Lady wanted for: On The Road [MUL]

Started by zardahhz, July 25, 2009, 02:16:26 AM

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Hi all,

This is my virgin request...

I am looking for a Lady to play multiple characters (I will too) ...  Please write well, write top/bottom and write all the areas in between...

I am also looking for a good reader who doesn't just skim the posts, but rather considers them a part of their story.  That way I won't have to my edit posts to maintain continuity (Okashunal mistakes is kool but if you continoolly miss what I writed then I got's to edit my posteses all the time  ;) )

I will not be available to write everyday.  I am on the west coast so if you want back and forth posts please take that into account.


Think a sexy, less violent, Natural Born Killers or Bonnie and Clyde.  I have hope that some sort of strangely beautiful love story could blossom but I'm not at all attached to that.

I would like to say that I would prefer any crime sequences to be pulpy and fun rather than gory and explicit (not to say that a crime sequence would be free of blood, just no exhausting, boring, explicit descriptions of it).

My character and your character will play with power structures, tops and bottoms, we will pick up and play with/abuse/love/rape etc. (or any/all variations thereof)  males and females. Maybe we will keep some of them,  or sell them?  Or will we kiss them, and give them all of our take and move down the road?

We won't truly physically injure any of our sexual partners or victims but we will rob and pillage and ultimately we will...?  Start a cult that rules the planet?  Maybe... Maybe we will die in some terrible shoot out with the law? Seems likely with such poor decision making...

I would like to write a story with someone.  We can get a feel for our characters and write each others a bit if needed.  We can PM to work things out if need be.


me - Mark Sidowski - Small time hood....  His life was going nowhere until he met (you should come up with her name) and they got really crazy with the sex shit. 
The two became more and more involved in their games... pure hedonism.  Eventually their debauchery and economic standing takes a toll on their psyches and they decided to die together... suicide by cop. But not until a cross country road trip that they are determined will be the most hedonistic adventure they have undertaken...


Check my on's and off's, extended on's and off's and my current and only post, and if you are into it contact me and we'll talk details!




This RP sounds like a very intriguing, and fun scenario. :D Check out my O/O's, and PM me if you like!

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