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Author Topic: The Villain's Dasterdly Plots [My Idea's Thread]  (Read 1359 times)

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The Villain's Dasterdly Plots [My Idea's Thread]
« on: July 30, 2009, 03:56:55 PM »
I thought that instead of posting new threads every time I get an idea I'd just make one thread. More efficient, no?

The Mystery of Mr. Klimax [MUL, Seeking mostly F]

You never did figure out where he came from, and as far as you can tell it's like he didn't exist not even 2 years ago.

All you know for sure, all anyone knows for sure, is that the Christmas before last he just walked in through the front door of the building you worked in. He had no memory of anything beyond just before entering the door, not even remembering the shower he'd obviously just taken. He was wearing only a plastic poncho and some sandals made from old tire treads and some rope. He spoke mostly Dutch with some broken English. Finally, his only possession seemed to be a small duffel bag- inside which were a bunch of adult movies made by the porn studio on the 4th floor of the building and about $12,000 dollars in seemingly random bills. He didn't know his past, his name, his age, the only thing he knew for sure is that he wanted a job making porn movies- he didn't even know why.

Since then the mystery hasn't gotten any easier. Somehow getting the job he wanted, his health screens always have shown strange enzymes in his blood and semen but otherwise he seems to be in perfect health. He's not the handsomest actor in the studio, but he does seem to have this strange animal magnetism as many will attest too and his endurance blows the other actors out of the water. Most dramatic of all, and what quickly became his niche in the porn world, his semen isn't off-white like normal but instead a bizarre jet black.

Taking his porn stage name of Tommy Klimax as his legal name, it's been almost two years since his appearance and lately he's beginning to act even stranger- his libido is quickly reaching inhuman levels, along with the sex drives of some of the women around him. He wakes up in strange places with no memory of what happened the night before, and his closest friends know that he's having bizarre nightmares.

What is going on?

Basic premise is the mystery of an amnesiac male porn star who may not be entirely human is coming to light in the lives of the people around him. Seeking mostly females, and your character doesn't have to be a porn star- just has either work in the same building as the porn studio or live in the same apartment building of Mr. Klimax.

Spirit of the Aztec [MUL, EX, UN]

The story centers around a mystical artifact discovered in recently unearthed Aztec ruins. Apparently belonging a small cult, the temple seems to be dedicated to the idea that there were other ways to appease the gods besides painfully cutting out the hearts of their worshipers. Essentially a cult of Aztec pacifists, at least in comparison to other Aztecs.

Among the items discovered in the temple was a tablet describing a special ceremony women could do to help appease the gods. The exact translation is difficult, but it seems the ceremony was something along the lines of the woman in question touching the tablet or being close by when another woman touched the tablet, saying something, voluntarily sequestering themselves in a nearby hut made for just that purpose, then a few days later they would be visited be a "messenger of the gods" who would have his way with the female supplicant.

Of course, being modern times "a few days" is enough time for the archeology expedition to get back to the states. . .

I put this in group because while it can be one-on-one with just the archeologist and an Aztec sex demon it can be a lot more. The archeologist, her grad students, the stewardess on the plane who happened to be nearby when they were taking another look at the tablet, a grad student's roommate, etc. There's a lot of ways to take it as well, ranging from the spirit using divine appeal to get the women to true horror movie style where the demon cuts out the hearts of all the men and women it deems ugly that happened to be too close to the tablet at the wrong time and brutally rapes the women who meet it's standards.

The Breeder [NC, Impreg, Seeking F]

Your home town is normally a quiet place where nothing happens, but the discovery of the bodies had suddenly ripped it into national attention. The bodies of two women were found in the dumpster behind the local motel- one white woman and one hispanic woman, both in their mid to late 30's, both pretty, and both nude.

It was the coroner report that really set the news media on fire when it was revealed that both women had died in childbirth. And before anyone had time to react, the coroner further released that there were signs that the women had been held underground somewhere, had been raped and tortured almost constantly for years, and had given birth to at least a dozen children each over the course of their lives. The final straw came when the women were finally identified. Almost 20 years ago the valedictorian and the saludictorian of the local high school had disappeared about a week before graduation, people had assumed they had run away but apparently not.

That was when the FBI came in, and your home town discovered about a maniac called The Breeder. According to the FBI he is a serial killer who starting about 25 years ago began kidnapping young women who were pretty and talented in some way, taking them to some underground location, and raping them repeatedly- trying his best to keep them constantly pregnant for as long as he holds them. The only way to leave is to die in childbirth, in which case he unceremoniously dumps them somewhere near where he kidnapped them originally. So far they know for a fact there's been 6 other bodies found in dumpsters across 3 states that they are sure were Breeder's, and about a dozen more possible candidates as well. If they are, then that means the "Breeder" is a serial killer with a "home range" at least 7 states- a lot of ground to cover to find this maniac.

