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Author Topic: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M)  (Read 2274 times)

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Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M)
« on: July 18, 2009, 07:43:53 PM »
Hello there and Welcome to Cassie's Craving of the Day

My current craving right now is: N/A

What I'm Looking For In Partners

I would appreciate a general understanding of the English language.

Communication is key.

Respect for not only me but my characters as well.

I prefer stories to be written in third person past tense. First person is just weird to me (especially if we're writing to each other and I'm not supposed to be putting myself in your character's shoes) and present tense just sounds odd.

Details. I cannot stress this enough. Your character is taking off my clothes? Vividly explain how they gently caress my character's skin with each button you help escape from its hole. I will always try to give my 110% on this as well.

In addition to detail, I do love paragraphs. Most times I'll match what I'm given, but don't ever be afraid to just keep writing until you're content. Chances are, I'd love to give you just as much. Sometimes, though, I understand that writer's block can get to the best of us and I would prefer if it was at least 3 decently sized paragraphs. Even if its fluff and detail.

Though, while quantity is nice, never short change it for quality.

General Information
Please Do Not Post in this thread; I respond to all PMs

I can play both male and female characters, with my preference being female and will play with anyone willing to put up with the craziness that can come from my Muse

I am mostly a submissive, though I do have my moments of courage and decide I want to be a dom

I play only on threads and sometimes through PMs.

I am currently trying to balance life and a job, so if I don't respond in more than a week, just give me a buzz and I'll let you know what's going on. Mostly, I'll post on my days off

No God-Modding; Your character is yours to do with as you wish as is my character is mine to do with as I wish. If you want something to happen, just PM me your idea and I will do the same

If you lose interest in a game; please let me know. I will give you the same respect if I start to lose interest.

General Sexiness to Keep in Mind
For a more fleshed out and better understanding of kinks and the like, visit my o/o page located right in my signature

Yes Please
    • Romance
    • PLOT
    • Modern/Post Apocalyptic settings
    • Plot Twists
    • Rough Sex
    • M/F/M
    • NonCon
    • Foreplay
    • Defloration/Virginity
    • Incest
    • Biting
    • Anal
    • Mystery, SciFi, Realism, and Fantasy genres

    • Kidnapping
    • Multiple Characters
    • Future Settings

    • Waste/Excrement of any kind
    • Rimming (giving/recieving)
    • Bestiality (this does include anthro furries)
    • Bloodplay

Sample Post
"Go on, sweetheart." A heavy woman in a long dress ushered her out the back. Gunfire could be heard outside as people fought for their food and loved ones. It had been a long time coming as the Rebels feuded with a nation set on trying to restore order to the broken world. "Tess, you need to go. Here, take this with you. And these." The elderly woman who Tessa had come to know as Mrs. Linda Walt -- Mr. Walt dying back when the world started falling apart -- tossed a bag full of food to get her through the next few days as well as a couple of weapons to keep herself safe. "Go darling. Get out of here before they take you too. Those men aren't known for their kindness against women. And someone as beautiful, young and vivacious as yourself... they'll surely..." the woman couldn't even finish the sentence and at nearly twenty-five years, Tessa knew exactly what sweet Mrs. Walt was talking about.

"Stay safe Lyn." Tessa told the older woman. Even if the woman wasn't as young and slender as Tessa herself, she knew better than to think those awful men wouldn't have their way with the curvier women. She hugged her friend of nearly ten years -- the woman becoming more like a mother to Tessa when her own parents perished -- and snuck out of the back. She could hear the gunfire... the fighting of the brave men of the Rebels fighting against those trying to garner power with the head fighter himself. Tessa ran into the woods and ran fast, holding on to the bag of food and extra weapons and ammo that Linda had given her. When she could barely hear the fighting, she hid behind a tree and slid down to the dewy ground. Tears began to finally fall as exhaustion overtook her. Men and women she had come to love dearly -- see as family were dying in that mess. All because they wanted to remain free and not governed by a madman. She sat there for a good while longer as she tried to get a hold of herself.

Tessa didn't know how long she sat there, holding onto the pistol Linda had placed in her hand. She kept it in her lap and with years of training even when she was grieving she still kept a sharp ear out for anything that might cause danger to her. Wiping her tears and pulling her hair up into a ponytail to keep out of her face, Tessa stood up, wiped the butt of her jeans that were now soaked with the dew of early morning and began to walk further into the forest, going any which way she could to get as far away from the fighting.

