[van] male needed for mistressxservant plot!

Started by yume, August 30, 2009, 01:01:57 AM

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I've just finished reading a really cute manga after a long day at work. ^_^

The girl is from a rich family that loses its fortune somehow. Her servant/guard/bff while growing up is given a retirement fund and has to find another job. But before he leaves the young girl, he promises to find her and be reunited once again.
Years pass and the girl has grown and has finally landed a job in a prestigious company as a secretary. She then finds out her boss is her former servant, who had used the retirement fund to start up his own company. They rekindle their former relationship, him wanting to please her once they are out of the workplace. But in the workplace, he doesn't hesitate to be dominant over her, making sure she knows who's boss.

Basically, the roles change depending on where they are (home and work).

And that's it! ^_^
If you're looking for more plots, there's more on my other thread linked in my siggy!
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Interesting power exchange... have you found anyone for this?
If you're looking for my O's no need. I don't have any Offs persay.  That allows lots and lots of maneuver room.


I love the idea. Very unique spin on that kind of plot. I might be interested in this.
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