C.D. scratches

Started by Inkidu, August 21, 2009, 02:58:03 PM

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Does anyone know of a way to buff out a scratched up C.D.?
Preferably a cheap way...

If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it; there was never anything there in the first place.


I've always used car wax.  It doesn't buff them out, it fills the scratches and smooths it so that it will play without skipping.  If you try this just remember to use a soft cloth and work from the inside out on the CD buffing just like you do a car.


I use one of those circular CD cleaners, and they work pretty well for very small scratches and imperfections. If it's a bad case of scratching, some music stores have a machine that lifts off the bottom-most layer of the CD and polishes it... that sometimes helps, I'm told, though I've never tried it.


Note that scratches on the bottom can be fixed... scratches on the top, notsomuch.


I've heard positive things regarding both toothpaste and Turtle Wax.  I've also been tempted to get one of those scratch-repair pens that Billy Mays used to sell and try that out on something not overly critical.
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you guys are going to think that I'm crazy but it has worked several times for me.

1. The oil from the skin on top of your nose. Use your index finger to rub some off and then onto the CD and then rub the stuff in up and down motions, NOT CIRCULAR. It's imperitive that you never clean a CD in a circular motion.

2. Or the same thing but with Mayo