Another one-on-one..but a big one this time. ( Erotic wrestling? Nyehe. )

Started by Mia Saisyu, March 21, 2006, 05:45:16 PM

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Mia Saisyu

The concept goes like this - girl is kidnapped from her daily activities and thrown into an interstellar pornographic competition against other females - kind of like the video game "Rumble Roses" of sorts..but with a twist added - climaxing can also mean a loss in the match..And wrestlers are encouraged to do such naughty things - and may even get more points on it - giving them better living conditions, access to special priveleges, masseuses...etc.

And losing..? You could end up tossed out of the ring as tentacle monster bait..or someone's slave for a few days..or worse.

Wrestlers can either explore the island normally - or enjoy living quarters..provided they win enough to keep things going..or they might end up on the streets..

which at nights, aren't friendly..

The system is here.. :
And good links for ideas, characters, etc are here..


Mia Saisyu

Umm..i'm no minako-chan..really. o.o;

..But does that mean you want to run the game? c.c;


Me?  *innocent look*  Not me.   I'm just here for Minako.   :)

Mia Saisyu


I like the sound of this. I'd be interested in it if you want to contact me.