifesting superhuman powers is astonishing but the Chimera are not the first to ever experience it. There have been very rare humans born with supernatural powers for thousands of years, a few of these relics still walk the earth. Marcosias is a reverse gender clone of one of them that currently uses the alias Black Queen. He knows few details though.

Indeed his memory had been altered and for many years he lived in Japan believing himself to be the child his foster parents. Plagued by nightmares he didn't fit in well with his peers. As time passed the suppressed memories began to come back to him and his latent powers awakened.

He spoke to his "parents" about the things he was remembering, his mother tried to calm him while his father slipped away to call a number that said that was supposed to wipe his memories again should they resurface. When the strange looking professionals arrived Marcosias was frightened and fought them. Two of the 4 people that arrived to take him were killed, one crushed to death when Marcosias collapsed the car she was in to a size of a shoe box, while another man was frozen solid. The two others were wounded, battered by flying objects and strangled with their own clothing. Confused and shocked at what he had done he ran for what seemed only a few moments but when he stoped he was in another city totally exhausted.

More of the agents went to seek him out, this time to end his life rather then just erase his memories. None would find him though as they made one mistake; they were looking for a young man. Using his powers aged him greatly and he really didn't know why. He was eventually found by the woman who had helped him get out of the laboratory he was held captive in. She told him that she could get him into the Last Chance Academy and he accepted.

She provided some of the staff at the Academy with information about his background, much of it not even known to him. He known he was a genetic experiment but not that he was a clone and has no knowledge about The Black Queen or who it was that made him. The higher ranked staff at the academy know to keep a close eye on Marcosias (or Marc for short) for every time he ages and becomes young again, someone else has died.

PS: Don't worry about me trying to kill players with my life drain, I know that is no fun.

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Okay, THANK YOU everyone for expressing interest. I had no idea it would inflate this quick. Now, what I need to do is ask you all to take a good look at your characters, and try to balance them. Some are way overpowered, and need to be level with the rest.

If your not comfortable with axing your characters strength, it may be a good idea to drop out. I really do not want to remove anyone, but the list of characters is getting too big.