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Author Topic: Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F) [CLOSED]  (Read 861 times)

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Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F) [CLOSED]
« on: August 31, 2009, 05:24:32 am »
These are just a few ideas for potential roleplays that I hope to maybe explore further.  I apologize in advance if things are described too sketchily or too rigidly; trying to find a good balance between breaking things down and leaving plenty of room for things to be hammered out with potential writing partners is something I haven't had a lot of practice in, yet.

As a note, while I do tend to lean towards playing female roles, I'm not at all averse to male ones, and similarly I am not in the slightest worried about matching the gender of a player to the gender of their character, so long as the roleplay itself is enjoyable.

Tap Out(F/F, NC-H) - In a little known arena at the end of labyrinthian alleyways and countless doorways, in a ring encaged by steel, two women meet to test their skills in unarmed martial arts before a small but ever passionate crowd.  There are no belts for the winners, and the monetary compensation is nearer to 'adequate' than 'exorbitant'.  Why, then does the Labrys League see the spirited competitions that it does, week in and week out?

Because the combatants involved are battling not just for pride, not just for the thrill of competition, but because in the LL, the winner of a match earns the right to have her way with the loser before the eyes of the audience.  Small though it may be, the arena is well-equipped to allow the victors of its matches plenty of variety in exercising this right, though of course, there are rules in place against excessive injury, the exchange of certain fluids, and the like, for the sake of all involved.

I figure that this is a concept that can be done multiple times in multiple ways, given its nature; I am also plenty open to determining ahead of time whether to just pick a winner and a loser at the outset, or letting RP determine it, as well as to picking things up after the bout's conclusion, if that is so desired.  I've a few character ideas in mind to fit, but again, given the nature of the idea, that's a pretty malleable thing.

Painted Love(M/F, UN) - While it's not a particularly original concept(even here), I'm really interested in creating a story around the Joker as depicted in The Dark Knight and Dr. Harleen Quinzel, AKA Harley Quinn.  I would imagine - though I am very much open to other options - that it could easily begin in the same way as in other canons, with Dr. Quinzel assigned the Joker's case in Arkham Asylum, giving to infatuation and fascination and assisting him in getting free of the institution so that the two can embark on a spree of crime and mad passion.

Where precisely it might go is difficult to say, given the personalities involved, but exploring the underpinnings of the incredibly volatile relationship between a mad anarchist and his increasingly mad accomplice/fling no doubt carries the potential for plenty of interesting play.  I also lean strongly towards playing the Joker, with this particular plot,.

Red Light Tutoring(F/F, NC-H) - An accidental meeting between two students of a prestigious boarding school - one in her eleventh year and naive to the ways of the world, the other in her twelfth and significantly more experienced - leads to amicable talk of classes, fellow students, home... and, in the case of the eleventh year student, the crush that awaits her there and her uncertainty in drawing and holding his attention. 

Offers made by the older student to provide guidance in such matters would, however, carry rather a sizable catch in the form of her using her 'lessons in love' as a way to gradually mold the younger into a willing, subserviant slave to see to her chores, her homework, and of course her more carnal needs to better wile away the final year of her high school career.

I rather lean towards the submissive role in this case, but I am ultimately flexible.

Holy Orders(M/F or F/F, UN-Exotic) - There's a lot of nebulousness here, I guess because it's an idea with a number of different permutations: a nun, or a monk, or a priest belonging to a secretive, little known intra-Vatican organization dedicated to hunting and tracking oddities to the four corners of an Earth rich with barely concealed magics and magical entities is enticed by his or her prey. 

Seductive, charming, and perhaps not immediately prone to murdering humans, this creature, be it a vampire, or a fae thing of some variety, or something else entirely would first convince its pursuer to spare its life, and then over the course of the time that follows, seek some way around the hunter's vows of eternal chastity. 

Aside from the very obvious internal conflict presented by this scenario, the trouble of what exactly might happen thanks to the creature being spared(does the clergyperson hide his/her new 'friend' at his/her own home?  Do they somehow fake its demise), not to mention the possibility of the supernatural creature's reconciling its trying to deal amicably with someone who represents unconditional hatred of non-humans.  I don't have a strong preference one way or the other regarding a character in this case; determining via discussion who might play which role, the specifics of them, et cetera, would be rather necessary, of course.