And then you notice the van fallowing you. . .

The idea is that the players have fallen into the clutches of a serial killer who murders his victims by breeding them until their bodies give out. Fairly long term obviously, and is probably best with 1 female but can be more.

General Breeding Privileges License [MUL, Seeking Multiple F]

A soccer mom in Utah whose bone density is high enough that her bones are at least twice as hard to break then a normal person. A teenager in Florida whose brain uses a slightly different set of proteins, guaranteeing that her IQ and the IQ of any offspring will be at least 160. A singer in New York whose vocal cords can produce sound loud enough to be heard in a crowded concert hall without a microphone. A young man in Kansas City whose immune system is so strong that if he ever contracted HIV his system would be clear of the infection in maybe a week.

It seems like a joke, but the comic book mutants are real- even if the "powers" are subtle and weak in comparison. In what is considered a highly controversial move, many governments world wide have decided to embrace this fact and take steps to encourage the "mutants" in passing on their special traits. As such, the General Breeding Privileges License was born. The idea is that if a "mutant" trait is confirmed and considered beneficial, they receive such a license. If the license is then presented to a breedable partner the partner is required by law to either present a solid medical reason why mating shouldn't happen or immediately mate with the license bearer at the soonest available convenience. Opinions on the license vary wildly, some see it as humanity's best option for advancement and adaptation in a changing world. Others see it as nothing more then legalized rape dictated by a bunch of old perverts.

When Alicia invited you to lunch, you knew something was up. Your best friends since the two of you were little kids- you thought it was something to do with her marriage, she did recently tell both you and her husband that her doctor has confirmed she is pregnant. What you didn't expect was the bombshell she dropped, the father isn't her husband. "Immunity Lad" is he's known in medical circles has moved from Kansas City to this city. As a real estate agent, she sold him the house he's living in now and was one of the first women he invoked his license on in his new home town. Whether to be on the look out for or too keep your head down from, Alicia wanted to let you know ahead of time that a licensee is in town- one whose stated that one of his life goals is to have had pregnancy-risk sex with 500 beautiful women before his 30th birthday.

Then a few days later there's a tap on your shoulder. . .

Could go a few different directions with this, but the idea is that there's a guy out there with a perfectly valid "go directly to Fucking, do not pass go, do not collect $200" card. How the women around him take the news that he's picked them is up to them. What I'm hoping for is multiple female characters, possibly multiple characters per player and just string them together- but I'm willing to bend on this. Thoughts?
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Re: The Villain's Dasterdly Ideas [My Idea's Thread]
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2009, 12:07:06 PM »
The Incubus

The news article catches your eye immediately with a perverse fascination. The names are being withheld to protect the victims as expected, and it's not like you don't feel any sympathy for them, but something about the story seems to be utterly enthralling. Somewhere in your home city there's a serial rapist on the prowl.

The media have taken to calling him 'The Incubus' because he hides his face from his victims using a full devil mask. Described as tall and powerfully built, he tends to simply overpower his victims from sheer strength- but will become more forceful if they fight back. The article does mention that the police are sharing a common link between all of the victims. All 3 of the victims that have come forward were at the time of the rape home alone, were faithfully married to a medically sterile husband, and the rapist took their wedding ring when he left. While officially there have only been 3 victims, the last described him as wearing a necklace with 14 wedding rings strung along it's chain including her own- suggesting many victims aren't coming forward for reasons all their own.

It not that you don't feel any empathy for the victims, but you can't help but feel a little wet as you think of this along with your hubby's medical test results. . .

This game is going, but I just lost a player and another hasn't logged onto the site in a week and a half so I'm going to throw this up there. The story is rather straightforward- married women with sterile husbands are being targeted by a very virile serial rapist and I'm looking for victims. If you play a victim you don't have to have her get pregnant right away, but be willing to risk pregnancy.

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Re: The Villain's Dasterdly Ideas [My Idea's Thread]
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2009, 04:41:57 PM »
In tribute to the awesome game called Fallout 3

Vault 69 - Seeking Females obviously.

Congratulations on your acceptance into one of Vault-Tec's state-of-the-art Vaults, the ultimate in preserving your dreams in the years of atomic horrors to come. Further congratulations are in order on your selection as the Vault Overseer. Here's to your future. And another special round of applause and congratulations are in order for your participation in a bold social experiment, some of the details of which you may have already noticed.

First, Vault 69 is among our largest- designed to safely house approximately 2,500 people for 150 years. Yet, if you review your roll call files you'll find Vault 69 has only been assigned 1,000 guests. Do not be alarmed, this was by design.

Second, you may have noticed a large female population including yourself in this Vault. Again, do not be alarmed- this was done as part of the expirement as 999 of the Vault residents will be female as by design.

