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Started by Strife, March 05, 2006, 06:51:26 PM

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Aye, Tis that time again folks! When another of those n00bies happens to stumble through here on one of their egotistical rants  :-[

And you guessed it, I’m that n00b. If you would be so kind as to lend me a few minutes of your time, just until you read this post all the way through until the end, then I’d be much obliged. Currently I have just the 1 one-on-one partner and haven’t yet involved myself in any games, preferably I should be getting allot more stuck in over the next few weeks, however in the mean time, I’ll be seeking enjoyment through one-on-one/group games, scenes, and various other things. If your interested in tagging another n00b under your wing, drop me a line or a PM, and we'll discuss plots/ideas etc  ;D

2 cents to the pile.
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*is interested*  What would you want to write about???
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