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Author Topic: A couple of story ideas (One Non/con D/s, the other EX, Non/con, D/s)  (Read 634 times)

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Offline LaCroixTopic starter

This idea basically is about the fall of a young cleric. Our heroine is a young cleric, untested in her faith. In order to join her holy order she has to go and investigate rumors of a haunted castle. The peasants and villagers living in the area refuse to give her information or help of any kind, quite obviously terrified of something.

I imagine the cleric as young, innocent, buxom and busty. She could be, however, shy unsure of herself and deep down unsure of her resolve in her faith and her own abilities. She is, despite being eager to prove herself, frankly, unprepared for the horror that awaits in the castle. What she would encounter would be a Vampire. Thousands of years old, an ancient and horrible evil. In his time in the castle, in the world he has grown weary, bored, alone.

The cleric arrives and would end up captured, held at the mercy of this evil she has sworn to combat. He takes great pleasure in tormenting her, wearing away at the fragile armor of her faith, her sanity. I see this involving non/con, rape (but not violent, he would instead be slow, methodical, seeking to turn her own body against her, bring her all the pleasures and guilty sin she has sworn to avow) and attempt to break her will. I see it involving elements of dom/dub relationship between the two as he attempts to corrupt your character so that can break her faith and eventually turn her into an eternal companion, to stand at his side, his immortal slave and pleasure toy to occupy him forever.

So if anyone is tempted by the idea of taking on the role of cleric, please send me a pm and let me know. :)
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Offline LaCroixTopic starter

Alright this next story is one that I've had in mind for a long time. It would allow me to get a lot of fun and new elements that I have yet to try into one story and offer a lot of options for continuous fun and development. There'd be some drama as well as lot of really kinky, extreme things going on here.

The basic idea and this is very bare bones at the moment, Dark, Powerful mage, young beautiful, innocent, shy, bookish apprentice comes to learn from him.

He signs her into a contract that she fails to read properly that makes her his slave, his pet, as well as his assistant. It states that she must serve him, endure his experiments which would invovle all sorts of transformation fun, breast expansion to huge breasts, turning her into a futa girl, tentacle raping her, all sorts of devious fun, basically whatever we can both think to throw in there to torment the poor girl.

As always send a pm if you're interested.