Nazi Occult Experiment Demon Story Thing [F/MUL]

Started by Stan', July 13, 2009, 07:50:18 PM

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World War 1.  Austria.  A German Lieutenant is put in charge of a secret squad that doesn't fight on the front lines, but instead searches for objects and artifacts connected to the occult.  The Lieutenant - known only as Der Jagerbavarian - sacrifices his wife (also part of the squad) to allow a demon to take hold of her body.  It works, however, the ceremony is interrupted and the process lasts only for a short while.

World War 2.  South of France.  A young French couple aid the Allies with information.  Their initial reports tell of a small German infantry company of about 100 men is training in the area.  They're told to keep a close eye on them.

Something goes wrong.

The woman is caught, the man is killed.  She is taken to an abandoned French bunker and never heard from again.  The soldiers are part of an unknown branch of the German Army, named the SS-Okkultekompanie.  They are digging deep below the bunker in search paranormal and spiritual activity, commanded by a man called the Jagerbavarian.  Believed to be linked to the original WW1, he doesn't seem to have aged at all.  The poor woman is put through a long, slow painful experimentation which allow what they believe to be a demon to possess her soul and body.  She becomes unpredictable and uncontrollable, and locked away.

For the next year, only the Jagerbavarian speaks with her, and continues to experiment on her.  He actually sympathises with her pain, but also see's her as something which can strike fear in to their enemies.  She is calm around him, and doesn't attack.  It is the same demon, and she is thankful that he has finally helped her.

Sometime later, the bunker is attacked by a small squad of Allied soldiers.  In the panic, her cell is accidently unlocked, and a massacre ensues.  She runs off with the Jagerbavarian, with the Allies on her tail.  But will shooting the woman be enough to kill the demon, or will it simply choose its next female host?  And what happened in that room all those years ago that seems to have halted the Jagerbavarian's aging appearance?

I'm actually looking for someone to play the demon, rather than merely the female French spy.  This could mean later on in the story, the woman is killed but the demon finds a new victim.  Need the demon to be sadistic, and show no compassion to anyone else except for the man who helped her.  Was thinking that the experimentation could be played out as well, although the torture won't involve any sex.

The story will start with a short prologue set in World War 1, before moving on to the main event.  Any body?


Sounds interesting. Give me a holler if it's still available.