Spandex Taboo(M/F or F/F, Light-H) - A well-respected superhero(ine) and his/her trusty sidekick are engaged in one of the profession's most frowned upon activities: an affair, hidden from the eyes of their peers and the world and in breach of what's believed by many to be an indelible mentor/student bond.

How long can such a thing remain hidden in a world of broadly reaching human, psychic, and miscellaneous senses... not to mention a media that adores scandal among the ranks of known public figures?  How deeply do those feelings go?  What might their opponents, to say nothing of their [/]peers[/i] do were they to find out?

I'm open to canonical or non-canon settings(and characters) here, and some chatting will probably be necessary to figure out such specifics.

Home Room Is Where the Heart Is(F/F, Light-H) - I am engaged in something along these lines already, but to be perfectly honest, it's a concept I find so interesting that I really can't help but want to try it from other angles: two students in a high school somewhere in the country meet, they become acquainted, and soon they find themselves having to deal with awkward, budding and wholly unexpected feelings.

The only difficulty, of course, is that they are both girls.

Playing with the uncertainty of approaching and dealing such feelings, and furthermore what might happen if they are accepted is the draw, of course; something overall romantic, though that definitely doesn't preclude turmoil and conflict and the like.

Bad Mojo(M/F or F/F, UN-Exotic) - Set pretty solidly in the World of Warcraft universe, this would roughly take place not so long after the mass campaign to Northrend. 

Just before the relations destroying battle in Undercity that fully reignites the hostilities between the Alliance and the Horde, a diplomat is sent from the Darkspear Tribe in the hopes of brokering a deal with each of the Alliance's heads of state in turn, seeking to lend the Trolls' expertise in dealing with dark, magical energies in the hopes of easing the other side's way in fighting off their common foe.

Unfortunately for her, just as she arrives at her first destination, that very battle does occur; she, of course, is unawares of the sudden, total reinstatement of Alliance-Horde hostilities, and so when she's immediately taken prisoner, she's surprised, to say the least.

Her only saving grace comes in the form of her imprisoners deciding to let her go, given the unusual circumstances... but only in the company of one of their own, to see to it that she be escorted safely to the Northrend front to perhaps be exchanged for prisoners from the Alliance if there are indeed any to be had by then.

The race, gender, et cetera of the escort are all up in the air, but I can definitively say that it's the role of the troll that I most prefer.  Aside from like, maiming or killing, the escort would of course have leave to do as they please with their charge; what exactly might come of this arrangement - whether it comes down to the escort simply taking advantage, or slowly finding common ground and perhaps even respect or more, or some combination of the above, or something else entirely - is difficult to say.  There are quite a number of variables involved in such a thing, I imagine.

I'm also open to doing canon-type things... though I will confess that the those I am far and away best versed(and most interested) in are Marvel and DC Comics'.  I don't /really/ have any specific thoughts on this, but I'm always open to PMs and such regarding it.

If there's anything here that looks interesting, or even if there's something that /isn't/ here that you might be interested in, please feel free to reply or PM so that we can, perhaps, get something together.

Reasonably decent grammar/spelling, more than just a single line or two of text per post, and the courtesy of giving me a heads up if things aren't working so that a solution can be found or the game can be brought to a stop are all that I really, absolutely require of a writing partner.  Being able to discuss the story and where it might go or what themes and content it might entail at the outset and in the midst of a thread is also a big plus.

Currently, I am full enough on threads that I can't really take anymore.

Also, like, most of them are struck through so there's that.
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Offline Olivia NopeTopic starter

Re: Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2009, 12:35:49 am »
Modified to add Bad Mojo.

Offline sinera

Re: Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2009, 09:43:15 am »
I adore Harley Quinnell - Would be interesting in playing out the Joker/Harley story if you're still wanting to...

Offline Olivia NopeTopic starter

Re: Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F) [CLOSED]
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2009, 03:48:46 am »
Updated a little bit.

Offline blondie1

Re: Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2009, 03:32:46 pm »
Ooh, I like both the idea of Home Room Is Where the Heart Is and Red Light Tutoring. Although in the latter, I too lean towards the submissive role.
PM me if you'd like to discuss further!

Offline Le Immortelle

Re: Syrorder's RP Repository (M/F, F/F)
« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2009, 04:30:59 pm »
I love the Red Light Tutoring or Home Room roleplays as well. Assuming either of them is still free since person above me expressed an interest in them.