As she walked, Tessa began to think about how the world came to be like this. How man came to be so dangerous when there wasn't a justice system to stop them. She had been only ten when the blackout happened. She barely remembered anything before that. She had a brother at one point. And parents. Anna and Michael Aarons and her little brother Tommy. Tommy had caught pneumonia during the first winter and without the help of antibiotics, their parents could do nothing but watch their six-year-old son perish to a disease that should have been curable.

The death of her father came next. He was working with the Rebels and Tessa had just had her thirteenth birthday. A group Tessa came to love. Her father and a few other men were scoping out a nearby faction at the time, one part of the Republic and were ambushed. Tessa and her mother never recovered his body. The only way they knew it was an ambush because one single man came back, nearly fatally wounded. No amount of antibiotics and crude stitching could help him and within the month he too had passed. Jonathan was laid to rest with the other four men whose bodies hadn't been recovered.

For nearly five years, Tessa and Anna lived with the Rebels and Mrs. Walt took them in. She helped Tessa get over the death of her father while her mother helped lead the Rebels. It was during a mission to recover a POW that it seemed her mother defected. Either that or became a POW herself. Tessa wasn't quite sure but with the death or disappearance of her family in less than ten years, Tessa used Linda as a wall to lean on. Linda was her rock and kept her safe. She helped raise Tessa and Tessa thought of her as a second mother. A strong woman who didn't deal with anyone's shit including that of Tessa's during her teenage years.

Tessa wiped a tear from her cheek as she remembered the lost souls of her mother, father, and younger brother. She liked to hold out hope that her mother died a noble death and that she never gave away the location of their camp. Making it to the road, Tessa kept a tight arm around the pack Linda had given her and began walking down the winding road, not quite sure where she was or even where she was going. She just kept vigilant and walked with her head held high, both hands on the pistol as she held it by her side. It may feel uncomfortable, but it would save her if she needed to use it.

The hot August sun beat down on Tessa as she came upon an old park. The green of the grass had become overrun with weeds and the grass stood nearly as tall as Tessa's waist. Now, she wasn't very tall, just barely hitting five foot two, but most of that height came from her legs. She could see an old gazebo in the distance. Her mother Anna used to tell her of the gazebos they had in the backyard of their apartment complex. Tessa vaguely remembered them and loved playing pretend in them. As she jumped from bench to bench, she would be the fearless princess as Tommy was always the dragon trying to capture her. Wading through the tall grass, Tessa went over to inspect the decrepit wooden structure.

It looked secure enough, fairing rather well in all the weather that crossed midland Missouri. She took a tentative step onto the structure and despite the creaking it gave off, it didn't budge under her slim weight. She took another step and then another and placed her pack on the ground before sitting on the floor, not wanting to chance someone seeing her through the openness of the glass less windows. There were designs on the benches. What looked to be hand carved flowers and vines, almost mimicking the vines that covered most of the outside of the gazebo and she found the delicate touch to be oddly soothing. It was silly the things one took for granted and even at ten years young, Tessa had certainly taken so many things for granted. But now... now as she sat here admiring the delicate touch of a woodcarver, she seemed to find the beauty in everything nowadays.
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Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M)
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2009, 01:19:48 AM »
Generic Pairings for One Shots

Father/Daughter (can become step father and his step daughter, if you're not comfortable with blood relations)
Newlyweds: Husband/Wife
Brother/Sister (can be step siblings, if you're not comfortable with blood relations)
Best Man/Bride
President's Daughter/Zealous Supporter
Virgin Teen/Foster Parent
Band Member/Groupie
Foster parent/Runaway
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Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M/F)
« Reply #2 on: September 02, 2010, 03:06:43 PM »
Genre: Modern
Stockholm Syndrome; Heavily N-C
The Ties That Bond Need Captor

In the small town of Roxbury, New Hampshire, everyone knows everybody. In that small town, children could run to the corner store and buy a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread for Mom a half a mile down the road and return for dinner happy as a clam. One such young woman was doing just that when she was picked up by a man in a blue van. It was a nondescript van stripped of license plates and had been seen by two boys. Police didn't get too far and the town went out of their way to help the family in need.

Claire Beck moved to the town when she was six years old. She moved into an old decrepit house that was owned by an older gentleman trying to get out after living in the house for years after his wife of fifty years passed. Claire moved into the house with her older brother Jeremy and parents Johnathan and Maria Beck. For most of her life, she lived happily. Claire was living the life intended for her until she was up and taken from that corner market she had gone to every Thursday. She was just sixteen. At first, she feared for her life, begging her captor to let her go. He refused. Again, the next day, she asked if she could return home to her Mom and Dad. Again, he refused. On that went, begging to be let go so she could go home, ignoring the food he brought her, ignoring the water he gave her each morning to drink of the long night of cries that echoed in that chamber.

