With a Rebel Yell...[m/f]

Started by Craz, July 25, 2009, 06:35:22 PM

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I want more, more, more. Yea, I'm looking for new RPs, and I've got some ideas posted. But don't stop there! If you've got something you think I'd like, gimme a yell! I love to hear interesting ideas. :)


I like:
  • Strong women. This doesn't necessarily mean dominant. I just have played a lot of roleplays with either one-pitiful characters, two-uninteresting characters, or three-characters that get all shy and scared and make roleplaying a task rather than a hobby. I like strong, interesting characters with personality. And just because I say strong, I don't mean a fierce amazon with bulging biceps. People can be strong just through intelligence and wit.
  • Redheads. Not that I have anything against blonds or brunettes. In fact, I like a dark-haired temptress just as much as any man. But redhead...yum.
  • Strong plots. I like to keep a story going! Sex is fun to write, and when anything is written well it can turn into an amazing read, but plots keep that story going.
  • The paranormal. I like vampires, werewolves, aliens, magic. If anyone ever wanted to do a Dresden Files roleplay with me, I'd totally do almost anything for that(except yaoi!).
  • Intrigue. I like a plot twist every now and then. Simple? I think so.
  • Canon RPs. But listing all of them would take way too long. But in general, I like fantasy, sci-fi, mysteries, superhero flicks, and even the occasional romantic comedy(Stardust would be the same as above for Dresden).
  • Comedy. I like a little funny in my RPs usually.
  • Talking with my RP partners. Whether it's in IM and PMs, I like discussing what I'm RPing so I can get a feel over where we want to go.

    I don't like:
  • Boring plots and stereotypical characters. If I have to work with cookie-cutter stuff, it just isn't a ton of fun.
  • Weak characters. Okay, so if someone's scared, they can freak. But if I have to work with someone who's constantly just whining or cowering may just lead to me leave a thread.
  • A lot of real life stuff. Unless it's actually a mystery-based rp or incredibly charming stuff, I generally won't do stuff relating to real-life.
  • Harry Potter and Twilight. Just. No.

    So, these are a few little ideas I've had.

    Do That Again, and I’ll Cuff You
    This would be based off either a detectivexdetective, or a detectivexconsultant style. Either a new detective or a consultant(my character) has been assigned to a homicide detective, and together they have to look into a murder(or possibly some other crime). No particular preferences as to who does what role, though I would like this to have some comedy in it, as well as a lot of innuendo. Alternate settings could be used for this, like modern horror or sci-fi.

    Guilty Pleasures
    The idea for this is an Anita Blake-themed rp, but with a male as the vampire hunter/animator and the major supernatural powers of the city being led by women. It’d involve possibly multiple roles, with the executioner going through the politics of his city. Knowledge of the series isn't particularly required, as this is just inspiration for the idea.

    Want to Save the World?
    This is an odd idea I've gotten recently, sort of a fantasy romantic-comedy. It centers on a human guy, a rather normal fellow(my character), who gets selected by the Powers Above to be the 'mediator', sort of the Henry Kissinger of the supernatural. His job is to find solutions between various factions of the supernatural(vamps, weres, Faeries) as the problems pop up, as well as make sure that everything is kept under wraps. He'd have a partner, a bodyguard who helped him with information, protection, and romantic interest.

    I Wasn't Paying Attention in History Class!
    This is a time travel story, about a tourist who, while on vacation somewhere(this is incredibly up to discussion with whomever wants to write this with me) takes a nasty conk on the head. When he wakes up, he finds him in the past. So, if he conks his head while vacationing in England, he could be in anywhere from the old Gaelic tribes to the Elizabethan era to the Victorian age. I'm a history buff, so a lot of time periods and settings would definitely be interesting.

    After the End:
    This would be a non-canon but in-universe RP, set in the amazing Vampire Hunter D series. I love the medieval feel of the series, and would very much like to play a rebel peasant in that setting...though what character you would be-vampire hunter, one of the Nobility, one of their projects-would be up to you.

    A-Z: The Last Man:
    So, I've been reading Y: The Last Man, and I would love to do something in the same thread of it, with the entirety of the male race dying-save for one poor bloke. Preferably with original characters, but I'd love to do that sort of post-apocalyptic RP.

    Hieroglyphs, Nazis, and a Six-shooter:
    So, I’ve been on an Indiana Jones spree lately, and I want to do something in a similar vein. It’s 1942, and World War 2 is in full outbreak. My character is an archaeologist who got drafted into the OSS(Operation of Strategic Services)’s special division, which makes sure that the Axis powers don’t get their hands on world-ending devices. He’d be going around the world, working secret operations. Your character would be his partner, either an American or a member of one of the other Allies(Britain, Russia, a French expatriate, China), and they’d be working together to gather up these artifacts


Hi, i like the last man idea that you have, and the guilty pleasures one.The time travel one also appeals to me, as ive only recently come back from a holiday to england.