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Author Topic: the bloody truth ( some one to play male char)  (Read 525 times)

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the bloody truth ( some one to play male char)
« on: July 21, 2009, 05:47:58 AM »
just to start off I'm new to this site.

this idea was originally a role play i did with a friend off of a different site but after, being ditched to play step mania, I've decided to try it out here with one of Elliquiy's many talented role players, so the main story goes my character is human, and studies literature, but has to work 2 job in order to pay for her tuition and rent, from 7 am to 2pm she works at the local cafe down the road from her apartment, from 3 to 8 pm she takes afternoon classes, and from 9pm to 3 am she dances at a club in the city central and does this nearly 6 days a week, which is where she meets Tai, a 700 year old vampire lord, and that's where every thing kicks off. 

this is his character profile

Lord Tai Takahashi
737, Looks about 24.
Born on the 12th in the Month of March, 1262.
Sexual Orientation:
Straight, But sometimes wander to the dark side when he's hungry.
What I look like…
Height: 6'2
Hair: Ebony/Black
Eyes: Deep ruby
Build: Tall, With muscles
Tattoo(s): None
Jewellery: He has a variety of jewelry, But the most beloved one is an old garnet ring, boasting it's 700 years.
What I’m like…
Tai is omnipotent. He tends to be the first and the best at everything he puts his energy into. He is a conqueror, determined, tenacious, intelligent, attractive, charismatic, practical, protective, individualist, perfectionist, expansive and hardworking. Tai is endowed with great leadership skills and is most highly organized, meticulous, militaristic, awesome, and systematic. Intelligent and cunning at the same time, Tai is highly ambitious and strong-willed who is a keen and unapologetic promoter of his own agenda, which include power, wealth and status. He is energetic and versatile and can always find his way around obstacles, and adapt to various environments easily, making him the achiever of great accomplishments. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, Tai does not enjoy arguing, debating, and contesting other people's opinions. As he is always right, it seems there is little point to it. Tai's natural charm and sharp demeanor make him an appealing friend for almost anyone that dare come close enough to the mastermind, but a loner at heart, he is highly exclusive and selective when choosing friends and really only has one friend whom he feels he can trust. Tai will treat his most loyal friend with an extra measure of protection and generosity. However, he also has long memory and will not forgive or forget an enemy.

Behind the casual charm, a strong sense of entitlement lurks deep within him, and to go along with that, Tai can be arrogant and extremely deceptive and selfish. He often tends to see himself a cut above the others. Which in some ways is justified. Tai at his worst is terribly Machiavellian and vindictive, striving for perfect victory, always insisting on having things his way no matter what the cost. His famed tenacity and determination effectively make him a formidable opponent in various settings, as Tai will not tolerate defeat or failure. Although Tai does not require fame or money, he does require acknowledgment of his great and superior mind, as well as his great and perfectly glorious victories. It is impossible not to be struck and even impressed, by the sheer ruthless, unapologetic, and shameless way in which he pursues his ambitions, not afraid to sacrifice a life or two for the greater goal. There is literally nothing Tai will not do, say, think or feel to achieve his goals and ambitions. In addition he tends to have immense control of his emotions, which he may use as a tool to manipulate and exploit others, both emotionally and mentally.

Although he appears cool and reserved on the surface, he has a volcanic temper, which can be quite unbelievable to those who may witness Tai's rage. With clairvoyance, intuition, perspicacity and an eye for detail, Tai is the most formidable problem solver, who can find workable solutions to the knottiest problems. He is a master of mind games and can be very dangerous, calculative and downright cruel if the need arises. Quick-tempered and aggressive, he will not think twice about exacting revenge on those that hurt or impede him in any way and would gladly see them suffer. Tai needs to learn to relax sometimes, as he can be quite obsessed with detail and perfection. His energy levels and expert organizational talents are such that it is a rare thing to see Tai sitting idly with nothing to do. Tai is fair in his dealings and expect the same from others in return, and can be deeply affronted if he feels he has been deceived or that his trust has been abused. As the years have passed, he has become more tolerant.

i'm not one who takes kindly to 2 liners and normally expect one to two paragraphs per post, i like to write and create a lot of drama and so i hope to find some one who think they can handle it

and to help out i'm displaying the first post from each character

mystic awoke to the screeching of her alarm, yet another day had arrived, and she fell straight into her daily routine. making her self a cup of herbal tea she headed for the shower. 'it is Monday which mean's that the cafe will be busy in the morning' she though sighing to herself as the hot water ran down her back, finished she dressed rather quickly and headed out making sure that the door was locked.