It got to the point where Claire could not ignore the food any longer. She had to eat or else she would starve to death. The man who had taken her nursed her back to health, giving her nourishment she would help her gain the weight she had lost after not eating. He had become sweet to her. Still, Claire yearned for her family back in Roxbury but she quit asking for him to let her go, knowing that it would not get her the family she so desperately wanted to see. Claire still had no clue to the name of her Captor having always been told to call him "Sir" or "Mister". Once he had played with the idea of Master, but Claire hadn't been fond of that one. Again, Sir had surprised her and said he understood and left it at that. This had gone on for nearly a year before he brought up the idea of Master once again when she was seventeen. Again, she found herself shaking her head backing away. [Claire/Captor] Send me a PM if you're interested.

TakenGenre: Fan-Related/Modern
Incest; Possible N-C; Reverse Harem
The Love of Brothers Need Brothers

I recently finished watching the anime Brother's Conflict about the daughter of a famous adventurer remarrying and the girl finding herself now the only sister to 13 step brothers. As they all live under the same roof, romance between the girl and the 13 brothers starts to blossom.

I'm in the mood for something very similar. My character, the only daughter of some famous whozit whatzit, now finds herself with 13 step brothers who all lust after her; trying to sneak her away into their room to show her just what it's like to be with a man. While the brothers seem to get a tad envious of whom ever's attention she has at the moment, they also want to protect her from the other brothers' ill intentions despite their own ill will towards her. I don't know if I want so many brothers in the mix, but it would be an interesting concept.

Either one person can play all [insert number here] brothers or we can have multiple people play various brothers. It all depends on who is interested in the plot (not that there is much of a plot at the moment, but we can always come up with something... maybe the wedding to their parents). [Lilla/Brothers] Please feel free to PM me if you're interested.

TakenGenre: Fantasy
Heavy N-C; Possible Romance; Possible Incest
A Princess's Curse
When she was born, three fairies graced her with hair as soft as cotton; skin as delicate and pale as silk, and an affection and gentleness in her heart that could make even the coldest heart warm up. But there was another; a fairy who had once been known to be as pure and innocent as the young princess herself. A fairy turned witch who had been scorned and used at the hands of men and despised them as the looked on with protection in their hearts for the young princess. The witch cast a curse on the young child. On her eighteenth birthday, the young beauty would come to know the lust within all men as with each touch of her golden hair, a single caress of the cheek would turn them mad with desire for her; to have power over her.

The King did all he could in the coming eighteen years of his daughter's life. He kept her under lock and key and made it so that she was isolated from men.
 Not even he would touch the soft cheek of his daughter, nor would he even place a good night kiss upon her very forehead for fear of what might overcome even him some day. He watched her grow up from a far, watching handmaidens and the three fairies who'd first blessed her care for the young princess. And on the very day of his daughter's eighteenth birthday, he warily threw her a party at the constant pleadings and begging of his child. He made sure to keep his distance from her as well as watching every other man within that ballroom to keep her safe.

But as she opened her gifts and laughed with other princesses from allied kingdoms, the witch showed her face during the festivities. She spoke of a prophecy that if the princess did not perform her duties of the curse, it could bring the downfall of the King and his kingdom. In the months following the prognostication of his fears, the King passed into law that on order to keep from their kingdom's destruction, the very men he'd been trying to protect his daughter from were now lawfully obligated to use her to their whim; and become overcome by their lust and desire for the princess. [Princess/Various men in the Kingdom] Please feel free to PM me if you're interested.

Genre: Modern
M/M; Incest; Possible N-C
Back to the Homestead: M/M
It was a four hours flight back home to see his younger brother graduate high school. Grayson was so proud of his younger brother's accomplishments. Valedictorian and heading off to a university where he could really make a change in the world. The house was quiet when his taxi pulled up to the old family home, a dutch colonel that had been standing for nearly as long as his parents had been alive. The house was quiet as he opened the door and went up to his old bedroom and passed out.

The graduation was splendid. It had been nearly three years since he had walked the halls of his old high school. Grayson got to talk with old teachers in the interim of the graduates walking down the aisle to their seats, catching up with the faculty. And then he watched as his younger brother got his diploma and gave his speech. The whole affair lasted a near three hours in the blazing May heat as they stood above the gym on the indoor track. Their mother Elizabeth beside him took about as many pictures as her camera allowed while their father Jason stood and watched just as proud as Grayson at the youngest Foy in the family.

