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Author Topic: Dragon Age: War: The Second Blight (everything except EX and NC)  (Read 626 times)

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Offline ShakhmatyTopic starter

This is a roleplay adventure based on the upcoming BioWare title Dragon Age: Origins. It takes place approximately two months after the end of the game, after the Grey Wardens have defeated the Blight (a.k.a. the Darkspawn). Seeing that their Human overlords have been drastically weakened by their long siege against the Blight, the Elves decide to seize an opportunity to overthrow them. In Ferelden, Elves have always been treated as second-class citizens or worse. Now is the time, they believe, to revolt and take back what's rightfully theirs.
They have taken one certain Grey Warden prisoner, leader of the great siege...

For more information about Dragon Age: Origins, visit this site:

Here are the basic choices you can make for a true-to-canon character:

RACES: Dwarf, Elf, Human
CLASSES: Warrior, Rogue, Mage
ORIGINS: Human Noble, City Elf, Dalish Elf, Dwarf Noble, Dwarf Commoner, Mage
WARRIOR SPECIALIZATIONS: Templar (kills mages), Berserker (berserker), Champion (no info on this as of yet on Dragon Age: Origins Wiki)
ROGUE SPECIALIZATIONS: Bard (more like a spy than a minstrel)
MAGE SPECIALIZATIONS: Blood Mage (fuels magic power with his or her own blood, controls others' minds), Shapeshifter (changes form), Spirit Healer (summons protective spirits from the Fade to heal people)
FACTIONS: Humans and Elves. The Dwarves don't have to pick sides, although they can. That's because the main beef is between slaves and masters.

Enjoy! :) Here's my character sheet:

NAME: Shakhmaty Cousland
RACE: Human
ORIGIN: Human Noble, as in the original game
CLASS: Warrior, Grey Warden of the original game, now a prisoner of war
FACTION: Human. She is allied with King Cailan Theirin.
BIO: Shakhmaty cannot believe that the Elves, who were allied with the Humans and Dwarves against the Blight, have now used this opportunity to turn against the members of her own race. True, she understands their motive, but she does not understand why more war would end the Elves' oppression. The leader of the Elven faction has taken her prisoner, and her life is in his hands...

Offline Kate

Re: Dragon Age: War: The Second Blight (everything except EX and NC)
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im interested shakhmaty can you make a o and o signature link please
(helps ensure all are interested in the same thing)