Opening the book of Doom [M/F MUL] Updating with Marvel One-shots

Started by Doomsday, July 19, 2009, 09:43:19 PM

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Note: I can play male or female, dom or sub, though I'm itching for something more submissive lately. I don't care of the gender of my partner; be you male, female, transgendered, or even sasquatch.

My parts in bold.

Quote1.) (M/F, D/S Non-con, pregnancy)

Don't have a very concrete plot for this, but anything involving orcs, elves (Humans could work as well), and pregnancy just sounds terribly fun. Looking for a fun sub for this.

Quote2.) Aliens...! Pregnancy!
Big Alien Gallery!

Quote3.) (M/F/Anything) Marvel Universe

I'm beginning to read the Ultimate X-Men comic series, and will be screen-shotting some really sexy scenes that I find.

Wolverine and Jean Grey... Something is just really sexy about medical scrubs.

Jean and Nightcrawler. They're in Nightcrawler's imagination, and he's imagining her in her underwear.

Jean and Cyclops. Sensing a Jean Grey trend? She's very adorable in the Ultimate series. Anyways, I like this because she's even more adorable with pigtails, and I guess I just fancy the outdoor scene. No, it's not in a park. It's a pretty private place.

Spiderman (Peter Parker) and the Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) share wine on a rooftop, and then a little more?

Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker... She's living with him and Aunt May after her mother left her and her father died. Aunt May is out of town, and Gwen just roams the house like this!

Gwen, Mary Jane and Peter. Gwen just found out about Peter's 'secret', and now everyone's a bit giddy, and perhaps a bit amorous now that the cat is out of the bag.

Wolverine (James 'Logan' Howlett) and The Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). Natasha works for S.H.I.E.L.D., so she's privy to some confidential intel, and Wolverine needs to know why some Weapon-X flunkies are after his skin. They used to date, so why not stop by for a quickie as well? Here's a few frames later. I don't plan on involving Spiderman in this scene, but I thought this was quite a humorous exchange.

Spiderman and Elektra. Elektra notices young Spidey's attention on the most revealing parts of her outfit, but she's not entirely put-off by it. Maybe before Spiderman's brought to meet Kingpin, they can duck into an unused office?

Spiderman and Black Cat. Felicia is back from the dead (seemingly), and she's ready to jump Spidey's sexy bones. She doesn't know he's just a teenager... But he's an athletic, charming and virile teenager. Okay, last one, I swear.

Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde. Peter is isolating himself from all his mundane friends, because he thinks he's a threat to their safety, but Kitty can handle her own. The two young superheroes are dating!

Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett) and Storm (Ororo Munroe). They're in the middle of chasing Gambit, who kidnapped Rogue, but they stop for a little nookie. A few months ago, Wolverine wasn't her type, but since Beast died, she's become a darker, more passionate person.

Dazzler (Ali Braire), Colossus (Peter Rasputin), Angel (Warren Worthington) and Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner). Could be any combination of the three guys and Ali. The rest of the team is in Genosha, investigating some sick reality TV show, and the underclassmen get a little bored. What are they gonna do, trapped in a house with a sexy punk rockette like Dazzler?

Juggernaut (Cain Marko) and Rogue (Anna Marie, or as she prefers, Marian). I'm the Juggernaut... Bitch! Cain catches up with his old Brotherhood of Mutants sister in Vegas, knocks out her beau... Remy LaBeau, that is, and takes his pound of flesh from right between her thighs.

Dazzler (Ali Braire) and Angel (Warren Worthington). After a reckless, unapproved flight to Genosha, Xavier is ready to expel the mastermind behind their plot. But because Angel confesses, saving Ali's skin (as she was the one who engineered the trip), she's seeing War in a new light, and wants to show her appreciation for the hunky Angel.

Iceman (Bobby Drake) and Rogue (Anna "Marian" Marie). It's date night at the Westchester Mansion... Only a handful of students are still there, the rest of the couples fleeing to their favorite spots. Bobby and Marian had a thing before, and now that she can touch his skin without hurting him (She absorbed all of Gambit's powers when he died, and for a period of several months his powers replaced hers), she shows him just how much she has wanted him.

Emma Frost and various members of the Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club is a cult dedicated to reviving the Phoenix, and allowing the Phoenix to wreak its' havoc on the universe. Emma is their agent in the mutant community... Also, she apparently dresses like a sexy dominatrix at club parties.

Quote4.) The Blind Side...Esque (M/F/F, interracial) (I'm comfortable playing any role)

I got this idea while watching The Blind Side, starring Sandra Bullock. I don't want to go off the movie, but I just like the idea of a rich, white family taking in a a destitute teenager as their own... One who happens to be black, and very big. Doesn't have to have anything to do with football. The twist, of course, is erotic. Eventually the daughter and/or the mother start to notice how big and studly the newest member of the household is. Anything goes from there.

Please PM me, post in here, or meet me on YIM if you're interested in either of the above.


I'm very interested in scenario number 1. Check out my O/Os and see if you think we'd get along. :)
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It says in your O/o that you don't care for pregnancy play, are you alright with that? Send me a PM :-)


Added about 3 more ideas since I've last updated, the Cicisbeo idea is what I'm really craving. For everything else, I'm casually seeking... Though my plate is a bit full to take on too many games.



Swapped out an old crusty idea and updated a new #9, and I've crossed out some ideas that I don't want to do now but might want to do in the future.

Right now I'm craving 2, 3, 8, 9, though 8 can pretty much be incorporated into any of those.


Cleaned up OP a bit. Not really pursuing any new games, unless you've got a really really good pitch for one.


I've got six Marvel universe (Ultimate Universe only) photo plots in OP if anyone wants to check them out.



Adding a few more Ultimate Marvel universe one-shots every day. The Juggernaut one looks especially fun ;)


Looking for either a Marvel Onesy, or for anyone to partner up for #4...


doomsday  doomsday doomsday....

i have only just put up an enquiry into marvel and dc and then i see this ad.

i am thinking the title could be superhero sins? where we explore the sins of superheroes :-)


Quote from: Jester on May 03, 2010, 05:14:55 PM
doomsday  doomsday doomsday....

i have only just put up an enquiry into marvel and dc and then i see this ad.

i am thinking the title could be superhero sins? where we explore the sins of superheroes :-)

Hah, it seems we just can't get enough of each other's game ideas.

Shoot me a PM with your ideas about these 'superhero sins'.