the cafe was a good 30 minute walk from her house and today it seemed that luck wasn't on her side as she felt a few drops of rain hit her face, looking up she sighed inwardly as it began to pour down, completely soaking her " ah crap I'm gonna be late" she cursed as she broke out into a light run, her clothes were soaked, and she was freezing. lucky she had brought something to change in before she headed off to her afternoon classes, entering through the back door mystic headed straight for the small shower room employee's were ale to use.

drying herself off she changed into her uniform. double checking herself in the mirror before starting her shift. As she predicted it was busy, Monday always is, every one recovering from the big weekend out and partying, at least half of the people she served on a Monday at the cafe were hung over or had, had hardly any sleep a young bunch of high school boys entered, they were regulars, and ones that mystic where not to fond of either, but it seemed that they were they only customers today that looked alive.

"NO WAY" mystic said raising her voice at ally " i don't want nothing to do with those little brats" but ally was doing her puppy dog eye's and mystic just couldn't say no " you owe me big time for this" as she grabbed her little not book and walked over to the overly noise group of boys " what can i get for you today" she said in a nice and polite tone, as she held he pen and note book ready to take there order " i wouldn't mind some of that" on said grabbing mystic and placing her on his lap as he tried to undo he shirt. started and angered mystic, jumped up and moved away from them as she fixed her shirt ' why those filthy little Bastards' she thought to herself as she glared at them, they were holding there sides with laughter, and mystic was about to loose her cool as the pen seemed to break in her grip letting the ink grip from her closed fist " hey now that's not something very nice to do " and older man said as he entered  the cafe. 'just my luck' mystic thought to herself as the older man began to give the boys a lecture, grabbing there stuff they left in a bad mood " so how's my number one purple going since graduating high school" he asked taking a seat where the rude bunch had been " ah good sir" she replied automatically as if she was still one of his students " that's good ti see" he said nodding his head to himself " you still attending university?" he asked looking her straight in the eye's " yeah... i attend afternoon lectures from 3pm to 8pm so i can work and manage to studies at the same time" she said lying only a little bit, with the cost of tuition she had to work to jobs which left her to 5 hours worth of study time on the weekend. she talked for little bit longer before getting back to work. the shift had gone fast which meant that she was headed off to classes.

"its really not my day" she whispered to her self as she began to strum away on the keyboard, they were required to do a 5000 word paper by the end of class, and it was on English literature, as she typed away her opinion on the subject began to form and with that she lost herself in it.

William Shakespeare is the master of subtle humor and sexual puns.  In
his "Sonnet 95," a poem to a blond young man, both are seen while pointing
out a couple of realities about sexual sin.  He speaks directly to a young
man whose physical beauty compensates for his lack of sexual morality. 
Shakespeare would like for this young man to realize that his handsomeness is
the sole aspect of his person that prevents absolute disapproval of his
behavior in other people, and he also wants him to be aware of the ultimate
consequences of his actions.  Through a clever use of diction, imagery, and
meter in a typical Shakespearean format, Shakespeare warns his young friend
of the risks involved with the overindulgence of sexual activity.

finally it was time for class to finish, and every one was packing up and readying themselves to go home for a good night of rest, apart from mystic, who was quickly shoving her stuff into her bag as she bolted for the door, being the first one out of class as always. Running down the street, she could see the dance club just up a head, " ah man" she said in between breaths as she rounded the corner and entered through the back door like always  " i'm here" she said loudly, as she briskly made her way to her change room, putting her back down she went over to the rack where 2 outfits for today had been laid out for her " the silver one with chains... thats the one your gotta were first" Sonya said standing at the door " i would of like for you to have arrived a lot earlier so i could of gone over a routine for this" she said sighing " but not the other girl will just be back up while you do what you do" she said turning and leaving, but there wasn't much she could do, and they knew that this was the only time that mystic could get here, 'sometime the demand to much of me' she though to herself as she slipped into her costume for the first 3 songs grabbing her silver masquerade mask she placed it on, as she loosely pinned her hair up so that half of it had fallen out. Grabbing a hand full of body shimmer she rubbed it into her skin, before putting her lipstick one, stepping back she looked into the mirror as she judge the costume she had to wear, the silver top and bottom where amazing but what caught her attention the most was the chains that cascaded diagonally loving only half of the bare skin, in which was normally exposed.

finally ready mystic made her way out onto the darkened stage as she took her position at the head of the group. There where only 3 dancers, while all the other girls were either topless waitresses of strippers.