Home for the summer, Grayson found himself relaxing more at the pool, drinking now that he had just turned twenty-one. One night, Grayson went up to his bedroom and plopped down on his bed. As Grayson slept, he felt a body next to his. Not remembering bringing anyone home with him, but not one to ignore a warm body in his bed, Grayson cuddled whoever it is in his bed. But it wasn't his bed, not even his bedroom. Instead of turning right and opening a door, he turned left and right into his younger brother's bedroom and into his bed. As Grayson wrapped an arm around his younger brother, Sawyer (we can always change the name) layis still, feeling himself react to the cuddles. Their legs entangled together, Grayson soon began to kiss at the neck of the person beside him.

As Sawyer laid there, he could feel the stirrings in his pants. He never really thought about his older brother like that, never wanted to share any type of romantic experience with him, but still, his body reacted to the stimulation of the kisses, of the hand brushing against his toned bare torso. He knew it was wrong. Knew his brother wasn't into dudes. But he was. Sawyer had finally realized that he wanted to be in a relationship with another man. He'd sucked off a few guys in one of the seedier areas of their town, not really sure how to come out to his friends and parents and even Grayson that he was gay. But here, Sawyer felt he might actually be able to have a chance. [Grayson/Sawyer] Please feel free to PM me if you're interested.

TakenGenre: Modern
Light; Slice of Life; Comedy; Romance
Love Over Sliders (This could be M/F, M/M, or F/F; though in my head it was the first.)

Fresh out of college, two best friends decide to pool their money together -- along with the help of a loan from their parents -- to open up a small restaurant in an old space that used to be a bakery with a small apartment above it. Together, the pair clean up the place and get it back into working condition and open to the public. It's not the grand imaginings they'd originally hoped for, but it's something they're willing to work around. Their first few customers are just friends and family who definitely agree that the food is great, but they need to market the place a little better.

The pair work with the advice given and within six months, the place is booming. One friend cooks while the other mans the register and waits the tables; while trading off jobs every other week or so. It's a fairly smooth rhythm they've got going on and feel like they're on top of the world. They come to know their customers by first names, get to know some of their regulars who order the same thing every day. It's like a well oiled machine.

Over time, they find this new bond while living together -- something they didn't do while at the university. At first, the idea of sharing a bed in a cramped space felt like a fun sleep over. They stayed up talking about what they wanted for this new restaurant; how they saw the future of the restaurant; and how they plan to go ahead with these future fantasies. Romance almost seems inevitable to happen at that point. And one of them falls, the other closely behind.

But when tragedy strikes, they find it hard to maintain that rhythm and relationship. [Best Friend/Best Friend]Please feel free to PM me if you're interested.
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Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M)
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2010, 10:48:21 PM »
Picture Prompts
Find something you like? PM me and we can come up with a plot!

Random 1
Random 2
Random 3

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Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M/F)
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2010, 10:10:45 PM »

    While I don't mind playing actual characters from any of these universes, I am more intrigued by the concepts of most of them rather than the actual stories. I would love to be in the world of Btoom (anime) and be in the heat of battle dodging bombs on the island rather than playing one of the characters in the show or learn magic in the world of Nirn and be on the shores of Skyrim or Cyrodiil.[/list][/list]
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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day [MUL] (M & F wanted)
    « Reply #5 on: September 22, 2010, 11:21:03 PM »
    Girls Names

    Boys Names
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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day [MUL] (M & F wanted)
    « Reply #6 on: June 16, 2011, 11:18:26 PM »
    Well, I moved some more stuff around, fleshed out a story a bit that I would love to do as well as made the fan-based section more fuller. I filled it out and hopefully will be easier to understand than before. Also thought about deleting some posts of games that have either passed my fancy or I just don't want to do anymore. Kept them in case I ever feel the need to start them up again.

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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M/F)
    « Reply #7 on: March 11, 2015, 07:10:45 PM »
    Added some new things and cleaned up a bit.

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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M/F)
    « Reply #8 on: April 13, 2017, 09:47:25 PM »
    I'm back!! Don't know for how long. Hoping for a little while. I added some more stuff to my wants and needs <3

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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M/F)
    « Reply #9 on: April 16, 2017, 01:47:49 AM »
    Added some more. And cleaned it up since I had more time.

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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M)
    « Reply #10 on: May 08, 2017, 11:48:08 PM »
    Added some picture prompts, cleaned up a bit, and added Back to the Homestead.

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    Re: Cassie's Craving of the Day (F seeking M)
    « Reply #11 on: February 27, 2018, 09:23:34 AM »
    Updated and added a couple of ideas.