Searching for male RPer [Werewolf x Human idea]

Started by Covert Revulsion, August 16, 2009, 12:11:18 AM

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Covert Revulsion

*Don't bother messaging me if you won't continue the RP after a few days, or if you aren't interested! Plain and simple. I'm tired of people showing interest, starting the RP and rping for a bit, only for them to never respond anymore.*

[derived this idea, from the novel The Dark One by Rhonda Thompson]

Setting: London 1821

He was known as the cursed one, believed to hold such insanity that none approached him, despite how handsome and alluring he was to women. Though they feared him, shunned him and whispered rumors about him, for they feared curse that afflicted his family for many generations. He didn't know what broke the spell, though since love was what had bestowed his family with this curse that forced him to live alone on his manor, safe for his butler and stable hand. He feels the primal beast in here, how it stirs in certain situations, he fears one day he will lose control, which is why he has stealed his heart from anyone, refusing to allow his emotions to make him falter and possibly kill. What's worse is that he accused of murdering the young woman found in his barn, on found on other occasions with the body of dead women around as well...

She lives with her step-brother, who is bent on making her life hellish for her. He is cruel and abusive towards his sister, who could do nothing but accept his mistreatment, and hope he would stop if she complied with what he wanted. She was set to marry the lord she loathed and didn't look forward to being his wife at all, but she had no say in it. Her life seemed hopeless and set forever to be locked away in misery, that was until she met the man that was her neighbor, the cursed one that most certainly could ruin her image and give her the chance of losing the dreaded lord she was to be matched with by her step brother.

They meet, and their physical attraction matches with the love and want that they share for each other. He wants to protect her from her malicious brother, and she wants him to free her from such bond, to love her as she finds herself feeling... Their attractions collide. Will be be willing to take such a step?

Looking for someone to take the role of the werewolf!

Covert Revulsion

Covert Revulsion

Covert Revulsion