Male demon needed

Started by TamaRose, August 02, 2009, 11:55:30 PM

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I am looking for a male player who would be willing to play a demon who is one that likes the ladies really well.He is mysterious and likes to "lure" his women in.The storyline is pretty much undecided at the moment but it will involve rape,abuse,sex,and alot of drama.My character will be a human female.He will try and lure her in like he does all of the others but she is a real spit fire and is different compared to the other women he has had.As time goes on he will fall in love with her but by then it maybe to late because he has treated her so bad that she will not trust him or want anything to do with him.Anyone that accepts I am willing to your veiw on the subject and if you would like to add anything else or change anything I am all ears and willing to listen.Thank you!