[Femme Fatale Story][Need Female]

Started by Stan', August 11, 2009, 07:47:42 AM

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Need a femme fatale.  She's an expert in seduction, her good looks are a hypnotic spell that gets her everything she wants, and men just seem to fall at her high-heeled feet.  But who is she?  She's a cop, as corrupt as they come in the city.  Her methods differ from most, she uses her body to get evidence and information.  She's more than willing to end up in bed to get what she needs.

Her partner, although not exactly a good cop either, has begin to catch on to what she's doing.  He confronts her, demanding she stops.  The pair have a long history together, so can he bring himself to report her?

He worries that one day, she'll step on the wrong person's toes, and get herself caught up in a lot of trouble.  That day comes, when one night she goes missing.  She's nowhere to be seen.  It turns out, she's been followed for a while, by a man who disagrees with what she does as well.  For the next year, she is kept locked up, kept as his prisoner.  He promises that he'll change her, make her "good" again.  This can happen in a range of ways, depending on who wants to do this.  Can be rape, slavery, forcing her to be his servant, educating her, things like that.

A year later, she is back on the street, looking completely different, and now doing jobs for him.  She plants evidence and frames the bad guys for him, or if needed, kills them or brings them back to his to "question".  Her old partner is now on the trail of a mysterious woman, and he doesn't realise just who it is.


its good to see you back on. I like this idea, i like it a lot. If its available, i would love to play it out.