as the music started the lights faded in, it was a slow remix for tina arena's chains, and song that mystic hadn't listened to, but that didn't stop her as she took the spot light leaving the other 2 girls following with the steps that they had been shown, chains covered the stage as she rapped her arm around one of them, pulling herself up off the floor, and slowly lowering herself down, as she made her way out to one of the poles that was one the ground floor with the customers,  using the pole to her advantage she used sti to her fullest sliding gracefull down it, the chains were digging into her side, but she kept the pain hidden, as she continued to way her body slowly seductively, dragging her tongue slowly across her top lip, biting on the bottom as she finished, as she turned her body around she made eye contact with one of the customer, one she hadn't seen before and in that spilt second she  her eyes had betrayed her, though she may look like she enjoyed dance like this, the truth was she didn't, it was just a job to pay of her rent food and tuition fees.

the dances went by a lot quicker then she thought it would and the night had come to and end as the club was closing up, finally changed she headed home, being 4 am, mystic made no side stop by was set on making it home


i sit here, brooding on my so called throne. Through the eyes of a once, young and untalented boy, i began my journey into a world that was beyond my control. Having brought into a world which death was a second thing to war, everyone insisted that parents should never have brought a child into that place. I was born of a royal blood, not knowing what would have happened to me if i hadn't stepped in and taken my destiny. So Now, I sit here, brooding on my throne, with nothing but the constant silence and darkness i hold. I prefer it this way, even though i don't tend to linger in the crowd. Yet today, seemed like something unusual was going to happen to me. It happened on a normal, Monday morning...

He awoke from his thoughts, surrounded by a darkness that simply made him feel groggy. His hair was messed up, as he had a restless night. He huffed, looking out the dimmed window. It was early morning, around 4am, when the sun had not come up. He quickly got up and moved towards the window, closing the blinds and simply curled back beneath the sheets. He would be sorry later, as soon as he did, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He jerked up quickly, Grabbing the hand away from him. "Who's there!?" He demanded. "Tai, you dolt, it's me, Arc!" Arc has a young youth in his early 20's, But he was the closest friend Tai had. Being a vampire sure had it's uses. "Tai, Up. NOW." Tai grumbled and got up, walking into his bathroom, closing the door. Arc smiled got stumbled over to the door, before Opening it and calling out to someone. Tai sat in his bath, soaking himself from the previous bloodstains he had on his little outing last night. A maid, Named Alice came in and placed his breakfast on a tray. It was simple a glass of well. blood.

Tai slowly got out of the bath and dried himself off. as he slowly walked back out to his room, the bed was already made, and the room was silent. He sighed, waiting for the morning to end. he turned his light on and slowly opened a book about 1300's. He loved history and was intrigued by it. He became more and more obsessed by the day about it. He laughed when he realized that some of the history was a little different from when he remembered it "That King was an idiot." He remembered Princess Eleanor and Her husband, Simon De Monfort, And their Sons, Henry, Simon, Richard and A girl, named Elena. Tai smiled as he heard a sweet lullaby come to his mind. He closed the book, and put it back on the shelf, dosing off. No one disturbed him untill nightfall. As he closed his eyes, a dream came to him...

A young girl screamed out his name, A bunch of chains wrapped around her, with men laughing all around her. She looked scared, her eyes looking at him indirectly. She looked like she was innocent, and his blood boiled. He could taste her, smell her. As if she was right there. His fangs itched for her blood. He reached out to save her, and then a bright light illuminated her skin. His hand held her for a moment int time, before she disappeared into fragments of tiny bubbles of lights. They disappeared.

He woke up with a start, someone had pulled back the curtains and he Looked over to see Arc smiling there. "Hey Tai. Want to go out? Full moon tomorrow." Tai licked his lips, his eyes glinted. He had just had a dream about the girl he wanted. He got up slowly, taking his time to dress all in black. It looked rich, elegant almost, while Arc looked like a punk rocker. As they toured the city, by jumping off the tall building, Tai looked back his big, empty mansion. He would have to change that one day. They landed in a place where the girl were topless. Arc was drooling at all of them, And Tai looked around. Then he saw her. His red eyes looked deep into hers, as if she couldn't let him go. All other things blocked his senses. He could smell Innocence this close... All he had to do was take her here and now. Those chains dangling by her waist, the ones by her arms, He looked at her more, And he saw her outfit. She looked so out of place. She looked like more of angel than to be here, doing this kind of thing. Like they were both lost. She kept looking at him, staring and her eyes were telling him that she didn''t want to be here. He stood there, completely still. She looked oddly enough, like the girl he had just wandered into his dreams. What the hell was wrong with him? fate had never pulled him this close to anyone before.

any one interested just post here of pm me ^^

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Re: the bloody truth ( some one to play male char)
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2010, 07:20:36 PM »
looking still.....