Third, this obviously leaves 1 male resident. I assure you that Mr. Phillip Andrews is of clean health, sound mind, and in near-perfect physical condition. He awaits his role as Vending Machine Repair Technician with excitement and is currently unaware that he is the only male resident of Vault 69. For procreation purposes you will discover a large store of frozen donated sperm in the medical facilities, all generously donated by the inmates of Leavenworth Maximum Security Penitentiary who we have no doubt are already dead if the bombs have dropped.

Forth and finally, you may have noticed a slight salt flavor to the air. We have added a chemical to the air, do not be alarmed. In female test subjects this chemical is completely harmless and has no effect, with a .7% of the test subjects experiencing symptoms close to insanity. Well within the margin of error. It should be noted that in male subjects this gas has been known to increase libido and sexual function- but not dangerously so.

Good Luck,

Dr. Braun.

The fate of fabled Vault 69 will be explored in this game, seeking female characters only unless someone is willing to play a robot.

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Re: The Villain's Dasterdly Ideas [My Idea's Thread]
« Reply #3 on: August 08, 2009, 01:53:24 AM »
A few quick notes and a new idea.

A.) The General Breeding Privileges License would be best done on a simple first come first serve basis. An idea seeming to be pioneered by RolePlayingMale in Campus Rapist, except hopefully the results are a little more pleasant for the female characters. At least a little.

B.) I'm starting to question how effective this thread is, anyone listening? Or are my ideas just too far out there?

Anyway, another idea that gives me a chuckle. Normally I don't like using other people's characters, but if anyone deserves free pussy. . .

The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker never has had the best of luck, even after the spider bite on that fateful day. His aunt seems to be always ill, the pay sucks in being a super-hero, the hours are unpredictable, the bills always seem to be stacking up, supervillains who are out for his blood- one being one of the most powerful men on the planet, the Bugle seems bent on turning him into some kind of out of control monster- sometimes it feels like he's just god's punching bag.

Except for one part of his life- he does always seem to have a knack for catching the attention of women who by all rights should be way out of his league. Both as Peter Parker and as Spider-Man. Gwen, Betty, Cissy, Debra- all of them should have been way out of the reach of a science nerd, even if he's a superhero. Heck- Mary-Jane Watson the supermodel/actress and Felicia Hardy AKA "The Black Cat" were both casual friends-with-benefits. Yeah, thank every deity who has ever existed that the Parker luck doesn't apply to women.

Interestingly enough, there's a rumor floating around the Internet that seems too good to be true. Supposedly, many of the women of New York have banded together to show a little gratitude to the friendly neighborhood superhero. According to rumor, if one of these young women leaves a certain sign in their bedroom window he may come to visit- and if she agrees to strings-free sex right then and there. . .well, they won't have called him "amazing" for nothing.

This seems too good for to be true!

Basically, imagine a "Horny Spider-Man" movie and you're getting there. The many of the women of New York have decided to offer Spider-Man casual sex as a thank you. If you ever wanted to know what superheroes do when there's nobody that needs saving, now you'll know. If you want in, write up a female character- it will pretty much be first come, first serve with as many partners as I can get away with.

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Re: The Villain's Dasterdly Plots [My Idea's Thread]
« Reply #4 on: May 18, 2010, 11:57:18 PM »
Heh, been a while for this thread. Let's see if this piques anyone's interest.

Three Little Favors

There are rules for this sort of thing you know. Just out right murdering a mortal just isn't allowed, there are rules of engagement and protocols and such. You'd be surprised how strict the rules are, especially considering whose enforcing them. You'd know, you are a Succubus after all.

The special assignment was something unexpected, especially one so important- but there it was delivered in your mail. Written on skin with blood for ink of course- normal formalities and all that. Apparently Fate is still up in the air as too who the first human being on Mars will be. It's down to two candidates, one of them is the new physics teacher at a local community college- and your bosses would prefer the other one.

There's a catch though- they want him dead, but he has to be killed under the normal rules of engagement for a Succubus. That means you have three chances to get him to sleep with you. You are then only allowed to kill him if he accepts your advances and has sex with you, then he cums first. If he rejects you, or he sleeps with you but he gets you to cum first, then you have to let him live.

Don't let us down, little Succubus.

Time Slut

Behind your back they call you a "Time Slut"- but you know it's just jealousy talking. A lot of bad things have happened in the last 200 years- not to mention the War of 2077. Now the human race is a pale shadow of it's former self, numbering maybe a couple million while most people are so sterile they don't even have sex drives.

Your genes proved to be healthy though- healthy enough that you were one of the chosen few to be allowed to use the Chrono-Dimensional Assembler. A working time machine, with which you can go get DNA from when mankind was in a healthier state- if by any means necessary.

So your character has been handed the keys to a time machine on a mission to get healthy DNA. As an alternative, this can also be played as a male time traveler with the keys to a time machine trying to change history by boffing women from earlier time periods. We can talk more in PMs.