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Started by Arlyn, August 07, 2009, 10:40:42 PM

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Setting: Modern or Modern-Fantasy (would prefer the latter).  Full worldly details to be determined in PMs.

Wanted: I'd like to RP with someone who is willing to try a full-out RP.  I'm talking multiple paragraphs per post, though not necessarily something to be posted every day (every other day would be great, and every day would be awesome).  I have a particular character in mind for this RP (and he is an original character, not someone from some anime, movie, book, or what-have-you.  He's a character I've been using for years and have used once in a while in RPs here, though those versions are off-shoots rather than the 'real' deal), so I'm hoping that if you have a character you like and get into easily, perhaps we can work something out.  It'd be nice if your character isn't human, or at least isn't completely human (up to you, of course).

Basics: I want something that can take time.  I want to be able to detail in my posts, which means that you'll need to be able to come up with details in your posts as well.  I'll be posting my reactions, and actions, in response to your character's actions and reactions.  If you want to display your character's thoughts, then do so.  I don't mind, and I like doing that as well sometimes.  This would likely be Light or NC (I would go with NC, just to be safe).  Sexual is fine, and if so, female only, of course (please be sure to check my Ons and Offs for a more accurate list).

Not Wanted: No lycans, no vamps, and no full-power deities.  Demi-gods, angels, minor deities (sidhe/kami, etc), lesser demons/daemons are fine, but I don't want powers that can break the world, so to speak.  Nothing extreme, so no bathroom stuff, age-play, or anything that you may otherwise ascribe to 'extreme' categories.  Again, check my Ons and Offs to see what I'm really wanting to avoid.

Please PM me if you find yourself interested in this at all and are willing to work on setting something up.  I'd love to involve races from games in a more modern/realistic type of setting (for example, the Wing-clan or Woren from Breath of Fire, or Twi'leks from Star Wars, etc).  If you're going to go with obscure races, be ready to fill me in on them a bit.